2019.10.22 Lynchgate

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2019.10.22 Lynchgate.jpg
Lynchgate Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco

Trump tweets the secret tribunal Scampeachment that violates all historical norms (doing it without a formal vote, not being able to confront/cross-examine witnesses, behind closed doors, etc), is a political lynching. The wokescold Democrats are outraged, other than half a dozen Democrats (including Joe Biden) saying that (or worse) about Clinton's more above-board and justified impeachment, on the house floor, and the Democrats media using the term (or worse) when it suits them, this time is different... because a Republican used it... with more justification. If Democrats didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all.

"Do as I say, not as I do" is never a good look, and one of the only looks the left wears regularly. So if anyone doesn't condemn the left for their hypocrisy, they have no moral high ground from whence to lecture the President or the Republicans on this, or anything else. Lead by example, or shut the fuck up, the choice is theirs.

Democrats who used the term:

  • Joe Biden
  • Al Green
  • Danny Davis
  • Jim McDermott
  • Charlie Rangle
  • Jerry Nadler
  • Jason Johnson* (used gang rape and then complained about tone)
  • John Conyers Jr called impeachment of Clinton a coup d’etat
  • Jerrold Nadler called impeachment of Clinton a coup d’etat
  • Maxine Waters called impeachment of Clinton a coup d’etat

Democrat hypocritical outrage:

  • Karen Bass (chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus) [1]
  • Al Green said "How dare he" when Trump used the same term that Al Green had used, only Trump had much more justification
  • Ayanna Pressley, "I resent it"... [2]
  • James E. Clyburn, complained about the "real caustic term" that he never had a problem with when his side did it. [3]
  • Kristen Clarke complained that there were 3,446 African Americans Lynchings, they were crimes against humanity and an ugly part of our nation’s history of racial violence and brutality. (another 1,303 against whites or about 1/4th). And she was, "Sickened to see Trump’s gross misappropriation of this term today"... again, she doesn't seem to have a problem with the left saying worse. [4]

Jason Johnson

Hypocrites on display on MSNBC he criticizes his own behavior, barely a month after he did it.

❝ I've never heard of a guy who's a one-time rapist. I've never heard of a guy who's a one-time sexual assaulter. I grew up with guys like [Brett Kavanaugh]. He's from around this area. He's the fifth guy in at a gang rape. ❞
❝ I also think it's important, as a journalism professor, as an American citizen, that we always are careful with our language. It's not just the conversations about, 'The President's a racist! The President's a liar!' But even our fast and loose terms about violence, right? It's like when someone says, 'I was raped by the IRS!' or 'I was crucified by that exam!' We use violent terms to describe what are *inconveniences* in life. And in that same way we sort of degrade the amount of violence and death that occurs in this country. So whether it's lynching or rape or crucifixion, these are all terms that should only be used to describe those specific acts, not as metaphors for political or personal or financial inconvenience. ❞


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