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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... these are a few of my favorite things. Just a few books that were worth the time to read. Or at least impacted me in my youth.

  1. My side of the mountain - Age 9, I read a book about a run away that lived in the wild. My home life sucked, so this appealed to me. I used to camp solo in caves, and live off what I could hunt, catch or trap.
  2. We the living - Ayn Rand's first, briefest and best book. Semi-autobiographical account that leaves it to the reader.
  3. Hitchhikers guide - Bitter humor laced with irony and perspective of our importance in the Universe.
  4. Everything by Larry Niven - loved his known Universe and the problems that technology empowered.
  5. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler - Girl and her brother runaway and hide in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met) in New York City.
  6. Tao Te Jing - Balance in all things.
  7. Miyamoto Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa - be nice, live in the moment, be kind... until it's time to not be.
  8. Bio of a Space Tyrant - Politics of the left, as seen through the eyes of a leftist: Piers Anthony.
  9. Dune - The danger of Politics and attractive leaders by Frank Hubert.
  10. 1984 - The dangers of leftism by Orwell.

Of course it varies by mood... and if you asked me another time - I could name 10 others, just as impactful.

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