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When Parkland happened, a few sock puppets for the DNC came forward to follow what they were told to think, and regurgitate shallow and misinformed gun-control diatribes. And leftist news organizations like CNN and MSNBC fell all over themselves to talk about how brave they were to take the popular consensus opinion and try to steal other people's civil rights. And then there was Kyle Kashuv, who was an informed free thinker, who took the path less travelled, stood against the flock of little jack boots, and explained why they were wrong. The media and rest hated him: free speech is only for people who think like all the other far lefties, not informed kids like Kyle.

Gun Range


As part of the debate, Kyle went to a gun range with his dad, to get more informed and first hand experience in what he was talking about (something that none of the anti-2A students appeared to have done). So the school questioned Kyle and had problems with any kid crazy enough to learn what he was talking about before having walk-outs and marches.

To show how far public schools have fallen, one of the teacher attacked the Jewish Refugee student (Kyle) and referred to him as "the next Hitler", while in class [1] -- which is laughably moronic to anyone with enough basic history knowledge to remember the Nazi's were FOR gun control, and opposed individual liberty, free speech and the 2nd Amendment (Kyle's positions). Kyle pointed out those ironies, and the School and Teacher never apologized.

Spirit Airlines

A Spirit Airlines flight attendant on Kyle's flight, embarrassed her profession and organization by lecturing passengers on the March for Our Lives and gun control. Kyle tweeted what he heard, and Spirit Airlines apologized, "While we appreciate that our Team Members are individuals, we don’t believe politics should be part of the Guest experience. We are looking into the incident and apologize to any Guests offended by these comments". [2] I'd be more impressed if they later released any information on what happened, what mitigation/memos went out, and what disciplinary actions were taken. But since there was no follow-up, I have to assume the apology wasn't sincere, and just a stunt to take the pressure off. Or they would have added what they did to rectify the problem.


After he was snubbed by CNN, where free speech only applies to far lefties, CNN was pressured/embarrassed into having Kyle on. And of course the DNC water carriers at CNN, played the role of moderate and debater against Kyle's views (something they never do to liberals). Kyle debated back, and wiped the floor with them: knowing more about guns and gun control than the best and brightest at the Fake News outlet.


Kurt Eichenwald of Vanity Fair and Tentacle Porn fame (a video crew caught him watching Japanese Porn while at work, and his excuse was he was doing research on Tentacle Porn). Kurt had to put in his stupid $.02 and slam Kyle and praise the anti-liberty trolls -- and Ben Shapiro took him out before Kyle even had to reply. [3] Using the David Hogg/Media standard, that kind of attack on a victim, should of course result in a boycott of Vanity Fair and Kurt until he was fired -- but the left never expects their rules to be applied to them. Kurt's later defense was he thought he was insulting a different teenage survivor. (Sigh). Kurt, when you're in a hole, stop digging.

When Barack Obama showed his usual divisive partisan intolerance and praised the far lefty kids, and ignored what Kyle and others had done, he snarked back about Obama's asinine PoV and scored more IQ points that Obama had. [4] So since Kyle was outclassing the "Adults", he had to start picking on kids his own age.

First he challenged David Hogg to a debate -- and to donate any proceeds to charity (Survivors of Parkland). The little chickenshit Hogg, avoided any media but that favorable to him and would feed him underhand pitches. Hogg knew he wasn't up for the challenge so went squealing away.

But Cameron Kasky (a Parkland Sock Puppet and an organizer of the pro-gun control March for Our Lives movement) agreed to step up and debate Kyle -- but after watching some video tapes, and realizing how futile the gun-control arguments are in the face of someone who is mildly informed, Cameron wisely ran-away and backed down from a debate.



Students at Parkland are threatening to boycott their graduation if Kyle Kashuv is the valedictorian. The little trolls don't understand what meritocracy means: it's not a popularity contest little dingleberries, it’s the person with the highest grades. Kyle summed it up in a tweet:

Sadly, I give him about a 5% chance of making it even though he's #1 right now... all it takes is one fascist teacher to give him a bad grade because they are anti-2A, and they can sabotage him. And based on my High School experiences, I'm expecting he'll have to fight against bias and bigotry for every grade. (Nothing progressive teachers hate more than smart kids that don't bleat what they've been taught).


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Written 2018.05.23