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While the term goes back 100 years, the history is summed up well in a Sharyl Attkisson TedTalk on FakeNews. While our media has always had false narratives and bad stories that are Fake News (exampled include: Edward R. Murrow's "See it now" McCarthy'ing Joe McCarthy (1954), Richard Jewel story (1996), story about a plane crashing into Camp David after 9/11 (2001), Duke LeCross Rape Case (2014), Michael Brown and 'hands up, don't shoot' narrative (2014), and so on). We didn't use the term "Fake News", just liberal media bias or incompetence, but it's been around since the first liberal got sloppy or partisan at a newspaper, somewhere back in Roman times.

Then on September 13, 2016 Hillary Clinton supporters Google and Eric Schmidt, used a shell charity (a non-profit called "First Draft,") to start seeding the term to attack right wing websites ("to tackle malicious hoaxes and fake news reports"). Hillary Clinton and her surrogate David Brock of Media Matters admitted in a campaign letter that they pressured Facebook to join the effort. Google warned Conservative websites to remove stories that Google didn't like, or they'd take away their ad revenue. And Barack Obama and the liberal media followed along, regurgitating what they were told: none were going to let this opportunity (to curate what information we could see) go to waste, all in the name of protecting free speech. All coincidentally done at the same time, in what could only be a coordinated campaign attack.

Unfortunately for them, it backfired when people noticed that the mainstream liberal media made more errors and was less honest, and started throwing it back in their face. Fake News applied more to the News, Google, Facebook, Obama and other curators and finger pointers than their victims. Donald Trump used that to hijack the term and use it back against them. The left tried to change the narrative and pretend that Trump had created the term, and they wanted to stop using it and claimed it was a hateful term and an attack on free press to point out the Presses bias or errors. And that's where we are today.


Here's just a small taste: FakeNews : 353 items

Wikileaks Quid Pro Quo - A few FakeNews outlets like The Daily Beast, Sky News, Bloomberg and CNBC claimed that "Trump (through Dana Rohrabacher as the intermediary) offered WikiLeaks' Julian Assange a pardon... if he covered up Russian hacking of Democrats, his lawyer tells court in the U.K."... only the meeting happened 10 months AFTER Assange had stated multiple times that "he was 1000% sure the Russians" weren't his source, the Trump administration denied it, and Assange's lawyer that informed Gen. Kelly that "Assange would provide information about the purloined DNC emails in exchange for a pardon," but he never heard back from the White House (not the other way around). So instead of a scandal, it exonerates Trump as behaving better than Democrats (who did reach out to Russians over potential oppo-research / dirt). But other than getting the story bass-backwards, and failing to correct it (or correct it slowly), good job.

Weijia Jiang - CBS FakeJournalist Weijia Jiang (the female Jim Acosta) tries to make every story about her, and has a record of lying to get attention. Examples include claiming: Trump used the n-word on tape, someone in the Trump administration called the coronavirus the “kung flu” to her face. During a press conference claimed that Trump had botched testing so he could open up the economy (which wasn't about lives or jobs lost, depression, suicides, etc), in response to why the lives were being lost Trump retorted, "ask China" -- and She pretended he'd only said that because she was Chinese. Even other left wing reporters (except CNN who ran with the lie) admitted Weijia was out of line.

WaPo on Tara Reade - WaPo reluctantly reported on Joe Biden's sexual harassment claims by Tara Reade... by attacking the evil Right Wing News outlets for doing their jobs and reporting on it (unlike WaPo).

WaPo on Guns -
If you want to find FakeNews org that regularly gets caught lying, spinning or propagandizing for Gun Control, against the NRA, Guns, and Shooters, just look to WaPo. Which is fine if they were honest about their agenda. Instead, they do things like claim misleading report about child shootings, they including a bullshit statistic that said how 1 in 24 kids (4.2%) witnessed a shooting last year. Really? That doesn't sound high to you? The facts were the CDC study they were referencing (and didn't link/source to) had a glaring error: the question was, 'have your kid ever seen anyone being shot, bombs going off, or street riots'. Ever. And there were more flaws than that. Any critical thinking fact checker or writer, should have done their job. But they didn't, because confirmation bias. No correction offered. "Democracy Dies in Darkness:", is more warning than slogan: but If they cared about the light, they would be shining it on both sides of the argument and letting their readers make up their own minds.

USA Today vs Truth - If you're like me, searching for an honest Democrat pundit... keep looking. Michael J. Stern's USA Today rant is a typical dishonest screed that is everything it accuses the other side of. It projects hating fair elections, hating his fellow Americans, hating America, and flinging hate and invectives at anyone who disagrees with his hypocritical brilliance. Basically, it's a typically far-left distortion of this country, then anger that not everyone is as much a delusional bigot as he is. Let's go through it point by point.

Twitter Suspends James O’Keefe - Twitter locked/suspended Project Veritas's Jame O'Keefe, for the high crime of reporting the truth about Democrat Bernie Sanders campaign staffers. James caught WaPo in FakeNews, claiming Kyle Jurek and Martin Weissgerber (two campaign staffers calling for violent revolutionary acts) were "volunteers" when they were paid campaign staffers. James demanded a retraction... and with the evidence presented, WaPo was forced to reluctantly retract the story, and admit their malfeasance. James's tweet had a screen shot of publicly available campaign documents which showed what the Sanders campaign paid Jurek. So Twitter jumped in and suspended O'Keefe claiming, "You may not publish or post other people’s private information without their express authorization and permission". By definition public documents, on a valid media story, are not protected private information.

Trump:Animal-gate - Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims complained about the violent gang known as MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha), and Trump replied to that with "These aren't people. These are animals." So the NYT and other far-left Press outlets reported this as Trump said illegal immigrants are animals (and removed the context). It was a stellar example of FakeNews and far-left bias.

Trump's sexual assaults - List of women who claimed that Trump sexually assaulted them: E. Jean Carroll, Jessica Leeds, Kristin Anderson, Jill Harth, Cathy Heller, Temple Taggart McDowell, Karena Virginia, Melinda McGillivray, Rachel Crooks, Natasha Stoynoff, Jessica Drake, Ninni Laaksonen, Summer Zervos, Juliet Huddy, Alva Johnson, and Cassandra Searle. Most of them are not credible, and the media that reported them were reporting on FakeNews to try to swing an election (as proven how differently they write about Democrats sexual assault accusations, or how many stories they suppressed despite more evidence).

Trump and 60 Minutes - FakeNews CBS 60 minutes, infamous for Dan Rather's discredited Bush National Guard smear right before his second term election, did it again. They attacked Trump and falsely tried to fact check him and do a smear piece, with Leslie Stahl having a hostile authoritative interview claiming “we can't just let you say false things”, while they sat on their hands while Joe flat out lied about the laptop and Kamala Harris told 4 known lies in a single reply, to no challenges/follow-ups.

