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L.A. is a poorly run city, and it's controlled by the far left. The reasonable infer that correlation might have some causation. The idiots in the PRC (People's Republic of California) and L.A., can not. Time to put a wall around it, and write it off from being part of America.

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George Gascon - George Gascon is a Cuban American (more Communist than American) an inept Chief of Police in Mesa Arizona who resigned because he was about to be fired, so was appointed by Gavin Newsom to be a worse District Attorney in San Francisco and was forced to leave under a cloud of racial allegations and 49% increase in property crime (with equivalent reductions in prosecutions). With that in mind, he ran and won as DA of Los Angeles where he took his far left ideas that involve unilaterally reducing punishment, enforcement and freeing as many criminals as possible.


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