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Look, I don't mind George, he's snarky, bitchy, catty, sometimes funny, and famous for being a b-rate actor in a b-rate series that went viral. But he's also a liberal flaming hypocrite. Which is also fine... as long as people admit it and own it, and stop treating his wisdom as anything but the rantings of another nasty hypocritical liberal guy (whether they think gays are funny or not).


I wish him the best in his film/movie/TV career and success in life), but him claiming moral outrage over things he does worse? He deserves to be article-buggered for it ("Oh my!"):

  • Ripping off other people's work for attention, hardly gives you the moral high ground
  • I don't mind gay activists... but I'm not particularly impressed by hypocrites. When Milo was getting crucified for his comment about man-boy love stuff, if Takei was a ethical person (and real gay-activists), he would have come forward, admitted he said the same things, and tried to defend a gay-man under assault. What he showed through silence is that he cares more about political alignment than he does about gay activism. Fine, own that you're a political hack and not a gay activist and we're good.
  • The same with his faux upset over locker room talk, while his antics were worse [1]
  • Or his offense at racial attacks while saying worse: you don't get to attack Clearance Thomas (which he did), while whining about Maxine Waters getting mocked, without someone calling you on it. His actions show he don't care about sexism or racism, at least not as much as he cares about political opportunism. If he or his supporters don't pretend otherwise, we're good.

Just don't pretend moral outrage over conservatives doing less than you have, and I'll defend your free speech rights... which is more than he appears willing to do for people that he disagrees with. Play an over-the-top queer spokesperson, or play the moral one -- but you don't get to do both (depending on the person you're attacking's party affiliation). A little consistency is all I ask.

He went douchebag (again) on the Scalise shooting, and got some deserved backlash:

He also went full retard on comparing NFL protests and standing for the National Anthem with North Korea.

Chester the Molester


Takei got snotty towards the Dirtbag Harvey Weinstein, for abusing his power and fame [2] Then got caught doing the same. [3] Whether George was going Bill Cosby, or just taking advantage of a drunk friend, those in glass houses probably shouldn't throw stones. Instead of doing what he suggested of Harvey, and throwing himself on the mercy of the public, George offered emphatic denials. [4]


I kind of like George, when he's playing an over the top queer boy, making superficial social commentary from a fag-culture point of view (sticking to his roots). And I don't mean any of that derogatorily. It's like Milo Yiannopoulos doing the same, who I also kinda like. Just be true to yourself, whatever that self is, and it's fine. But keep some balance, and if you go full sanctimonious douchebag have the stones, integrity and squeeky clean history to back it up. Be consistent. Or at least fess up to past mistakes BEFORE getting caught. If all you are is a gay Asian Michael Moore, spouting progressive talking points, and the cute wears off pretty quick. If you're catty and hypocritical, and I tend to get more annoyed by the hypocritical to enjoy the catty any more. Be funny and light heated and don't take yourself seriously -- and we're good, even when you're occasionally disagreeing with me. But you can't mock your own side, or recognize your own flaws (or the same flaws in others in yourself or your side), then you're just annoying.


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