Trump Rally Violence - There's claims that Trump advocated violence at his rally's -- but that's not the whole context. Here's the facts: Hillary and the Democrats paid violent protestors to go to Trump Rally's and make scenes or beat people up. Trump said in his sloppy ways that if one of his protestors punched a guy in the face (who had first assaulted other people) or roughed them up on the way out (after they had assaulted other people) that he'd pay their legal bills. Fake News and Fake Fact Checkers omitted the context and claimed that Trump urged violence at his rally's. No, he urged defense and counter-violence against paid violent thugs that the Democrats put in his rally's, and omitting that context is a lie of omission. Defense against paid antifa thugs, isn't advocating for violence, and it isn't racist since the majority of them are white.

Trump FakeNews - Here's a few highlights (70 of 100's) where the leftist media has gotten stories about Trump wrong. The Press enjoyed and abused their monopoly on the megaphone. There's an old adage, “never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel.” The Press resents that Trump is willing to argue, and win. They resent being called Fake News because they know they've gotten caught: lowering standards, using lies of exaggeration, lies of omission, bias, and outright falsehoods. And so they take his bait, and more often than not, prove him right. They aren't journalists anymore, they're DNC propagandists -- and Trump is the one pointing out that the emperor is lacking clothes.

Transgender Ban - If you have seen the headlines claiming that President Biden reversed President Trump's "transgender Military ban", then you have been duped by FakeNews and leftist propaganda. This lie has already permeated the left's alternate reality where we'll be arguing it for years, and the facts will only irritate them.
  • From the 1960s until about 2012: People with “current or history of psychosexual conditions, including but not limited to transsexualism, exhibitionism, transvestism, voyeurism, and other paraphilias” were barred from enlisting in the military.
  • In 2008 Obama stuffed the pork-laden Duncan Hunter National Defense Authorization Act with a diversity and inclusion "Studies", and in 2012 President Obama’s secretary of defense (Ash Carter), under the cover of their FakeScience recommendations, announced that while while other paraphilias would be banned from military service those transgenders currently serving would be allowed to continue serving. New enlistment remained prohibited.
  • One year into the Trump administration (2018), a policy was enacted briefly allowing transgender enlistments (adding not removing liberties), but Secretary of Defense Mattis quickly qualified that policy with a restriction that “transgender persons with a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria — individuals who the policies state may require substantial medical treatment, including medications and surgery — are disqualified from military service except under certain limited circumstances." They continued to allow people who are already serving openly to remain, as well as any who would serve “in accordance with their birth gender.”
  • The media misreported it as a ban. That's not a ban. That was an INCREASE in diversity, and even trans diversity, but putting a cap on how serious a disorder could still effectively serve, as that wouldn't do anything to help military effectiveness, and would stick taxpayers with large bills (≈$132,000 per surgery). Without this, anyone that wanted could enlist, get the surgery at taxpayers expense, then drop out once recovered.
  • In 2019, a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that the policy is not a “ban” because “not all transgender persons seek to transition to their preferred gender or have gender dysphoria.”
What really happened is, “Biden orders military to pay for gender reassignment surgeries, and take on the severely mentally ill". Remember the facts that post-op transexuals have extremely high suicide rates, depression and other emotional issues, require extensive therapy, and many regret the surgery and would take it back if they could. I think these people deserve compassion, but we probably shouldn't be recruiting them to give them weapons (to the point some might have their fingers on the triggers of our Nuclear arsenal), all in the name of wokeness. You can be excluded from the military for a variety of physical or mental variations (weight, height, substance abuse, education, bad finances, earrings (ear gauges), tattoos, criminal record, and so on)... but if you want to stick Uncle Sam with your gender reassignment surgery and make the military liable for any hysterical outbursts that hurt others, Biden is all for it.

Things can always get worse - The Jerusalem Post (1988), Reuters and UPI (United Press International): TEL AVIV (Reuters) — An Israeli housewife’s fight with the cockroach that wouldn’t die landed her husband in hospital with burns on “sensitive parts,” a broken pelvis and broken ribs. The Jerusalem Post reported Thursday that the wife was frightened by the insect when she found it in their living room. She stepped on it, threw it in the toilet and the sprayed a full can of insecticide on it when it refused to die. Her husband came home from work, sat on the toilet and lit a cigarette. He threw the cigarette butt into the bowl, igniting the insecticide fumes. This “seriously burned his sensitive parts,” the Post wrote delicately. There was worse to come. When paramedics arrived, they quickly placed the afflicted man on a stretcher. But when told the cause of the accident, they laughed uncontrollably and as a result dropped the stretcher down the stairs. This led to the broken ribs and pelvis. The man is recovering.

The Triumph of Injustice -
After Saez's first book was an economics flop, but social phenomenon amongst the illiteratti, he did a follow-up with Gabriel Zucman called "The Triumph of Injustice: How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay". The two Berkeley polemics go on to flim-flam the gullible with anti-Economics. Instead of looking at the big picture and the system, they prestidigitate by having them look at base tax rate instead of actual (effective) tax rate to pretend that the rich are paying less than the poor in taxes. It is so dumb that only a Berkeley Graduate in economics (or CBS FakeNews which reported this as groundbreaking) could not point at it and laugh at the fallacies and errors contained in the premise.

Tea Party - The railroading of the TeaParty is a great example of FakeNews. The TeaParty started under Bush, as a bunch of bi-partisan people angry at rising debt, and it escalated under Obama's trillion dollar porkulus. The media mocked them as radicals, racists and domestic terrorists and called them TeaBaggers (after the sexual practice of sucking testicles), and after 4 years of false stories were able to drive-out the moderates and democrats, leaving mostly the religious right (as they were used to being bullied and lied about). If you read places like Wikipedia, or listen to the left-wing news, you'll get none of that context/backstory (or history of how they moved right over time), leaving readers/viewers with a view that's quite different from reality. But their treatment by the media/left was a great example of the confluence of ignorance and arrogance about them and their issues.

Tara Reade - The FakeNews media has been actively suppressing information about Joe Biden's accuser, while the people screaming about Kavanaugh or Trump, are defending Biden despite a more serious allegation with far more evidence of wrongdoing. If Democrats didn't have double standard, they wouldn't have standards at all.

Stanford Prison Experiment - There was a study done by Professor Philip Zimbardo in 1971, which divided people into two groups: guards and prisoners, and within days the prison guards had become brutal monsters and the prisoners hapless victims, showing that authority corrupts, prisons are bad, and victims are noble. If you're ever read or seen this in News, you are a victim of FakeNews. The truth is it was a faked study that has never been reproduced (despite many efforts), and the real truth is that humans will play along with a sham for money, and the News will lie for attention. Both were magnified because it fit a leftist agenda, that Cops/Authority/Humans are fundamentally bad and need the liberals to protect us from them.

