Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting

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2019.07.28 it appears Santino Legan (and an accomplice?) used wire-cutters on the fencing to get into the Gilroy Garlic Festival, and opened fire, killing 4 and injuring 15 before getting shot by cops. During the shooting someone yelled, "why are you doing this", and he yelled back, "Because I'm really angry!" California has every gun control they can imagine, and this was a gun free zone with metal detectors and personal scans, and still this happens there (at least 35 times in California). I've been to this festival a few times, as it is about 30 minutes down the road and I was in town when it happened.

2019.07.28 - Gilroy, California

Santino William Legan (19)
Dead/Injured: 4/15
Weapons: Some sort of rifle

Nothing is released yet.
  • Politics: Unknown
❌ Gun Control can't help as this was in one of the strictest gun control states.

✅ Better Security (more Conceal and Carry)


  • He was of Italian & Iranian decent... um, oh shit. I'm Italian and Iranian. But it was a couple generations back, and his family was established and respected in the Gilroy community.
  • He posted on instagram right before the shooting, "Ayyy garlic festival time. Come get wasted on overpriced shit.” <- he does't seem to like commercialism.
  • He said the book, "Might Is Right" by Ragnar Redbeard is incendiary. Some are claiming that it's a right wing book... but what are they using to define right/left wing (aka the Political Spectrum)?
    • The book contains strong anti-Semitic statements, but lots of things written at this time did. It also seems to have some Social Darwinism overtones, that were also very popular among left wing progressives of the era (see Wilson).
  • He also said, "Why overcrowd towns and pave more open space to make room for hordes of mestizos and Silicon Valley white twats?" <- mestizos is a rather respectful term for blended races (like he was), and disliking white tech twats implies that if it was racism it might be more against whites than against minorities.

There are racist overtones in the book, which was common amongst the progressive left at the time -- and it seems that the book and the kid were more anti-establishment (including religion). So I'm not sure how you conclude right or left wing, unless you have an agenda. The said the same stuff about the eco-greeny in Christchurch, NZ, and that turned out to be poppycock.


📚 References
Mass Murderers -
This is a list of the major Mass Murders and with enough supplemental data to help show why gun control doesn't really matter. Legislators and their gullible base, seem to think that if you make a law, that will stop someone who is already breaking the law by murdering people (usually in gun-free zones). This from people and legislators who speed, drive drunk, get caught cheating on their taxes (or worse), and from people that don't remember what an abject failure alcohol prohibition or the war on drugs has been. Laws don't change people. Most don't even slow people, because they're so easy to ignore. So bad laws (ones that individuals/society doesn't agree with, aren't enforceable and easily circumvented) often just teach contempt for the law. We can allow the people to get training and fight back.