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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... these are a few of my favorite things. Just a few videos that are worth the time to watch... some by me, some are by others. From motivational speakers, to life experiences, toastmasters speeches, and a little politics and comedy to break things up. I think each of these is worth the time invested.


Simon Sinek: Millennials in the workplace

It starts sounding like a cliche, broad brushing swipe against millennials, but gets much deeper into problems in society today, that are certainly not unique to that generation. Best 15 minute analysis of human nature and interactions you’ll watch all week. More from Simon:

Phil Hansen: Embrace the Shake

It’s a fantastic speech/story about how limitations can expand us as we work around them, or adapt to them. Human willpower and creativity can find a way to conquer obstacles.

The Darker side of reality

While I don't like these kinds of stories, they are necessary to understanding life.

Jon Ronson

Jon Ronson tells a story about a victim of Social Justice Warriors -- all noble crybullies, net-raping someone for the unforgivable crime of telling a joke that some could choose to take wrong.

Long before I watched this must-watch video, I learned when something sounded horrible and atrocious, I would first question the victim of my assumptions, and ask them what did they mean by that. (Were they sure, was I sure?) Sometimes, my worst assumptions were dead on-target. But often, they were not. And thus any reaction I might have done (but didn't), would have be based on my ignorance and not theirs.

I avoid becoming that which I hate.... or at least I take enough responsibility for my own actions, that I try. So it was part of my, "lead by example".

I had many people read in their own biases on what I had written so often, that I decided I didn't want to be "one of them". And it's still one of my hot-buttons: people telling me what they think I think instead of just asking, (especially when it's embarrassingly wrong. I blocked a few people after they argued with me, about what I meant when I said X. If they prefer their strawman of me, to me, then go play with your strawman -- communicating further is a waste of time:

Toastmasters speeches

I enjoy taking controversial issues, and then looking at parts of them in ways that others might not have thought of. These are my videos on a variety of topics. While I don't take myself too seriously, I've stepped on others toes (gotten death threats, had people try to get me fired, and so on) — hence, why these were under a pseudonym (Sue Denim).

Abortion – Roe v Wade

Understanding that you can both agree with a ruling and oppose it: both agreeing with the decision, and recognizing that there was no authority to make it. Liking the ends, and hating the means — and knowing the means will result in decades of friction.

Understanding the Economic Crisis

2009 Presentation on the basics of economics (schools of thought), a high level overview of why we had the 2007-2008 financial crisis, and why I predicted Obama-nomics wasn’t going to help the economy much.

The other side

Speech on thinking about the “other side” of Gandhi, MLK and Tankman. Who are the real heroes? Life and people are more complex than the caricatures we are taught. And we owe it to everyone (and ourselves) not to just be shallow.

Unintended Consequences

Eliminating onshore drilling increased risks, as happened with offshore drilling. 55 MPH speed limits and light rail increased pollution (and accidents) and hurts poor people. Causes have effects, and here’s a few of them that progressive voters don’t often think about.

Understanding the Global Warming Debate

Trying to educate folks on just the basics needed to have an intelligent discussion on global warming. What is it, where are the disagreements and questions, and why do so many top scientists and informed people think it’s become political and that the “scare” is overblown?


Just a few things that lighten the mood, or remind us to smile.

Bob Nelson’s Football is my life

This guy is hysterical, at least he was back when comedy could make fun of things that weren’t politically correct. I saw this when it was first created (back in the 1980's), and couldn’t forget it as something that just cracked me up. Probably because I was in WaterPolo and we made fun of football players.

Brazen Shamelessness

This is another one by me on how I earned my superpower, with the help of poison oak and public humiliation in Junior High School

Ground Speed Check

Every Pilot knows (or should know) this story of the SR-71 and the ground speed check in Southern California. I heard of it around the time it happened. But it's great hearing from the guy that was flying it at the time.


Understanding Benghazi

Q: How can you tell Hillary was lying?
A: Her lips were moving.

This was just a few of the lies told about Benghazi. As Bill Clinton said about Richard Nixon, “There is no question that making false statements to government officials and interfering with the FBI and the CIA is an impeachable offense."... still waiting for justice for these men, because being a just country (that applies the laws equally to all) makes a big difference.

Companies will tell you that they care about inclusiveness, then they'll institute Open Floorplans which are torture for Introverts. What they're saying is, "we respect individuals... just not enough to treat introverts with respect"... at least not when there's cost cutting by packing them cheek to cheek with their neighbor. Many of the world's most famous people and high performers and thinkers are Introverts. Treating everyone like they need to be extroverts, and people can't or shouldn't convert solitude into productivity.


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