Hillary Clinton: Cattlegate: Futures Trading Miracle (1978)

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Without any experience, as a first time Cattle Futures trader (and wife of Governor), she gets a 9,987% return on investment in a few months, after, according to her, "reading the Wall Street Journal" (a paper that doesn't talk about Cattle Futures). With results like that, she decides to never trade stocks/commodities again. Suspicious? So we're to believe that under the guidance of a few "friends" (her account being run by a lawyer for state poultry interests, through a disreputable broker) she turns $6,300 investment into $100K (a nice even number) in a few months, with shoddy and lost records, questionable trades, not enough money in her account to cover some of the $1.5M positions she bought/sold in the same day (anyone else would have had margin calls), and other eyebrow raising anomalies. Then her two partners in this (Bone and Refco) were suspended and fined respectively for improper records keeping. But nothing to see here, move along -- we're not supposed to question her integrity, or think that this might have been a payoff?

🗒️ NOTE:
There's a way of laundering money / payola, where the gifter of the graft makes multiple trades: the winning trades get credited in the giftees account, the losing ones are credited to your own, and thus for the cost of the losses, you get to launder those bribes. This is why this whole affair reeked of impropriety to investigators and anyone with a clue. But again, not quite enough evidence to prove Hillary wrong, and others took the fall. Hillary got away with a large sum of illegal money -or- despite being an idiot savant at it, she decided to never trade again. Which is more plausible?

Of course the fact checkers (Politifact, FactCheck, Snopes) choose not to check these facts, because they don't reflect well on Hillary -- while Republicans and others mention this one fairly often. Do you think such an obvious example of payoffs is "not newsworthy", or a lie of omission?


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