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Where does life begin? Conception or birth? Certainly long before birth.

Science says life begins at conception... or at least something like heartbeat, brainwaves or viability. It certainly begins significantly before birth or where abortion activists put it. But that doesn't mean (to me) that's when a human being should get all rights and privileges conferred on them. Something like 1/3rd of pregnancies end in miscarriage, likely more if you include ones where women didn't even know they were pregnant -- so there's some grey areas. I'm not on either extreme that thinks it's just a parasitic clump of cells until the final seconds of birth, nor that it's a sentient being from the merging of the first two cells and before implantation. I fall where the majority do, that abortion should be allowed in the first trimester, but at viability it's getting too murder-ish for me.

Abortion is a complex moral issue -- but the scientific part isn't that fuzzy. If you want to get deeper into the medical, ethical or legal implication, I suggest you dive into my Abortion slides/article. But my point in this one is just that the left has an absurd anti-Science position claiming that birth is when we should confer status of being "alive", when by all measures, that has to happen long before birth. The left ignores science for political agenda and claims it doesn't begin until a full term fetus's little toe is out of the birth canal: up until then, killing it the viable baby is the mother's choice, and just getting rid of a parasitic clump of cells. In fact, if the baby is born alive by accident, you can neglect it until it dies. They think it's actually not actually "alive" until the mother decides she wants to keep it? Where the fuck is their moral compass? And they think they have the moral high ground?

Just ask a Woman who felt the baby moving and lost it though miscarriage, if she thought it was alive. If it was never alive, and she just lost a tumor (clump of cells), why should there be any grief?

The far-left / activist view is, as usual, absurd and insulting to our intelligence.


Abortion is a deeply personal view, and I used to explore people by asking or sharing my views on it and seeing how they respond.This article covers many aspects of the topic, in what I hope is a somewhat neutral and informed way, though I openly have and express my opinions. The point is not to change anyone's mind, and I leave people room for their own personal views. more...


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