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One of the oldest and most far-left, partisan, anti-American White House press corps reporter (also the first female in the White House press corps as the far-left "women's angle"). She covered the White House from the start of the Kennedy administration to the Obama Administration, and was consistently anti-semitic and anti-Republican the whole time. Her finally getting released from the White House over anti-semitism in 2010 was a gain for society.


  • She said the Iraq war was bias against Arabs, had nothing to do with terrorism, and was built on lies. All false.
  • She blamed the Jews for everything wrong in the U.S. and the middle east. But as Golda Meir said, peace will happen in Israel when the Palestinians learn to love their own babies more than they hate the Jews. Or as Kissinger said, if the Palestinians lay down their arms there would be peace. If the Jews did it, there would be genocide.

I agree with her on one thing: Arabs are not all terrorists. (I don't know who she thinks is saying that, as I haven't heard many that believe they are). What I've heard is that many terrorists are Arabs (or Muslims). More than that, many terrorist sympathizers, apologists and sponsors are the same.

The U.S. has done some mixed things at best. We're certainly not all good and righteous. Reasonable people can disagree. But they're only reasonable if they can admit the flaws of both sides (not just finger-point at the other one). Otherwise they're either ignorant or irrational (not reasonable). e.g. a Helen Thomas. Don't be a Helen Thomas.


The one benefit she did was break ground for Women into the White House Press corps.... unfortunately, she represented them poorly, as over-emotional, inflexible, incurious, far-left partisans. Sadly, I'm impressed that someone so old can learn so little with so much time to do it. Maybe she'll get an opportunity to be a rational person in her next life, because if you value compassion, balance, or seeing both sides of an issue, that life was a waste for her and all who listened/read her. She went to her grave a nasty and close minded.


📚 References
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