How do you start a race war?

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Let's review the basics of what happened: (a)Two people were shot for being stupid (b) Race baiters and FakeNews conspire for agenda and clickbait (c) the ignorant (like Obama) jump on board based on no hard information (d) cops get retaliatory backlash as the igno-inflamed react (e) the press sensationalizes that backlash too. The only people "winning" in this, are politicians/press who are prey on these ignorant constituencies to incite more violence, for either money, attention, or votes/views.

Anton Sterling
A member of the bloods gang with a lengthy and violent rap sheet, and deadbeat dad, is arrested for illegally selling bootleg DVD's, when he resists/struggles and goes for his gun. He's warned to stop moving, but he struggles anyways and is shot multiple times in what can only be described as a service to the community. The race hucksters try to spin it as a story of an innocent getting shot by the cops for no reason, and the gullible gobble it down.


Philando Castile
Philando Castile (a Crips gang member?) is pulled over as an armed robbery suspect (and with 86 misdemeanors he wasn't exactly saintly). At some point he reaches for his gun (he has a conceal carry permit), and he was shot. The girlfriend hams it up for her phone camera claiming "why'd you shoot him" (like that's the first thing you'd think to do if your significant other was shot), and the cop can be heard saying, "I told him not to reach for it", and the video shows the gun resting on Castile's leg. There's an investigation ongoing into whether the shooting was justified: but the race baiters went off half cocked before the info was in, and the family created 3 different "Go Fund Me" campaigns to milk the opportunity.


I love the smell of napalm in the morning...

I don't blame the families for the drama, and pretending that their kids were Saints of the Hood, and did nothing wrong (ever), and this was a case of police shooting their poor innocent babies. This is their 15 minutes of fame and they know this could result in a fat settlement if people buy their hamming it up for the cameras. And on the less cynical side, their kids just died. Even if it was because they were stupid and couldn't follow directions, they're still dead. So I give them a pass and am not real judgy of them. Just skeptical of their purity and honesty when they're spinning things like a coked up DJ. (Assuming they have no self interests because their kid/family just died is a tad naive).

What I have a problem with is the irresponsible people on the sidelines, preying on the gullibility of the black community. We know the black community can be especially susceptible to conspiracy theories and delusions of everyone being out to get them. As proven by how many times they've been snookered in the past (OJ Simpson, Rodney King, Henry Louis Gates, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, just to name a few). So to me, the real problem is those that prey on the gullibility of people too lazy to read and consider before having a protest and looting their own neighborhoods.

Thus I have problems with BLM (Black Lives Matters), the Black Panthers (or New New Black Panthers), Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, Clinton and other race hucksters. Heck, BLM was founded on the stupidity that Brown said, "Hands up, don't shoot", the facts that it never happened, and they gullibly took the word of a guy because he was black, instead of common sense, says all you need to know about that hate-group. They prey on the gullibility of the least educated subgroups, that somehow the intitutions themselves are racist, when they are: usually the inner city institutions (police, government, prisons, etc) are OVER-represented by minorities and democrats, not under. (The usual democrats blame institutions, those with a clue blame the actions on the behavior/individual). Fortunately, they and their base aren't paying attention, or they might notice that they/Democrats control the very institutions they complaining about.

In regards to BLM, I realize not all racists are haters, some are just fools. But you can't have a movement trying to profess the interests of one race over the others (or attacking the institutions they control), and not attract the haters too. It's like the difference between White Supremacists and Neo-Nazi's. Sure, the former will claim they're different/better, in that they don't wish harm on minorities, they just want to live apart. (They're basically White Panthers). While that's true, it's kinda hard to filter separatists, segregationists and violent bigots: that net snags many breeds of fish. So you see some BLM folks doing good things and screaming, "peace, not violence" at an offensive poster/protestor or stuff like that. But for each of those, you have many others doing stuff like the following (inciting violence). Which is why non-bigots want to stay as far away from these groups as possible.

If only our President was smart enough to do that. Instead we have an attention troll that inflames these situations by jumping in before we have the facts, assuming the cops guilt, then inciting the ignorants hate (by validating it) with comments like the following:

All Americans should be deeply troubled by the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. We've seen such tragedies far too many times, and our hearts go out to the families and communities who've suffered such a painful loss.

That's not what you say to cops who were forced to defend themselves from stupid people drawing weapons on them, or if you've reserved any doubt as to what's happened (and want to cool the situation).

A guy can call cops and tell them he's shooting up a gay-bar for ISIS and Allah, and Obama says, "We have no idea what his motives are". Worse, a the shooter in Dallas whose Facebook page is littered with likes for black activism, and he says what his motivate before he dies, and Obama is clueless about what this could be about. Really? But some black activists posts a fable about a shooting and it doesn't matter if it disagrees with logic, the cop, and physical evidence, and Obama is immediately doing what he can to divide us, take the accusers side against the police.

And the results are? Ask yourself if race relations are better now, or were better before our agitator-in-chief took the reigns of power.