Sharyl Attkisson TedTalk on FakeNews -
Sharyl Attkisson did an great video on origins of FakeNews, what is it, where did it come from, and who is behind it? Is FakeNews real? With examples like Richard Jewel, Sandyhook, UVA Campus Rape, Michael Brown. An organization called First Draft started it, and was sponsored by Media Matters and Obama supporters like Eric Schmidt and got Google News Labs involved in created the narrative in 2015: that you could only trust far left sources on what was fake or real. But the FakeNews backfired on the creators like WaPo, that now run from the term, because it applies too well to them.

Scampeachment 2.0 - This Scampeachment 2.0 is where the Democrats and their media promised to impeach Trump from before he was in office, and kept floating Trial balloons on what he should be guilty of. Most fell flat, but a Fake Quid-Pro-Quo got a partisan vote in the house and yawns in the Senate. Then the Chewbacca taking selfies with Pelosi's podium was something they thought they could pin on him. And for the emotion, irrational, and those not paying attention, it could persuade them. If by persuade we mean not change their mind in the slightest on what they already believed: that Trump is Satan. So they rushed a case through the house without any evidence, witnesses, defense or even a good basis for impeachment formed -- because they wanted the charade that "he was still in office" while impeached. Then they stalled sending it to the Senate, so they wouldn't have to face any critical thinkers or scrutiny and the Senate control switched to Democrats and they could go full Kangaroo court. A summary of the evidence wouldn't be enough to convince a Cambodian roadside hit squad that they had a case. Let's go through it.

Scampeachment - This impeachment (scampeachment/shampeachment) is where the Democrats and their media impeached Trump because they don't like him or his politics, spun the facts around like a centrifuge, misinformed anyone that listened to them -- and despite their best efforts to Kavanaugh Donald Trump, the lost big time: both with the law, and with voters, and it will go down in history as an embarrassing time for the country. The mainstream medias coverage was 100% biased in favor of the Democrats, but the informed and critical thinkers could see through that.

Sarah Jeong - Sarah Jeong is a racist man-hating anti-cop troll with an advanced degree in Grievance Studies, so naturally she was hired as an technology editor at NYT. Not that she has a clue about technology (her pedigree is in Social Media). When people figured out that she's done hundreds of sexist and racist tweets, and complained, the NYT says, "it's OK because she was counter-trolling". (a) They're lying, you can walk her tweets and find plenty that she started (b) they miss the point that almost everyone accused of racism was responding to someone else who attacked them first. This is all fancy wording for saying, "But they did it first", and being wrong about it.

Russian Bot - There's a new attack by the far-left on anyone that is rational (conservative or libertarian) that they must be a Russian Bot. Maxine Waters used it, even BezosBlog (WaPo) is known for doing this. I've been accused a few times. The following facts come to mind:
  1. Sure, the Russians are ones that want to protect America's borders, our economy, and our freedoms from the marxists on the far left.
  2. What the Russians did was a minuscule fraction of what Soros, the media, and the far left threw at the same issues. The left imagines some small army, but the numbers I saw was like $50K in ad buys, and a handful of trolls. And most of their support was for folks like Bernie Sanders, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, and things that aligned with the left, and undermining American liberty. Compared to hundreds of thousand of leftist zealots undermining our interests for free? (Not to mention the bias of those Social Media outlets themselves).

Why pay people to undermine our interest, when they have the DNC as their allies? I know which I have more concerns about.

Real Hate - This is a list of "Real Hate"... the rash of violence (>50 attacks) against conservatives or MAGA supporters that happened after the election that you may not have read or seen much about. This isn't just inciting violence, but committing it in order to encourage more of it (or to stifle the opposition). The point being that if this is news to you, and some of these are more horrific and newsworthy than lesser things that you have heard about, then that's evidence of FakeNews. That your information is being censored (filtered) and you're not getting a balanced view of reality.

Racist attack on The Squad -
Trump insults the fab-4 of Anti-Americanism: the far left progressive caucus that's going to get him re-elected. His quip against their (freshmen Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley) constant dishonest rants about how bad America is, and how great everywhere else is, is the age old comment, "you should go fix there first", only he added "and then come back and show us how it's done". Idiots like AOC pretended that this was about race and that Trump didn't know where they were from and was telling all people of her kind to get out. It was more personal/targeted than that. FakeNews outlets like CNN propagated the lie in their headline and omitted key context. But anyone who read his tweets knew better, which is why CNN intentionally didn't link to the source. CNN's pundits made the same claim about Melania, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (before and after Trump): proving either CNN is racist, or this kind of attack is normal fare in politics and on CNN. Only when Republicans do it, it's racist. Pelosi escalated to try to create a resolution condemning these xenophobic tweets (rolls eyes), this is all to cover for the anti-American sentiments of the freshman democrats.

Pizza man - There's a few examples of the media referring to Herman Cain as "Pizza Man". He got an MS in Computer Science, worked at Pillsbury, managing 400 Burger King's, where he did so well they promoted him to CEO of a restaurant chain (Godfather's Pizza: 1986-1996). He was also chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City: 1989-1991 and 1995-1996, with Deputy Chair from 1992-1994. After that he was CEO of the National Restaurant Association (1996-1999). He was on the board of directors for: Aquila, Nabisco, Whirlpool, Reader's Digest, and AGCO. He won the Horatio Alger Award, and got honorary degrees from Creighton, Johnson & Wales, Morehouse, U of Nebraska, NYC College of Technology, Purdue, Suffolk, and Tougaloo. But sure, “Pizza Man” sounds like a credible unbiased News summary of his accomplishments.

Obamanomics v Trumponomics - Democrats and their media hate history, because history is so seldom on their side. When you can't win with the facts then you need to either: (a) attack the source (b) distort the facts (c) change the subject (d) or just find an excuse to go away. A perfect example of this is comparing the economics of Obama versus Trump. During Obama, the economy was resoundingly bad that Obama and the Press both blamed Bush for it, or cooked the numbers to try to convince you it wasn't as bad as it seemed. After 8 years of malaise (with a few warm years in the middle), Trump took office, and the economy took off like a rocket, exactly like he'd predicted. Since the Press can't let the facts stand for themselves, they trying to revise history to pretend that this is because of Obama. Let's dive into the facts...

New Jersey and the Economist -
The Economist ran an oft quoted FakeNews story that any first year economics student should call bullshit on. It was that red states get a surplus of tax benefits, because of subsidies by blue states. The truth is that for each $1.00 New Jersey gets back from the fed, they have to give the fed $1.64 in taxes, they have to pay $.18 in compliance costs, and the government borrows about $.81 of that dollar, and sticks New Jersey with the debt obligation. On top of that, federal work-rules and controls means that dollar is actually only about as effective as $.60 would be if it was under local or private hiring practices. Progressives see the $.60 of real value as a net win. Anyone else, can see that you paid about $2.63 to get it. This isn't as dramatic for some red states, but the only states that come out ahead are West Virginia, Mississippi, New Mexico and Puerto Rico (and D.C.). So if any publication repeats the lie of the Red states mooching off the Blue ones, you know they don't have fact checkers, or are just partisan shills.

