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IG report has many startling revelations:

  • there was rampant anti-Trump bias at the FBI by at least 5 different people that should be investigated for that bias (not counting Comey). Hillary was guilty of multiple crimes, leaked national secrets, her servers had been compromised and secret documents stolen, and her investigation was corrupted: the FBI under Comey's leadership went completely off book to protect her and her cronies from prosecution (and gave out immunity to obstruct justice). The FBI had hid evidence from Congressional investigators (newly discovered Strzok texts that had been redacted).
  • Obama lied to the public about Hillary's emails in that he was aware of her private server all along, and he lied to the public in that he was kept aware of her investigation (while he claimed he wasn't because of Obstruction of Justice) -- so Obama did, what the Dems accuse Trump of doing.
  • Comey was an obvious partisan Hillary supporter, he and his staff had doctored his statements on multiple occasions to protect her from justice, he was so clueless that he didn't know that Anthony Weiner was Huma Abadin's spouse, and the only reason he revisited the Weiner emails and they admitted trying to stall the clock (until after the election, if ever) -- was that they panicked when the NY AG asked about the laptop -- so the reopening was trying to protect Hillary's legacy and not sabotage her election. Since there was a rampant incompetence and insubordination by Comey (he deliberately concealed his plans for the July Press conference to exonerate Hillary, based on overwhelming evidence against her)
  • Trump was right, his detractors wrong with regards to Comey's firing: it was justified, thus not Obstruction of Justice. And while overstated, he was also right (his detractors wrong) with regards to whether the "Deep State" was working against him and for Hillary.
  • The biased media (CNN, MSNBC, NYT and others) tried to spin the report by focusing on Horowitz’s measured response of saying while they didn't find the smoking gun of anyone admitting in writing that they were doing partisan things for partisan reasons, the media flipped "we couldn't prove it", into the delusion that, "it was free from bias", by ignoring all the examples of that bias, and glossing over everything damning in the report. Other than the complete corruption of our most powerful police agency and DOJ, to manipulate the public during an election year, there's nothing to see here at all.

Democrats Lie

Look, all politicians lie... some subtly, some blatantly. But as long as the media is in one camp, that side will lie more, because there's fewer consequences and more reward. The media is definitely in the camp (and repeating) all the dishonest far-left talking points. From the start the Democrats and their media claimed that the IG report shows "no bias", which only works on their base, as anyone with 4th grade reading comprehension and the motivation to glance at the source material will quickly conclude the exact opposite.

Examples: [1]

  • MSNBC and Jerrold Nadler (NY)(D) ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, "There was no bias in the FBI"
  • Eric Swalwell (CA)(D), member of the House Intelligence Committee, "No bias at the FBI"
  • Adam Schiff (CA)(D), top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, "No evidence ... [that the FBI] acted on the basis of political bias,"
  • CNN and Jon Podesta make absurd claims that Hillary was unfairly targeted, just because she broke the law, lied about it, and destroyed evidence (that was under subpoena) during an investigation.[2] They try to paint Hillary as the victim, and the FBI as too hard on her.
  • Both CNN and MSNBC buried the lede, that FBI agents taking handouts (bribes), in exchange for leaking to reporters: all the news that's fit to hide. [3]
  • Bill Maher and all the late night hosts have circled the wagons: ignored the system wide bias where not a single text or email has been shown to be in opposition to Hillary or in support of Trump, that's not bias, that's just one FBI agent "trying to impress the girl he was fucking". Doing their best hand-waiving to try to pretend that subverting an election in ways that would have given Russians wet dreams, isn't of any import to polemics. [4]

Since the report says the opposite of the top Democrats and MSNBC, CNN, etc., that let them on and don't challenge them, you can not trust what the media or politicians tell you.

IG Report

The Inspector General did a report on FBI's Trump/Comey investigation[5], and concluded there was bias, abuse, :

