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Lucy: I'm in the back of the room where the Kavanaugh hearing is taking place, screaming at the top of my lungs so the world knows the Democrats are fucking nuts!

After not meeting with Kavanaugh in advance (as is allowed), the Democrats screamed bloody murder when Kavanaugh was announced. Democrats interrupted the announcement in a coordinated attack, their paid agitators did the same, "how dare the Republicans appoint constitutionalist judges! Exactly what Trump said he would do and the law allows." Then Booker, DiFi, Harris, all brought up separate faked stories to try to disqualify him. I haven't seen Democrats this mad since the Republicans took their slaves away.


  1. The leftist media spins the argument as far right versus liberal Judges. But the left isn't liberal, and that's a false spectrum. There might be far right Judges in theory, but for the last 50+ years, while the left appoints activists who imagine what the Constitution/Law should have said from a progressive leftist PoV, that's not what the right does the other way. The right appoints judges who will do their jobs, not politicize the court, and just interpret the law/precedent and Constitution as written, not as they imagine it should be. That doesn't mean they are flawless in all cases, and some rulings do get bias leak in. But in general the spectrum is far left versus centrist/originalist, and no far right judges have been appointed in my lifetime (or that I can remember).
  2. Not 5 seconds into the announcement of the meeting, Democrats had interrupted in a coordinated attack to create distractions and obstruct the process by demanding a recess/dismissal (60 times) so they could read "documents", and assess whether the Justice was worthy -- after already pledging that they would vote "no", no matter what. [1]And ignore that they had 2 months before this hearing to do their research -- and that more documentation had been released on this judge, than any in the last 30+ years.
  3. Then the Senators coordinated with (and paid?) outside agitators' to come in (like far left anti-Semitic terrorist sympathizer Linda Sarsour and and create disruptions and screaming fits, over 100 times (in the first couple days), and disrupt proceedings.[2]
  4. There has been nothing like this since a Democratic congressman strode into the US Senate chamber and beat a Republican senator senseless with a cane in 1856--while a second Democratic congressman prevented other senators from interfering. Now back to constant talk of President Donald Trump's flouting of our civility norms.
  5. Then you had a series of far left Democrats, who had already committed to voting no on the Constitutionalist Kavanaugh, demanding time to be heard, and making stupid statements showing how little of the law they understood. Including:
    • Corey Booker (a big mouthed hypocrite that epitomizes the far left) was screaming that it was unjust that secret documents weren't being revealed and they proved that Kavanaugh was a horrid and unfit Justice because of his racism (racial profiling), and that he was going to break the Senate rules and release the documents to save the American Public, to the cheers of his colleagues on the far-left. Which he did. But the documents had already been cleared for release, and they didn't show any of what multiple days of histrionics had implied -- proving Booker to be just another loudmouthed liar, and the people that believed Kavanaugh was a racist, to be rubes. [3]
    • DiFi (Diane Feinstein) tries to lecture a district court judge and law professor on case precedent and gets owned. She tries to argue that while Americans widely owned semi-automatics, that doesn't mean they use them, and thus they are covered under Heller. It means exactly that, and it's precedent/case-law, and real Justices follow precedent. Democrat Justices may or may not. Of course Diane then went on to caterwaul about how people would die if he interpreted the law correctly and respected the Constitution. [4]
    • Kamala Harris and others on the far-left, all invented a FakeNews story the CNN and other far-left outlets ran with. It happened when a far left activist and father of a Parkland shooting victim (Fred Guttenberg), tweeted that he was going to go to the hearings to get Kavanaugh disqualified. Then he claims he was snubbed by Kavanaugh because "he didn't want deal with the reality of gun violence". Of course he's a Democrat activist which means he lied. What actually happened (because it was caught on tape) is that a stranger who nobody knows by sight, talked to the back of Kavanaugh (who was already leaving) and when Brett turned out, security was already intervening, and he went on his merry way. He, like most people had no idea who Guttenberg is, not does he want to touch the grimes paws of some activist stranger who was only there to play gotcha politics. Of course the FakeNews media all jumped on it as a story, by omitting the context of what happened. But sadly for them, the video showed how dishonest they were. (The video wasn't shown on CNN). And another Parkland father ripped Guttenberg for trying to weaponize their tragedy. [5]
    • Of the best of all, all the far lefties and FakeNews outlets claimed that a lady (Zina Bash-Gelman) sitting behind Kavanaugh, was giving White Power hand signs, because she may have picked her nails and accidentally made the "OK" gesture. Never mind that the invention that the "OK" gesture means "White-Power" was a 4Chan creation to troll the gullible left, or that Zina was actually half Jewish and half Latino. The far left was apoplectic and tweeting about #StopKavanaugh because he was a Racist Judge, with Racist friends. Hey, when the facts aren't on your side, then you grasp at straws -- and virtually all the left picked at this straw. [6]

The Republicans got a few good counter-shots in, calling out the stupidity, like Ted Cruz [7], or Ben Sasse just calling the left on their bullshit[8], or Republicans pointing out that none of these Democrats that care so much about Kavanaugh, bothered to meet with him ahead of time (as is the norm and was offered). Not one of them. And most of the drama just made the Democrats look dishonest or stupid. I mean everyone rational had to laugh at their whole White Power conspiracy theory stuff.


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