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I have nothing against Germany. In fact, I have a lot of family there, and it's one of the nicest countries I've visited: the trains run mostly on-time, they have a nicer quality of life, and better services than many countries in the world. But there are negatives too: a collectivist culture, bureaucratic, too many rules and too much intolerance. (Every rule/law/regulation is a way to tell someone else what they can/cannot do). And historically, they did a lot of bad things. I try not to rub that latter part in, because most alive today had nothing to do with that. But there's a reason that stuff happened there: and it is the collectivism that is the birthplace of Marx and Engels, and that socialist poison is infused in their water and culture, and exists (in its more moderate form), just waiting for the opportunity to spring out again.

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Man in the High Castle -
The premise of "what if the Nazi's and Japs won WWII" is a fascinating piece of alternate history. The premise exceeds the implementation for season 1: which turned in a mediocre spy thriller with a different backdrop. Season 2 is far more interesting and starts exploring what life and culture would be like, as well as the drama is more interesting. I'm hoping Season 3 continues the progression.
Gini Coefficient -
The Gini Coefficient (or Gini Index) came about when Corrado Gini (and Italian Sociologist) wrote the book: The Scientific Basic of Fascism. His idea was that you could make systems stronger than the individuals, if you just weeded out the threats to the collective and accepted fascism (democratic socialism combined with crony capitalism). His book, and the infamous “Gini Coefficient” he created, said that income should be evenly distributed, and if it wasn’t, then government should use that imbalance as an excuse to seize wealth and liberty, and redistribute it (fascism) to make things “more fair”. His coefficient is basically just that: a measure of how economically fascists (socialist) your country is.
German: Mass Murders - In strict gun-controlled Germany, many have used illegal guns, trucks driving into crowds or bombs (in planes or crowded places).
German Liberty -
Germany is a free society: unless you do something the collective decides you shouldn't. Then you're far less free than in America, or much of the world. The point isn't to bash what is a lovely country, and great people, it's to remind people that Freedom isn't how you treat people you agree with, but how much people you don't like or agree with, are free to do things you don't approve of.
German Green Energy - If it's a bad idea, Germany will be the first to adopt it (like Marxism, Fascism, or Green Energy). Even before America's Bronx Socialist (AOC) was advocating for a Green New Deal, Germany was trying to distract their people from the problems of inept governance, with more inept governance -- and their very own Green New Deal. (Though they don't call it that). Basically, eliminating the coal industry by 2035. So the country with some of the highest energy prices in the world, will see them go higher -- and become more dependent on imported energy from places that don't have their retarded energy policies.
Fascism - Fascism is overloaded (means different things to different people/groups), with a brutal history, so no one wants to be associated with it. Thus the side that it came from is going to do everything they can to obfuscate and pretend it came from "others". But fascism is more than an ad hominem attack: we can clarify conflicting meanings, and look at real history and motives. Just know that while some of us can handle the truth, reasonable intellectuals aren't usually found on internet forums or Facebook feeds.
Dunkirk (2017) -
This wasn't bad, but it was a bit of mismanaged expectations. Many will go in expecting a Historical War and action movie -- what they'll get is a vignette movie telling 3 different stories, with overlapping timelines. A British soldier pooping and fleeing from the pending german advance (over a week), a British guy with a boat coming to save them (over a day), and a RAF pilot (over an hour), and how those stories intersect. If it sounds overly complex, it is, but the stories individually aren't bad -- the same with the movie.
Angela Merkel -
I'm not a fan of Angela Merkel, she seems to be incompetent in her buffoonery, and single handedly magnified Germany and the entire EU's problems with everything she touched, from immigration, to green energy, to Russia, and so on.
2009.03.11 Winnenden (School) - 🇩🇪 Winnenden, Germany: 17-year-old (Tim Kretschmer) took his parents legally owned pistol, and went back to his high school, and started a shooting spree. When the cops arrived, he fled 25 miles to a neighboring town and shot some more people before he committed suicide. The Germans prosecuted the father, since the gun hadn't been secured in a safe.
Dead/Injured: 16/9
2002.04.26 Erfurt (School) - 🇩🇪 Efurt, Germany: A 19-year-old expelled student (Robert Steinhäuser) shot and killed 16 people and then himself using shotguns and a pistol. The lack of an assault rifle didn't reduce the death count.
Dead/Injured: 17/1
1972.09.05 Munich Olympics - 🇩🇪 Munich, Germany: the Palestinian terrorist group Black September took eleven Israeli Olympic team members hostage (with illegal assault weapons) and demanded that 234 Palestinian terrorists be freed in Israel. They killed the hostages along with a West German police officer during a failed rescue attempt. 5 of the 8 terrorists were killed, 3 were captured and released in a hostage exchange, only to be hunted and killed by the IDF later.
Dead/Injured: 17/0


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Europeans that stay in Europe don't usually understand the U.S., or what made us successful. They think they do because they watch Hollywood's version of America, as seen through their Eurocentric eyes -- but that's like asking Democrats about what motivates Republicans: the answers are usually garbage. That's why the French Revolution was such a failure. And it's why the European Union (EU) inverted the U.S.

The U.S. was created so that we the people could separate from a monarchy, self govern as a lot of local (State) democracies, with the minimum overarching federalism as possible. The EU was created to turn a bunch of separate little democracracies with autonomy into one unresponsive Brussels (or Berlin) run monarchy. It's not just that's the wrong idea... it's that they THINK they're doing what we did, when they're doing the exact opposite. We were created on individualism and limiting government power, and they are created on collectivism, centralization and maximize it.