Hillary Clinton is out there race-baiting for votes as well:

Identity politics results in identity hatred

Let's remember the facts: something our leaders should be screaming to moderate hate, instead of playing community organizer/agitator. 1. Every day there are hundreds (if not thousands) of armed people pulled over by cops, and they don't end up dead (even black ones). Ever wonder how that can happen if the nation is neck deep in trigger happy racist cops? How come? Most aren't stupid and can follow directions: 2. Whites are killed by cops at twice the rate of blacks (despite whites committing far less crimes). Every few days a white guy gets killed by cops, and no one cares. If you took race out of the Anton or Philando stories above, and didn't report their race or reported them as white, no one would care. There would be no riots or retaliation. Which proves that those protesting/rioting/responding are racists. Heck, "Black Lives Matter" is racist in the very title.

To buy into Black Lives matter premise, you have to be ignorant or a bigot.

Some quick numbers according to the census and DOJ from 1980 to 2008 show that blacks are under-represented in police shootings compared to whites. It's whites that should be pissed. But you'll never hear these facts from a BLM supporter:

The chances that a cop will be killed by a black person is 8x greater than being killed by a white (40.6% of the police officers murdered in the line of duty from 2009-2012 were killed by black males, despite them being only 6.6% of the population). These are up about 44% over prior years (which had been trending down prior to the Obama administration).

Worst of all is kind of killings, ambush killings were about 6 per year, thanks to Obama's policies, last year they were up to 8, this year 11 so far (at the half way mark). We don't know if this an outlier, or a trend yet, but seems worth noting.

Last year 258 black men (38 unarmed) were killed by cops, compared to 4,472 black men killed by other black men (that number is also low, since it doesn't factor in "race unknowns" or black women). That means a black man is over 172 times more likely to be killed by another black man than by a cop. And these numbers aren't out of whack with whites where 494 white men (32 unarmed) were killed by cops.

Studies show that cops are more reluctant to pull the trigger on blacks than on whites. (Again, the numbers play this out). The latest/largest Roland G. Fryer study, also found cops slightly less likely to shoot, but also tried to conclude that the cops are slightly more handsy with blacks. Yet the second part was looking at only NYC during stop and frisk: that's not a national policy so irrelevant to national conclusions. And there’s way too few details in that one cities data to be considered very reliable. (Though the finding sounds plausible).

There's a few counter studies that show blacks as "overrepresented", but only when put through "models", and model is code name for filters/constructs that disagree with raw numbers, logic, and common sense.

Cops have very very few significant incidents of complaints compared to the number of interactions they have. And most of those complaints turn out to be false. We have a 670K sworn police officers, and an average of 53M interactions (contacts) per year (≈80/officer/year). 26K complains (0.49% of all contacts), 8% were sustained (92% had no provable validity or were dropped), which is 2K sustained complaints. Compared to 84K rapes or 14K murders, meaning you were 7x more likely to be murdered or 42x more likely to be raped that have a valid problem with a cop. But it turns out that criminals don't like the police because the police interfere with their criminal activities: so you expect more complaints in high crime areas. That's not symptoms of a problem, it's a symptom that it's working:

Those that don't know this are either uninformed, or don't care about the facts. See every piece of material BLM and the Democrats have put out on these topics, meant to create identity anger, in hopes that they'll turn out to vote for the party that's lying to them, and promises to make things better. Just like they did for cities they control like Chicago, D.C., Detroit, and all the highest crime and murder rate places to live. The Dallas Police Chief recognizes them as a hate group, and is frustrated that the federal government does not:

Black Panthers, Obama administration and Louis Farrakhan are rooting it on:

And the Obama administration who always takes time out of their day to lecture conservative or libertarian groups about the dangers of what they say based on dog-whistle innuendo that only they can hear. But are always silent when it comes to their allies outright calling for violence or ending it,“BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!”

After nurturing the confirmation bias of the ignorant, that this was part of a larger pattern of "racist white cops shooting blacks for no reason" and getting away with it, what were the fruits that these hate mongers sowed?

Micah Xavier Johnson (BLM)

Black Lives Matter member and part of other black power organizations (including Black Panthers), goes out and shoots 16 people (killing 5 cops), to get cops/whites back for the fake injustices of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. The press got the gun wrong (not assault rifle), and downplayed his associations with BLM, pretending their agitation had nothing to do with it. more...


The rational have been warning for years. If your politics is based on preying on the ignorance and hate of a group of racists, you're irresponsibly inciting violence. Turns out Identity politics results in identity hatred. And that's what we're getting.

The race baiters like the Jackson and Obama, and others, make the problems worse, and lead to hostile and ignorant mobs like the BLM crowd, because they don't understand math, and don't care to. They want to believe these problems are unique to just their tribe, and if you want to see everything as injustice against your kind, you can find plenty of confirmation bias, no matter what the stats and facts say. But the more you encourage that hate and divisiveness, the more we as a society will reap the rewards, like will probably be happening all summer.


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Seen stenciled around Santa Cruz (what the BLM movement has wrought):