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Their meme, "I know the constitution said you have the right to own a gun, bu they also said you could own people. Look, the Constitution is a lot like our grandfather. He's wise, we love him, and he means well. But he's getting really, really old and every once in a while he says something crazy and we gotta go in the other room and discuss what we gonna do about him". That sums up the Kos in a nutshell, they know nothing, think they know more than everyone else, and use fallacies to support their causes.


Deconstruct their points and:

  • It starts with a fallacy that if you're wrong on one thing then you must be wrong on everything else. This is a non-sequitur fallacy called denying the antecedent. If you think about it, it's kind of dumb. Because everyone's been wrong on at least one thing -- does that mean that nobody's ever been right about anything?
  • A law is not at all like a person. It doesn't change, or have dementia, and so on. So the whole, "the constitution is like your grandfather" is another logical fallacy (false analogy).
  • People in their threads argue, "all the other countries are doing it", the appeal to popularity fallacy. Your mom tried to educate you on how dumb that fallacy was by saying, "if they were all jumping off a cliff, would you do it too?" Some people just never learn.
  • They used the example of slavery in the constitution as proof of their side’s righteousness. But ignoring that’s presentism (a historical fallacy where you judge historical events through the lens of todays biases), it’s also wrong in other ways.
  • The constitution doesn't condone slavery: we inherited slavery from the Europeans, and were trying to get rid of it -- so the only mention is that three fifths of non-free persons will be counted for taxes and voting. The Constitution codified the slaves as only 3/5ths of a human in order to diminish the power/influence (and representation) the south/slavery got. Why would they do that, if they supported slavery? The Daily Kos and the uninformed often misrepresent that compromise as supporting slavery, showing either ignorance or dishonesty.


The whole point is that they want to use a misinterpretation of the ⅗ths clause as an excuse to eliminate the Second Amendment too. But if the ⅗ths clause is a valid excuse to undermine the constitution, then what's left? Just civil war, since more Americans than not believe in the Constitution and defending it against enemies both foreign and domestic. And the Daily Kos is a domestic enemy of the constitution.


📚 References
Daily Kos - A far left blog founded in 2002 by Markos Moulitsas that eschews journalism for trolling and far left spin : the Kos comes from his first name. If there's a way to spin or twist the facts to make the left look good and the right look bad, the Kos is there. Like the Huffington Post, with even lower standards and a stronger agenda.