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A Canadian actor, comedian, writer, and faux artist. He was known for his energetic slapstick performances, that sort of lost his mind and his civility. (Maybe part of his depression, or deeper mental issues).

  • He's an Anti-vaxxer (which is fine), and he calls those that disagree with him, 'corporate fascist who are poisoning children by enacting vaccination requirements'.
  • He practices Transcendental Meditation
  • Carrey believes in the "law of attraction" -- the New Age religion that believes that your thought are pure energy that can create outcomes: like visualizing money will result in that money coming to you. Which is important context for the next item.
  • He has been showing his own political cartoon, which often involve violence porn against Donald Trump, Sarah Huckabee, or the abortion of the governor of Alabama. With the former belief in the power of thought, he's basically trying to commit witchcraft: willing harm comes to people he doesn't agree with (for their political problem of being more educated on the issues than he is).


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