National Rifle Association -
The NRA is like the ACLU once was, except specifically for the 2nd Amendment. They are not a vile organization that hates kids, in fact, they spend most of their resources on training gun safety. They do not oppose common sense gun control, most progressives just don't know what that looks like. And they don't own politicians, they don't have enough money or members to do either. Those that claim otherwise are uninformed haters.

NYT on Tara Reade -
NYT has often been criticized for their double standards on how they treat (D)'s vs. (R)'s, and Lisa Lerer's double standard with regards to how they handled sexual harassment claims against Joe Biden vs. Brett Kavanaugh showed it in spades with their response to Tara Reade's credible claims. They tweeted and summarized their editorial position as, “The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden, beyond the hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable."

In response to the heat they were getting for that they edited the tweet and caption, released articles, and did their podcast with Lisa Lerer to justify their position. The problem isn't that they applied journalistic scrutiny towards Tara's claims, the problem is that this was newly found, something they never applied to Trump or Kavanaugh's accusers (despite a far less credible claims), that they spun their response, and most of all that their framing of the arguments is so easy to contrast.

NYT on COVID - The New York Times was living up to their all propaganda narrative with an article headlined, "One Year, 400,000 Coronavirus Deaths: How The U.S. Guaranteed Its Own Failure" and the subhead blaming Orangeman, "After the White House declined to pursue a unified national strategy, governors faced off against lobbyists, health experts and a restless public consumed by misinformation." Their points were:
  • Americans kept questioning conflicting expert opinions
  • Local governments wallowed in a cesspool of distrust and incompetence
  • The reason Operation Warp Speed and the Vaccine wasn't starting as well as it could have, was because there was no national policy

Of course like most progressives, they get it backwards. (Without understanding the past or present, their ideas for the future are doomed). The facts are that:
  • Questioning authorities is called Scientific skepticism. And there is more questioning when the experts flip-flop and can't explain why. (Like they flipped on efficacy of lockdowns, masks, told people there would be no vaccines this year, that hydroxychloroquine did or didn't work, that it was/wasn't spread by the asymptomatic, that the death rate was 20x what it actually was, they cooked the books on how many have it or died from it instead of just with it, and so on).
  • If you think there was distrust at the local level, with politicians they know -- imagine how much MORE distrust their would have been from a top-down Washington Bureaucrats. Local works better in more places than it works poorly -- and where it failed poorly was generally Democrat run places.
  • Operation Warp Speed did offer federal guidelines back in October... the places that failed the worst were Blue States that decided they knew best. Red States like Texas, South Dakota, etc., were performing wonderfully from the start. The problem wasn't that the Fed didn't run it, it's that Democrats run things poorly.

NYT and Brian Williams math moment - Brian Williams (MSNBC) and Mara Gay (New York Times Editorial Board Member) were discussing Bloomberg’s failed presidential campaign and the $500M ad spend, and were agreeing with a shocking twitter post that they could have $1M to each and every one of the 327M Americans and had money left over. It's actually $1.53 per person, not $1M -- and anyone with a triple digit IQ should have known something didn't add up. But that's the best and brightest on MSNBC and NYT.

NOOA Temp Fraud - Mann and his faked Hockey Stick, is not the only group caught altering the historical record. NOOA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) was taken over by far left anti-Science polemics, and since they control some of the surface temperature measurements for the Country (and thus influences the world's records), and they got caught altering that record for political purposes. They wiped out the historical record of the hottest years being in the 1930's (not today), whether by accident or incompetence doesn't change the outcome. Of course Snopes got involved, didn't bother to contact the author of the refutation, then misrepresented the facts. Remember, they are the FakeNews site that Google and Facebook use as a prime source they use to filter stories: to decide what is a trusted source or change their search rankings.

Merrick Garland -
Merrick Garland was a progressive judicial pick, that had the poor fortune of being picked by an unpopular President at an improper time: after his party had promised on multiple occasions that Supreme Court judges should not be placed during an election year. The Republicans force-fed the Democrats their wishes... and the Democrats went along because they thought their anointed Hillary would win the election, and they'd get to parlay into an even MORE leftist Judge (like Barack Obama, in exchange for his support of her). They lost, and had post-election meltdown that their gamble didn't work out the way they wanted, while ignoring that 30 of 113 appointments to the Supreme Court were never confirmed (25-30%). Despite the media's lies, no unpopular President's lame duck appointments has ever been approved while the opposition party controlled the Senate. Ever. In the 20th Century, the Republicans had never blocked a Democrat appointment, while the Democrats blocked 10 of the Republicans, 1 of their own, and tried to sabotage 2 others.

Medicare-for-all popularity.png
Medicare-for-all popularity - FakeNews, "Medicare-for-all is popular", even in red states. RealNews: Medicare-for-all is popular amongst the uninformed. Support drops below 37 percent (58% opposed) if survey takers are told that the bill would eliminate private insurance companies. Instead of informing viewers/readers of that fact, or what it would mean, FakeNews outlets love to popularize that Medicare-for-all myth. That's not news, it's propaganda.

Mean Trump kills Jimmy Al-Daoud - The tweets and headlines seemed to imply "Jimmy Al-Daoud, a Chaldean Christian who lived in US since 6 months old and diabetic, was deported to Iraq by @ICE in June. In Iraq he was homeless and didn't know the language. He just died on the streets of Iraq. This is complicity in genocide." Many pointed to Trump and his policies. The facts? Jimmy was schizophrenic, a repeat violent felon (20+ convictions), and an illegal, and the crimes were why he was deported. Oh, and this following the law signed by Bill Clinton, that was also enforced by Barack Obama, so is nothing new. We can argue whether we should be the mental institution for every violent schizophrenic in the world -- but the point is the way the story is presented is completely dishonest. Taking refugee status from violent people is going to mean some of them come to violent ends, but the alternative is they commit violent acts here and hurt innocent Americans -- so the issue is far more complex than you get from FakeNews outlets that reported this.

Man drives van into GOP registration tent - All the news that's fit to suppress. In Jacksonville, Florida a crazed Democrat (Gregory Timm) drives his van into a GOP registering voters in order to kill them, and most of the media ignores or suppresses the story. (Lies of omission are still lies). Can you imagine if a conservative ever did that? Heck, one racist did it because Democrats (Antifa) was assaulting his car, and they blew that into a swipe against all Republicans.