  1. Five Agents sent Pro-Clinton, Anti-Trump Texts— many implied using official authority to target Trump. The IG report brutally states that any one of these five agents discussing their support for Clinton, and the investigations in ways that shows bias and a lack of judgement at the FBI. Trump supporters have been right, and Democrat talking points have been wrong on this.
    • After being blatantly lied to by a Clinton crony, agents joked that, “no one is going to prosecute (Hillary Clinton) even if we find unique classified”. Or Page/Strzok agreeing to fewer agents in the room since, “she might be our next president,” and ”...you’re meant to protect the country from that menace (Trump),” and "we'll stop it" (meaning Trump's election). Or another FBI attorney texting, “Vive le resistance”. [6]
    • This includes texts that had been illegally redacted from Congressional subpoena, saying things like, "We'll stop Trump from winning".[7]
    • The FBI agents (like Strzok) prioritized the Russia investigation (despite a lack of evidence), over the Hillary Investigation (despite a wealth of evidence) - and was making texts to his mistress at the same time that included “we’ll stop” candidate Trump from being elected. They concluded, "Under these circumstances, we did not have confidence that Strzok’s decision to prioritize the Russia investigation over following up on the Midyear-related investigative lead discovered on the Weiner laptop was free from bias.”
    • The FBI never even designated Hillary the target of an investigation (nor put her or her crony's under oath, or taped the interviews, etc), and Comey took Loretta Lynch's suggestion to call this a "matter" and not "an investigation". [8]
    • And the report concluded that FBI agent Peter Strzok showed a “willingness to take official action” to impact the presidential election. AKA there was election tampering by Hillary supporters in the FBI. [9]
  2. Comey concluded that he would let Hillary off in spring 2016, long before he'd even interviewed he or many on her staff... though he and his staff had already given them immunity -- after joking that that they knew Hillary and administration were lying, but that no one would go to prison for it.
  3. Comey, Strzok, and Page all used personal email to conduct FBI business, in violation of the rules and law, just like Hillary.
  4. Comey/FBI and DOJ had avoided appointing a special counsel, even though that was normal process and there was more evidence of a crime than in the Russian collusion allegations (which they were highly interested in, based on what they knew was a fake dossier).
  5. Comey Watered Down his draft statement on Hillary... dramatically.
    • (a) Comey draft showed she was clearly guilty of violating the law (“grossly negligent”); that was changed to “extremely careless” to inject ambiguity and political cover.
    • (b) Comey scrubbed that President Obama had been in an email exchange with Hillary, proving Obama was lying when he said he was unaware of her private email server
    • (c) Even though it is known (as reported in the IG report) that Hillary's machine was definitely compromised, and secret material stolen, proving there was harm to national security) [10], Comey also changed the likelihood of her being hacked/compromised from “reasonably likely” to “possible.” This was an outright lie, as they knew it wasn't just possible, but had happened.
  6. Comey is an insubordinate Glory-Hog that unilaterally made decisions about investigations and ignored proper process. To quote from the report, “We determined that Comey’s decision to make this statement was the result of his belief that only he had the ability to credibly and authoritatively convey the rationale for the decision to not seek charges against Clinton, and that he needed to hold the press conference to protect the FBI and the Department from the extraordinary harm that he believed would have resulted had he failed to do so. While we found no evidence that Comey’s statement was the result of bias or an effort to influence the election, we did not find his justifications for issuing the statement to be reasonable or persuasive.”
  7. The DOJ and FBI changed the law to exonerate Hillary -- the standard by the law was not intent, but action. She had violated the law by action. Their invention of she had to have malicious intent was nowhere in the law, and broke legal and organization guidelines. Again, it helps to remember the legal concept of "Ignorantia juris non excusat" (ignorance is not defense). It does not matter what his intent was, it matters if she (and he) broke the rules, which they clearly did. If you doubt that, question whether a rapist should get off because he doesn't know that rape is illegal or wrong.
  8. The FBI wildly botched the re-opening of the case - the reason they were so late on re-opening was because nobody acted for a month (despite knowing better), and Comey said that he didn’t realize Anthony Weiner was married to Huma Abedin. That's one crack investigator there. Everyone involved believes that the FBI was intentionally slow-rolling looking into Weiner's laptop (because they didn't want to find anything), then Comey was trying to give her cover by stating it was reopened. They closed that "investigation" in a few days, only looking at a few files and doing their best NOT to find anything -- but they had to do a cursory investigation to give her cover when she won. [11]
  9. FBI Employees Leaked to the Press and took graft to do it. That's called corruption and bribery. According to the IG report, “We identified numerous FBI employees, at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media, who were nevertheless in frequent contact with reporters.” FBI agents received “benefits from reporters” as well, including golf outings, drinks and meals.
  10. Former Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzikshould have recused himself for things like trying to get his son a job on Hillary’s campaign (during the investigation), or emailing John Podesta (head of the Clinton campaign), on the release of Clinton’s emails in FOIA litigation.
  11. Comey revealed he reopened Investigation to congress because he thought Hillary was going to win, and he wanted to preserve her legitimacy - so this was the opposite of Comey trying to sabotage her, he was trying to protect her -- he was just incompetent. Anyone that claims Comey sabotaged Hillary, or was trying to help Trump is a liar or a fool. (CNN ran that trope often).
  12. The FBI had many leaks (all benefiting Hillary or attacking the Trump campaign), and they were receiving benefits, perks aka bribes from the Press in conjunction with those leaks.[12]
  13. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch practiced poor judgement by secretly meeting with former President Bill Clinton on her private plane in 2016.[13]
  14. Hillary was guilty of a crime, and if the law and policies at the FBI had been followed, she would have been tried for her crimes. So if there was no Comey, she not only would not have won, she would have been charged (and convicted) instead. So anyone that claims she lost because of Comey is a liar or a fool. She wouldn't have made it to election day if there had been non-corrupt and competent folks in the DOJ and FBI instead of Obama cronies. [14]


So the IG Report showed that the FBI and DOJ were biased in handling the Hillary case. Comey and much of the FBI was in the bag for Hillary. They can't prove the biases INTENTIONALLY interfered in her favor, but we have lots of evidence that every decision they made was trying to benefit her and that she was not treated like anyone else would have been. The Russians could only dream of having the kind of influence on an election that the FBI, Democrats and the Media have to undermine Democrats and persuade the public through dishonest propaganda. [15]

The left blamed Comey for re-opening the investigation into the Weiner laptop, and that sabotaged the election for Hillary, only that's as dumb and dishonest as their other premises. Comey only re-opened that late because they were trying to stall past the election and panicked, even he admits his intent was to protect her legacy. And if he hadn't of re-opened and she won (as they all expected), then she would have been under a cloud from day-1, so they admitted they did so to try to protect her (not hurt her). Yet there has never been any evidence shown that re-opening the investigation hurt her with her supporters, or her opponents, who both were unlikely to change their votes that late in an election. What we do know is that if the public had known the truths in the IG report about how corrupt and biased the FBI/Comey had been during all this (for Hillary and against Trump), or if they Hillary was being prosecuted during the election as was required by law, then it would have changed many votes away from Hillary and in favor of Trump. So the FBI/Comey's behaviors benefited Hillary far more than they hurt her.


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Written 2018.06.15

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