Gender Neutral Toy Stores

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Gender Neutral Toy Stores

If it wasn't for California, who would protect you from boys and girl departments? In the latest round of dumb-fuckery and failing to mind your own business, California legislators are passing a law to stop segregating their children’s products aisles by gender. They consider this non-inclusive to the .02% of the population that's gender ambiguous. Of course anyone with a triple digit IQ knows that they might find the simple organization of trucks on one side, and pink unicorns on the other a little helpful as well. But nope, we gotta fix that, because California bureaucrats think they know more about how a toy store should be run than the people running them, or than the consumers buying from them.


There is some good intentions in here... but then we know the road to hell (aka Progressive Utopia) is paved with those. The idea being that there's a "Pink Tax", feminist speak that pink variants of toys or things that appeal to girls are up to 7% more expensive than toys that appeal to boys. To intersectional Marxists all variances in price are evidence of a great capitalist patriarchy trying to oppress or exploit girls or trans people. To those of us who don't eat our nose pickings, Occam's Razor applies, and there's usually simpler explanations: like that boy-brains being more enamored with things over people, buy more things -- thus the economies of scale apply more, or that girls care more for "cute" and will pay more for clothes -- while boys are only clothed at all because their moms make them, and if it wasn't for them, they'd wear things to tatters, and thus they pay less. But again, reasoning with people that want to see everything as part of the grand conspiracy isn't always productive.

Of course this came up in my community groups about how great and empowering this new fascist law was. And the loudest and most dim-witted argued that there's no differences between boys and girls brains that aren't forced on them by evil patriarchy gender stereotypes. Just about everyone that's had kids, or taught them, knows better. And this of course ignores the consensus of scientific research... but there's a few lefty loons that dispute that with junk science. Then the turbo-snowflakes get involved and start inverting word meanings. This is free'ing or liberating, showing they don't understand what freedom or liberty means. And conversations get dragged into debates about that. How mean old conservatives are forcing gender stereotype on innocent people -- when the truth is they're just making it easier for 100% of people to find things, even if only 99.x% of people are basically binary, and the a fraction of a percent are forced to adapt to the rest of the world. Then people start stating their preferred pronouns they expect you to adapt to like ze/zir/zirs or ey/em/eirs -- missing that their demands for others to adapt to them, is as offensive to reasonable humans as misgendering is to trans folks.

At this point, I usually walk away. Hey, if they made it into their 30s or 40s without wising up, I know I'm not the guy that's go to finally break-thru their sanity shields. But this is actually quite typical for California. Illiterate know-it-alls that want to oppress others in the name of tolerance, that cater to the .1% even if it makes it harder for everyone, and that want to re-define the language so that their gobbledygook makes sense to them.


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Brain Differences that the left denied

Feminist Book of delusions (that all gender differences are imposed):

The land of intolerance, hypocrisy and progressivism... but I repeat myself. This article lists some examples of the intolerance, incompetence, and progressivism that has come to exemplify the Golden State. (NOTE: While the Golden State once referred to the color of the dried grass hills so common in California, it now refers to the vagrant urine covered streets of San Francisco or L.A.)
Anti-Science Party
Republicans are the anti-science party, unless we're talking about any of the following things the left believes that are anti-science: Beepocalypse, Biofuels, Black Conspiracy Theology, Carpool lanes, Corporate Personhood & Citizens United, Evolution and Creation, Gender Wage Gap, Gender is a choice, Global Cooling Scare, Green Energy, Keynes, Leftonomics, Life Begins at..., Light Rail, Nuclear Energy, Organic food fraud, Paranormal beliefs​, Peak Oil Theory, Plastic Bag Bans, Recycling, Science and Religion, Secondhand Drinking, Secondhand Smoke, Smoking, Smoking and Healthcare costs, Straw Bans, The Population Bomb, Unintended Consequences, War on Science, Wind Power, and so on. The right isn't immune to being anti-science, it's just that democrats/left/media pretends they are better, when the informed know that as a group, they definitely are worse. Of course I treat individuals as individuals and not a group, but any democrat/leftist individual that broad brushes conservatives for being anti-science is demonstrating hyper-selective blinders (hypocrisy).