Lysolgate -
After a COVID briefing on how to kill COVID w/UV light and disinfectants, Trump made a passing comment to the presenter about using these ideas in vitro (in the body). That was all. The Press lost their nut, and was claiming he's trying to get people to breathe drain cleaner or shoot Lysol into their veins or something. You can't make this up.
  1. The idea of using UV light or disinfectants in the body is the basis for much of medicine like Chemotherapy, blood scrubbing, and UV blood treatment was studied for SARS.
  2. As Scott Adams put it, how stupid do you have to be to (a) not know that (b) think the President suggested people go out and mainline Lysol, like they reported? Or run with a story before asking what he meant, and so on.
  3. They started piling FakeNews on top of this FakeNews, by pretending that there was a spike in poisonings because of this statement. Yes, poisonings were up year-over-year, but not week-over-week or day-over-day. Ever since the lockdown, poisonings had been up. Which is a statement against the lockdown, but the Press screwed that angle up (by not noticing or mentioning it).

Kavanaugh Hysterics -
From the moment of the announcement of Brett Kavanaugh being Trump's Supreme Court pick, the left was outraged for the high crime of believing in defending the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic (including when the Progressive agenda collides with the law of the land). The left-stream media (NBC, ABC, CNN, NYT) and the Democrat Politicians (Giffords, Warren, Schumer, Sanders) and activists (Hollywood, #Resist, etc) coordinated their attacks against Kavanaugh, and his character, long before any investigation had showed anything wrong with his rulings. In fact, they never really went after his rulings or professional credentials because they were impeccable. When you can't attack based on facts, then you attack based on made up or exaggerated character flaws like, "he drank beer in college", something Democrats have never had a problem with when their side did it.

Jared Lee Loughner - FakeNews Media (CNN, NYT, etc.) and the Democrats blamed Republicans (Sarah Palin) for a political ad with crosshairs target the district, for the shooting. Something Democrats had run multiple times as well. It came out that Loughner had never seen the ad, oh and he was a fan of Karl Marx, conspiracy theories, and far left political views. Also a known drug and alcohol abuser, sent letter threatening to assassinate Gifford. Stopped by Joseph Zamudio a CCW holder. For years, the media continued to blame Republicans/Sarah Palin after admitting the facts in other places. Palin sued NYT, but lost because NYT successfully used incompetence as a defense. (Their own editors and fact checkers couldn't be expected to read their own paper and know the facts).

Is Trump racist for building a wall? - A: It could be, depending on your motives. If your motive is that you think all latinos are inferior to whites, and that's why you want to keep them out, then it could be racism. When FDR started it, or Bill/Hillary Clinton's campaigned on it (calling it a fence), or Obama demanded better border security, the Democrats didn't call it racism. In order to show it is racism, you'd need to show that Mexicans are a race, and that Trump doesn't like the entire Mexican people. But racists don't usually hire, hug Mexican voters, and celebrate lowering latino unemployment. Anyone who cares, knows that Trump is fine with legal immigrants (though probably less so than I am), just not illegal immigration. So unless you have evidence against the more likely scenarios, assuming the worst shows the bigotry of the accuser more than the accused. But that won't stop/slow the media left from doing it. This article going into some of the hypocrisy and history of "building the wall".

Inciting Violence -
The left Gaslights by trying to cover up their bad actions, by blaming the other side for it. An example of this is claiming the right incites violence, and inferring the left does not. This pops up especially after mass shootings. A few examples to the contrary include: Antifa, Democrats on violence, Fake Hate, How do you start a race war?, ICE, Incel, Kent State, Paying thugs to assault people, Project Veritas exposes Bernie Sanders campaign, Protest funding, Real Hate, Robert Reich on race wars, Statuary Rape, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Twitter blocks Senate Majority Leader, and more.

ICE - The friend of your friend may not be your friend. And an enemy of your enemy, may not be your enemy. Many people on the left, are of the opinion that because Trump is for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), or because ICE sometimes does bad things, that ICE must be bad. The truth is that they do a needed service, but some of the laws, regulations or policies they are required to follow are bad. But that's a problem with the policy, not with the organization. The alternative to ICE, is violence. Many media outlets totally FakeNewsed their stories on the organization/issue.

Hydroxychloroquine - Hydroxychloroquine (or Chloroquine) showed great early results in some prelim studies and some top international epidemiologists and field doctors were touting its success. So President Trump cautiously mentioned it as a promising treatment. The OrangeMan=Bad media and their allies, lost it -- and claimed:
  • he was foisting unproven treatments on a gullible public
  • leftist politicians restricted or banned it's use for COVID (even though it was proven harmless in 40 years of use)
  • FakeNews outlets touted the dangers of it (and used a case where a wife murdered her partner with fish tank cleaner, as an example)
  • and a few leftist scientists created junk studies to sabotage it's reputation.
It's sad the measure people will go either to prevent hope or to hurt Trump.

How I became a Police Abolitionist - The problem isn't just that the Atlantic posts divisive FakeNews that undermines our social cohesiveness, it's that when caught in it, they don't correct it and fire everyone involved. The Atlantic fires some of the best journalists if they happen to have once written a pro-life opinion piece... but someone caught red-handed writing pieces of unverifiable fiction that claims the police murder innocents with impunity, like this article by Derecka Purnell? And the Atlantic refuses to respond to evidence showing how negligent they were in fact checking, and how dishonest this article's premise is, because that's what The Atlantic has become.

Hillary Clinton: Fired from Watergate (1974) -
Appointed to Staff of House Judiciary Committee during Watergate. She was "fired" for corrupt and unethical behavior, according to lifelong democrats in charge of the house investigation Dan Calbrese and Jerry Zeifman Ziefman has since been smeared by the Hilary campaign machine (WaPo and Snopes), for the hairsplitting mistake that he technically he could not "fire her" (as she wasn't a direct report to his committee, he could only recommend she be removed). Also they claimed that all her unethical behavior might have been at the suggestion of her bosses (it's always someone else's fault). The pattern of getting in the middle of scandals, being accused of questionable ethics by those closest to her, and "losing evidence" seemed to follow her through her life... along with her defenders making lame excuses for it.

Greta Thunberg -
A clueless girl (Scoldilocks) tantrums over things she doesn't understand and the FakeNews/left activists and their media treat it like it's a significant event. It's child abuse. Greta Thunberg is this clueless, nasty little teen (Lisa Simpson Crossed with Bane ) that has been ruthlessly exploited and programmed by the far left (and her Parents), to the point of raging over things that aren't science and she has no fucking clue about. She's the voice/image of the radical "Global Climate Strike" crowd, so the media/far-left is using her like the Cartel (Human Traffickers) use any other teenage girl. Twitter is blocking people (Avi Yemini) for challenging her dogma with the facts. Her school and parents failed her into become like any cult victim / zealot. But her nasty little eco-fascism theology proves that there's still plenty of evil in the world, as demonstrated by those that set this mini-fanatic on us, and expect us to take her seriously.

WaPoWars.jpg - WaPoWars.jpg

Fake Studies - This is a list of things that people believe, based on "Studies" that have been debunked or discredited: 2014.06.06 DGU DisinformationBeepocalypseClimate ConsensusMedicare-for-all popularityMinimum Wage LawsNumbers Covered by ObamacareOrganic food fraudPlastic Bag BansSecondhand DrinkingSecondhand SmokeSmokingSmoking and Healthcare costsStanford Prison ExperimentThomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez • and so on.

