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Like many things Hillary is involved in, at best she showed gross incompetence, and worst: criminal malfeasance -- always with a side of lies, sub-scandals, and opacity. There's so many scandals in Benghazi: (1) The incompetence of State by ignoring pleas for more security (2) The lies to the public that it was about a "video" (3) the lies that someone didn't block coming to their aid while under attack (4) the obstruction of justice on the investigation (5) the collusion between the Obama DOJ and the Clintons during the investigation (6) This started emailgate. Not to mention the whole why was the U.S. helping Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize Libya, in the first place (as they'd done in Egypt)? So it was part of a wider fuck up of foreign policy. So while bad things happen, if the administration had owned the mistake, no problem (a little noise, and people would have gotten over it). But they lied, obstructed and still hold the position, "what difference does it make?" if you get multiple state department people killed, don't do everything to help them while they're under fire, and then lie and obstruct about it for years? Well, it's one of many things that contributed to her electoral loss. I think that's a difference that it made. This after decades of telling us that Russians would be our friends... now she blames her electoral loss on Russian (conspiring with the Republicans).

What happened?

For months Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens pleaded with state (at least 631 times) for more/better security, after the Clinton administration had replaced the normal military detail with local mercenaries. Then the UK embassy was attacked, Libya and the CIA warned State Dept that an attack was imminent (on the pending 9/11 anniversary), and nothing.

  • On 9/11, a well armed and coordinated terrorist group attacked the outpost in Benghazi (killing Stevens and 3 others)
  • There were multiple denied request to aid them in the 9 hour siege, Hillary has never accounted for where she was during this time
  • She immediately told her daughter Chelsea and the Egyptian President that she knew it was a terrorist attack, but for 13 days, State Dept. and Obama administration lied to the American people and blamed it on a spontaneous protest over the video (and had the producer arrested).
  • They promised to get on an "investigation", and stalled for over a year. They did attack any whistle blowers that disagreed with them, failed to secure the site in Benghazi, and delayed the FBI investigation for weeks until the site was picked clean by locals, and a year later literally nothing had happened, so congress/senate started their own investigations.
  • Asked if State knew it was a coordinated attack and when, and they lied: claiming they didn't know of any evidence that it wasn't a spontaneous attack. When asked why they thought this, they blamed it on the CIA but the CIA came forward and said they knew the attack was an Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood attack. And later email investigations proved this had come from state, and the DoD had told them it was a terrorist attack. There's still never been a satisfactory explanation for why State/Hillary did this, "what difference does it make?" is the closest to an answer we've gotten.[1]
  • So they were asked to produce the emails to prove it had come from CIA and to help the investigation: they stonewalled for a year, deleted evidence, then claimed they provided all emails, and this was later shown to be false (they later had kept key emails away from the subpoena -- which later were found), not counting the 30,000 that Hillary deleted, or the Top Secret emails she had illegally had on her server: this is what started the march to Servergate.
  • To this day, Trey Gowdy claims that the state department has failed to comply with their requests for information, and Obama's Department of Justice is not at all interested in getting to the bottom of this. (This is closer to Obstruction of justice, than saying "I hope nothing happens to him". [2]



To make matters worse, before the release of the Benghazi investigation, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton had a secret meeting on his plane for 30 minutes to discuss their grandkids? This is such complete fireable stupidity and ethics violation for Attorney General Lynch, and is utterly moronic for Clinton to do as well because of how it looks. The look of impropriety is as damaging as actual impropriety, so either way, Lynch should be fired. [3]


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