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Articles about France, a country with one of the richest histories in a world. While much of it is a "how not to", they also have a class, style, and culture that is unique, arrogant, and stylish. But most of the things I write on are the lesser known, and usually less complimentary things. That's not out of malice, but I find the more arcane more interesting, even when it's not flattering.

Here's a few articles on France: France : 8 items

America made Saddam -
During the mid 2000's it was popular among the dim of wit, and big of mouth, to claim that Saddam was created by America. That kind of rhetoric tends to come from the uninformed, the trolls, or both. Saddam was never "our boy" like some claim.
Dunkirk (2017) -
This wasn't bad, but it was a bit of mismanaged expectations. Many will go in expecting a Historical War and action movie -- what they'll get is a vignette movie telling 3 different stories, with overlapping timelines. A British soldier pooping and fleeing from the pending german advance (over a week), a British guy with a boat coming to save them (over a day), and a RAF pilot (over an hour), and how those stories intersect. If it sounds overly complex, it is, but the stories individually aren't bad -- the same with the movie.
France: Mass Murders - In strict gun-controlled France, they still us AK-47's and other illegal guns, but worse, they're more likely to use trucks driving into crowds or bombs (in planes or crowded places). Their death rates are worse than the U.S.
Never trust France - I love the French people. The French culture is mixed with some great things, and a bunch of narcissistic, arrogant, ethnocentric, racists (culturalists). France as a country is an untrustworthy ally. They will help on things they think are in their interest, they are inept as a government so that help may harm more than help, and they will turn their backs on morals and ethics the moment the winds of court intrigue or fads start blowing against you. That doesn't make them good or bad, just unreliable.
Paris Climate Accord -
Trump withdrew from Obama's non-binding agreement (either that unconstitutional treaty). And agreed to consider future ones, if there's a better deal. This was because anyone that glanced at it, knew it wasn't a good deal or about climate but wealth redistribution (from America and American businesses/jobs). And of course the left/media that disliked it under Obama, suddenly loves it, lies to its base about what it means, and their followers are in hysterics about something that did no good, a lot of bad, and since they can't argue on the merits, they use fallacies and lies to tell each other about what a big deal this is. This article covers the details.
Patriot Act -
This is a yawner to me as to what it was in 2002 -- what concerns me is what it might devolve into. (Is it a slippery slope). What the Patriot Act says is that the same intrusions on our freedoms (same exact search and seizure clauses) that we allowed for the “drug war” should be allowed for “the war on terror”. I agree those intrusions are cause for raising eyebrows and should be discussed; but there were more justifications against foreign terrorists than domestic citizens. Where were the Democrats decrying the death of the Fourth Amendment in the 70’s? Or for that matter in 2011 when Obama extended the Patriot Act or signed the replacement "Freedom Act" that was the same thing under a new name?
Vietnam -
As an American, Vietnam is usually talking about the war. And you can't talk about Vietnam war without talking about what lead up to the war, why it was fought, who won (and lost) the war), what were the consequences, and a lot of messiness around intentions and outcomes. This covers all of those topics.
Wait for France, U.N. or Sanctions -
Some say we should have waiting for France or the U.N. to come around, or that sanctions were working. We were reckless. We call these people misinformed. Sanctions have never worked at doing anything but hurting the innocent. And France and the U.N. were criminally making money off the oil-for-weapons scandal and had disincentives to ever help the Iraqi people. It was France's line that they would veto further efforts (and their efforts to remove sanctions) that made action necessary.


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Europeans that stay in Europe don't usually understand the U.S., or what made us successful. They think they do because they watch Hollywood's version of America, as seen through their Eurocentric eyes -- but that's like asking Democrats about what motivates Republicans: the answers are usually garbage. That's why the French Revolution was such a failure. And it's why the European Union (EU) inverted the U.S.

The U.S. was created so that we the people could separate from a monarchy, self govern as a lot of local (State) democracies, with the minimum overarching federalism as possible. The EU was created to turn a bunch of separate little democracracies with autonomy into one unresponsive Brussels (or Berlin) run monarchy. It's not just that's the wrong idea... it's that they THINK they're doing what we did, when they're doing the exact opposite. We were created on individualism and limiting government power, and they are created on collectivism, centralization and maximize it.