Fake Hate -
None of this is to diminish that there still is real hate in America. But it is rare, and often directed at the right, while here's a few dozen (hundreds) of examples of Faked hate for political gain. Fake Hate still feels like hate. The reason FakeHate happens is partly to incite violence and convince others on the left that anything they do back, is justified, because "they did it first" (even when they didn't). In order to instigate change ("progress") you have to convince people that things are so bad, that they need violence, revolution or change, so the left has always been more willing to go there. And the media has been willing to suppress the side of stories they don't like. The WSJ published a study that fully 66% (2/3rds) of "Hate Crimes" turn out to be faked, and only 1/3rd are real. That surge in hate crimes after Trump's election was more by the left than the right. If anything in here is News to you, then the News hasn't been doing its job.

Dr. Seuss is racist -
The media/left was titillated when an elementary school librarian rejected Melania Trump's gift of several Dr. Suess books with a condescending letter claiming it was, "racist propaganda". The same hypocrites forgot that President and Michelle Obama read these books to children... on multiple occasions. Jesse Jackson did the same. The librarian had no authority to reject the donations, and was told by the school district to stop political grandstanding. The rejection was national news, these corrections weren't newsworthy... and that tells you all that you need to know about the media's credibility.

Democracy Dies in Darkness - Washington Post's slogan is "Democracy Dies in Darkness". While it was intended as a barb at Trump and those that claim the media is often FakeNews.... its actually more of a motto, about how biased the media has become and is willing to snuff out the truth for their political agenda, and misinform their voters. This isn't about all FakeNews, just about the stories that the media killed, sat on, or delayed, because it fit their agenda.

Deceptive editing of Barr video -

Crowder YouTube Demonetization - After a liberal crybully (Carlos Maza) has a history of inciting violence on twitter (throwing Milkshakes) against conservatives. He used Vox (his parent company) to pressure YouTube to because Steven Crowder calls him a lispy queer polemic douche... because he is one and that was how Maza referred to himself on a few occasions. YouTube admitted that while there was no individual violation of terms they were still going to demonetize Steven Crowder because mocking the left for being horrible journalists and bad people is no longer allowed, especially when it is true. Then YouTube went full retard and started burning down (blocking) historical videos of Hitler (truth) to the point of pulling episodes of Seinfeld that had the Soup Nazi (satire), or anything that might offend the sensibilities of the far left, which is any History they haven't rewritten yet. And far left outlets like Vice and WaPo defend the move and get the basic facts wrong. And Crowder made money on the subscription drive that YouTube's actions contributed towards. (#VoxAdpocalypse)

Chappaquiddick -
Chappaquiddick: where Ted Kennedy did an amphibious assault in the "War on Women", and the Democrats to this day, will make excuses for it. The FakeNews NYT and AP will still whitewash the story for the Democrats and pretend it was a accident instead of a conspiracy and a coverup of manslaughter at best.

Carpe Donktum.jpg
Carpe Donktum - A twitterer (Carpe Donktum) summed up the state of Twitters leftist outrage mob by imagining Trump tweeting the picture of a horse, and how various outlets would respond:
  • MAGA: This is the most beautiful Horse that was ever created
  • LIBS: You Should Be in Jail, the Horse Deserves Better
  • CNN BREAKING NEWS: President Trump tweeted a horse that was probably thinking bad thoughts, our panel discusses after the break.
  • MSNBC: President Trump tweeted a picture of an Arabian horse, clearly a dog whistle to his Islamophobic base
  • Feminist Twitter: Why does the horse have to be a male? This is just another example of Trumps war on women.
  • Huffington Post: How Stallions are hurting transhorses
  • The Daily Beast: Trump's "Horse Picture" linked to Antisemitism, here is the horses address and social security number.
  • The New York Times: SOURCE says the Horse is the power behind the throne, Trump sits in his office watching gorilla channel all day.

Caliphate and NYT - NYT created and published a podcast called "Caliphate", the dramatic story of a Canadian man who was lured to Syria by ISIS and eventually became an executioner for the group. It was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and won a Peabody award in 2018. Canadian authorities investigated the protagonist and accused him of perpetrating a terrorism hoax, and after an investigation, NY Times was forced to give back the award and offer an editors note (egg on face). But then they kept the podcast around (never retracted the story) because 2 of 12 episodes may have not been tainted, and they spun it as Michael Barbaro (the top Podcaster of NYT) was a champion for exposing it, while he was actually pressuring media outlets to go easy on the story. Other than getting the story wrong (publishing a fabrication), not retracting and story they knew was false, and misrepresenting how they handled it - they had journalistic integrity.

Cagegate - Does America break up families, keep kids in cages, and abuse illegal immigrants? Obviously, not enough or there would be far fewer illegal immigrants. (They're far more looped into the risks than the average Joe). The facts are this is rare, temporary, this has been done forever (and under the Obama and Clinton administrations), and the idea that criminals shouldn't be separated from their kids is absurd. Under the Democrats reasoning, for domestic crime, it is fine to separate families. But for foreign invaders and perpetrators should get special exceptions. But a nation without laws is no longer a nation. And a media that omits context and biases their stories, like NYT and NYMag did on this one, are no longer journalists.

COVID is a hoax - Politico ran a piece titled, "Trump rallies his base to treat coronavirus as a ‘hoax’". (CNN, MSNBC, leftist polemics and politicians repeated it). This is a bald-faced lie, at a rally Trump called the effort to blame him for COVID a hoax. Even FakeNews Fact Checkers had to admit it.

COVID Testing - When you're trying to contain a disease break-out, testing matters. Once the disease is in the general population -- and contact tracing and controls are impractical, testing is strictly for individual diagnostics (to decide treatment) or for trend tracking in your community. This is especially true if the CFR (Case Fatality Rate) of the disease is closer to that of the flu than ebola. If the Press isn't telling you that, it's FakeNews. And if an economist is telling you we need to test everyone before we go back to work, they're idiots or frauds. Based on COVID Studies we can guesstimate that 10-20M Americans have been exposed to COVID, and that number is far higher globally. The idea that you can test all of us weekly, and contract trace everyone who shows positive is delusional. Police states don't have the resources to do this, and they aren't limited by our Constitution or armed population with a passion for civil liberties (including privacy).

