Globe corrects falacious story about DailyWire

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Only after community pressure did the Boston Globe correct a malicious slander about Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire an an ‘Alt-Right Outpost’. Ben Shapiro is Jewish. The Daily Wire is a moderate right website and news aggregator.

Boston Globe

The Boston Globe was founded in 1872 was originally controlled by Irish Catholic interests before being sold to Charles H. Taylor, and then sold to The New York Times in 1993 for $1.1 billion. Where it subsequently lost 94% of its value, and was sold to John W. Henry (Red Sox Owner) for $70 million.

Rather than being a neutral Journalistic source, the former editorial page editor Renée Loth described The Globe as having "a long tradition of being a progressive institution, and especially on social issues", but did qualify it with "We are a lot more nuanced and subtle than that liberal stereotype does justice to". Yet, they endorsed Hillary Clinton, started a campaign against Trump for calling out bad journalism, and basically taking more than a few bad and far left positions. They descended from being a purveyor of news to progressive activism, and since progressives can't get what they want by telling the truth, they are not about one-side spin, lies of omission, and a series of embarrassing gaffe's that always lean to the far left. more...


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