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I was dealing with the large consulting firms and their internal training which basically said, “you are never hired because management likes how things are now... so your job is to find out what they really want, and then give them the excuses/justification for changing things in that direction”. So Consulting firms are often just providing cover for managers who don’t want accountability (they can always blame the consulting firm if things go poorly).

Progressives get money and votes by claiming how bad everything is, and offering ways to change it. (While milking power, influence or skimming money in the change-over). And a government commission is just a consulting firm for government. It is there to provide cover for a progressive agenda, under a faux brain trust of experts that likely know little about what they're talking about, and are burying the potential consequences so they don't lose the sale. A bipartisan one is just a charade of finding one or two RINO's or sell-outs that will support the other side for a cut.


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