COVID Models - There were models to teach us what we had to worry about with the Pandemic.
  • 2020.03.13 NYT had their model which predicted 9.4M infections at peak (100M overall), and 1M dead and 366K ICU cases. That was with Social Distancing, cancelling large events and work from home. Based on what actually happened, that was pure fear mongering.
  • 2020.03.17 Imperial College of London Covid-19 Response Team (Dr. Neil M. Ferguson) claimed even with Social Distancing & Quarantine, best case we would see 1.1 Million dead and Hospitals overwhelmed in America and worst case was 2.2 Million dead. FakeNews like The Intercept, NYT and CNN was hyping that.
  • 2020.03.14 The CHIME model (Penn Medicines: COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics), was for modeling individual Hospitals and regions, and later turned out to way over-estimate the demands. But the media was more focused on national rather than regional modeling, so it didn't get as much attention unless sensationalizing the local impact of the crisis.
  • 2020.03.26 The UW IHME (University of Washington, Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation), estimated 93K (39-177K) deaths, they dropped this to 82K (49-136K) on 04.07, and kept revising the numbers over time. While their initial projections in death rate were inflated, they were off by more on their Hospitalization and ICU beds (peak demand of 40,646 ICU beds, and a bed shortage of 23K ICU beds). They halved those projections over the next weeks, but were still off by 5-10x actual requirements. Regionally they were often worse.
  • 2020.03.29 Donald Trump said the death projections were between 100-200K, but we expected to get that down with the latest measures and upcoming treatments and the media was aghast. MSNBC (Chris Hayes) and others accused the President of lying or sandbagging (inflating numbers). But people called them on it, and pointed out it was Fauci, the task forces numbers based on the IMHE model, so that was shut down pretty quickly.

CNN Tapes - James O'Keefe (of investigative journalist site Project Veritas) asked CNN President (Jeff Zucker) some questions on their weekly call, like how do they call themselves news when they worked to suppress and spin facts that didn't further their agenda? O'Keefe mentioned they he had been secretly taping their calls for months (during the pre-election coverage) and was going to release those tapes. Instead of answering, CNN panicked, hung up, and said they'd changed the call process to prevent transparency in the future. They also threatened lawsuit, because after they released secret tapes of the First Lady, suddenly when that was turned back on them, they felt that investigative journalism, whistleblowing and speaking truth to power was a crime. So the tapes were released and we got the leadership conspiring on tape to do the following:
  • Jeff Zucker admitting that the network is pushing the agenda of the Democrat Party by making all their news completely “impeachment” focused (and he was fine wiht that).
  • After Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, inventing the narrative that Trump was "acting erratically"
  • They should stop being friendly towards and be more caustic in attacking Sen. Lindsey Graham (in order to swing an election against him)
  • They should pretend that Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson is a White Supremacist (based on no evidence)
  • They should continue to suppress the Hunter Biden tapes story
  • Conspiring on how to help Joe Biden with Miami Cubans (by downplaying his pro-Socialist/Communist statements).

CBS on Guns -
CBS running a story that mentions "an Assault Revolver", with high capacity magazines. It has to be a joke, right? Of course 60 Minutes did a whole segment on AR-15 Bullets and how they were more dangerous than other bullets: they aren't. If they had a fact checker on staff, they'd know that.

CBS logo
CBS isn't usually quite as overtly biased as NBC/MSNBC, but they that's like saying he was a polite rapist (of the truth). Still, they have quite a few embarrassing cases, where if they had any journalists running things, or fact checkers, the stories would not have run as they did. And they immediately would have fired some of their reporters that reported such disinformation.

British Media and 5 inch guns -
The Daily Star had an outraged headline, "We just blew £183m on a five-inch gun, but it’s ‘a good value for taxpayers"... the premise seems to be that they think a 5" gun (Naval Diameter Canon), is just 5" long handgun. You can tell because the subhead was, “the length of a toothbrush.” After getting resoundingly mocked, they since corrected the story, but they point isn't just that a staff writer was that stupid, but that the Senior editors and fact checkers were also that dumb so that no one caught it. That says what you need to know about about their collective wisdom on anything gun related.

Beto Hacker Story - We learned that Beto was a hacker in a group called, "Cult of the Dead Cow", had written many misogynistic posts, and had even dabbled in child homicide fantasy fiction. Reuters not only knew of it, and it's News value, for 2 years, they squashed the story so it wouldn't interfere with his Senate run against Cruz (which he lost anyways).

Beepocalypse - There was this huge scam (perpetuated by the left) for many years that bees were dying, and it was going to be the end us of all, because bees were so important to the ecosystem. Colony Collapse Disorder was sensationalized as the greatest threat to humanity since Nuclear weapons. A decade later, nothing had happened and most had forgotten the media's sensationalism. But the informed remembered, and learned from the mistake.

Atlantic on Seleimani - Just to demonstrate what a complete anti-American rag that the Atlantic is, here they are trolling to find some far-left anti-American far left law professor talking head to ignore the thousands of people Obama drone bombed, and complain that Trump killed one, with far more justification -- and thus he was wrong not to get congressional approval first. At least if the speculation bad the far left NYT was true, and since they'd made hundreds of mistakes about Trump, that's not likely.

Atlantic City Mayor (D) resigns in disgrace -
Seal of Atlantic City, New Jersey.jpg
Another corrupt Democrat Mayor (Frank Gilliam Jr.) resigning in disgrace, after pleading guilty to stealing $87,000 from a local youth basketball program he co-founded. This is nothing new, as a prior Democrat Mayor (Robert Levey) falsifying his military record to receive $25,000 worth of benefits, and before that Democrat Mayor James Usry admitted to a campaign finance violations. Also not new, is that the leftstream media habit of always stressing party affiliation when a Republican does something bad, and burying it (like NYT did by only softly inferring it in paragraph 14 of an article), or omitting it completely (like CNN did). This is called a lie of omission and is a technique of FakeNews and Polemic Partisan Propagandists, not real news organizations.

Assange Irony - Chelsea Manning steals government secrets and is the pardoned (commuted) hero of the left. But Assange must be ruined for publishing it. Why? Manning is a transexual that undermined national security and cost lives, while Assange published truths (leaks) that made the Democrats/Hillary look bad. (Actually, their actions and own words made them look bad, but close enough). NPR uses the opportunity to attack Glenn Greenwald (The Intercept) as an ally of Assange.

Andrea Mitchell - The smartest voice on NBC/MSNBC claimed, "None of these members of Congress are socialists, but that is the way the Republican leadership wants to frame this election face-off.... There’s not a single member of these congressional representatives (the Squad) who are avowed socialists, so I don’t know where that is coming from other than opposition research.”. If you have a basic clue you'd know that three of them (AOC, Tlaib and Omar) are all members of the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America), or at least Omar said she was proud to call herself a Democratic Socialist. AOC has condemned Capitalism (“capitalism is irredeemable”) and openly advocates Socialism, as does the DSA. Their causes have ranged from a 70% tax (or more), the Green (and Red) New Deal (which was about wealth redistribution), medicare/higher education for all, and so on. But if you listen to NBC/MSNBC it's all just made up by the Republicans.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.png
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - The progressive left has fostered disinformation and sensationalized problems with evil freedom/capitalism for so long, and regurgitated it through the media/educational institutions, so much, that their kids are buying the bullshit. Thus, they keep moving further and further into loonie left land. And none exemplify that better than Alaxandria Ocasio-Cortez, a limousine socialist that won the NY Primary against Joseph Crowley: a 10 term establishment guy. While Crowley was far left Representative, he wasn't far left enough for the DNC's new generation, and so Cortez beat him out promising recess will be longer and all the toys and candy will be free. The media played her as a founding a grass roots movements, but it's astroturf (Fake Grassroots), she was bought and paid for by Justice Democrats and they interviewed her as their Manchurian candidate. Much of the media and mainstream left defend her many absurd and anti-American statements, so she is a significant voice in the party. Plus, based on her years of expertise as a bartenders, she's one of their most educated advocates for Watermelon environmentalism: the ripe red fruit of socialism wrapped in a Green/Environmental rind.

