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Smoking in Hawaii
To show how absurd it is, Hawaii attempted to raise the age for smoking tobacco to 100. You can't reductio ad absurdum the left, because they've already gone there. Now they haven't actually done it, but that they would think about it and not fire everyone who suggested it, tells you all you need to know about their attitudes on freedom/tolerance.
2018 Hawaii (Oahu)
Family Thanksgiving (Nov) in Hawaii: family, friends, and a Jellyfish sting.
2012 Hawaii (Big Island)
Another Hawai'i get-away, this time to the Big Island in March. We were in Kona (the Dry side), but did a drive around the Island (and saw the Lava and the Wet Side). With some hanging out at the pool or water with a Mai Thai.
2006 Hawaii (Oahu)
We did Oahu, Hawaii in July