Alabamagate - (This is also called Sharpiegate, but is much broader than that). Anatomy of FakeNews would look like this:
  • Trump tweeted on Sunday (Sept 1st) to be careful, and God Bless everyone, be sure to evacuate, and warned that because Hurricane Dorian was cat 5, and could hit the states hard (including Alabama as the last of the 5 states mentioned). Then went on with his logorrhea about the economy and a dozen other things.
  • A never Trump'er at the National Weather Service tweeted that no effects would be felt in Alabama as the storm was going to stay east.
  • The DNC media, trying to cover for Biden (or other DNC) Gaffes or the embarrassing 7 hour Climate battle of the dimwits (infomercial for the uninformed) that CNN was running, decided to invent the FakeStory that Alabama was never on the threatened list for the cone, and that Trump was an idiot for tweeting that, since the storm had stalled and was turning away. CNN even did a dishonest map where they mislabelled Alabama as Mississippi.
  • Trump doesn't let the media revise the truth about him... so after 4 days of FakeNews (Wed), he did a little mini-News Conference, where his people had created charts and checked the facts, and it showed the original track of the Hurricane and where broader effects would be felt.

AR-15 Bullets -
There are many people who claim the AR-15 bullets (the .223) are uniquely deadly, or that you can get shot one place and have it exit somewhere else, and other myths propagate by FakeNews outlets like The Atlantic, NYT, or CBS's 60 minutes. Some of these rumors were created by the military to make the troops more comfortable with using a gun that was far less powerful than the AK-47's that our troops were facing, and much weaker than the hunting rifles they had used at home. But sometimes weaker is better. Wounded soldiers cost more resources than dead ones, and lighter guns/rounds are easier to carry and shoot: and that's why the military chose it. But the facts are that.223 isn't even the most powerful varmint round, and is one of the weakest of the rifle rounds. It is so weak that it can't be used to hunt deer or larger game in many states. Anyone trying to sell this AR-15 bullets are more deadly than other rifle bullets, is either a fool or a propagandist. And if they're a media organization with a single fact-checker, you know which one.

AP on Tara Reade - AP tries to bury that they failed to report on their interviews with Reade in 2019, when she first made public her dealings with Biden... and claims that they were "unable to corroborate her allegations"... corroboration was never a pre-requisite for Kavanaugh or Trump accusers. Plus she never actually used the words "Sexual Assault"... yet neither did many of Kavanaugh or Trump accusers which they gleefully reported on.

ABC Tanked Epstein Story -
This is what FakeNews and bias looks like (burying and spinning valid stories and shifting the narrative):
  • Project Veritas caught Amy Robach admitting on hot-mic. that she had Epstein story 3 years ago, with interviews and witnesses, but higher ups tanked it because it make the Clinton and Royals look bad.
  • ABC's defense (and they forced Amy to repeat) that the story didn't meet their standards... despite Epstein already being convicted of related crimes, direct witnesses and tons of evidence. This is the same organization that had far lower standards when they ran uncorroborated claims with the only witnesses refuting those claims about Brett Kavanaugh: proving their hypocritical double-standards at defending Democrat Pedophiles while being willing to attack Conservatives who did nothing wrong, with far less evidence.
  • ABC pulled out all stops to find the leaker and not why the story was tanked. Once identified, they conspired with CBS to have the whistleblower fired for exposing the truth. These are the same organizations that refuse to even mention the name of Democrat Operative that conspired with Democrats/Adam Schiff and was the leaker in the Trump/Ukraine case. (Another double standard).
  • Meanwhile ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC all put a black-out on mentioning anything about this newsworthy story in their "so called" News shows (some for the first day, some indefinitely), while in their talk shows or on-line they are trying to play off Project Veritas as a far right wing group that could/should be ignored. (Lying for an agenda).

9/11 -
On 9/11/2001, I went into work like normal. I worked at a Newspaper, improving their Internet presence. My office was in the Press building. When a friend came in and said, "A plane has hit the Twin Towers". And I thought, "another silly pilot flew into it while in fog or something, like happened to the Empire State Building in 1945."... but I went down to the Newsroom to see the hubbub and read/watch what was coming across the wire. This is about my experiences, how the FakeNews has distorted history, and used a tragedy to divide and polarize us.

40 Hour work week - To the left, everything is about community organizing and their protests and self-righteous indignation. To the informed, those tantrums usually came late after the cultural tide was shifting and the Jonny-come-lately's did little but try to take credit for the success of others. Like Henry Ford (Capitalism) standardized on the 40 hour work-week, most others had adopted it, and then the Federal Government created a regulation that said we should adopt it for the very few remaining and took credit for something that was already done. Then the leftist media (like NBC) repeats the lie, and the gullible gobble it up. Thanks Unions for riding on the coat tails of others.

2020.08.13 UAE and Israel - AP completely discredits itself by calling this "a rare diplomatic win". If a Democrat Administration had brokered a massive diplomatic coup that ended the gulf Arab blockade against Israel (or roadmap for one), and got Israel to stop annexation plans in the West Bank, they'd being trumpeting this historical event. But they're trying to downplay the historic event, because it was done by Donald Trump.

2020.06.21 Bubba Wallace and the Noose - Wallace's team got hysterical and assumed racism because there was a "noose" in his Garage stall at Talladega Superspeedway, and he's black, so racism... it must be a bigot/hate crime. CNN especially, but other FakeNews outlets did double time on sensationalizing this... only the noose was there for months, and it was just a garage door pull, and was obviously not targeting him, since they had no idea who would have that garage. Then he went on to CNN and elsewhere to claim, "it was a noose" and double-down on dumb.

2020.05.26 NYT Trump 2020 election conspiracy theory - NYT published a complete fabrication on what would happen if Trump refused to leave the Whitehouse and a 2020 Biden win. While this sensationalism plays well for the ignorant #resistance crowd, it's nothing vaguely related to news -- but it is parroting the same conspiracy theory floated by the Biden (or Hillary) campaigns. Repeating that makes NYT the mouthpiece of the DNC, but not a News organization. A news organization would debunk the Biden/Hillary campaigns for floating the absurd theory. There were the same theories floated about Obama on 2016, but the Times didn't bother to even repeat them, let alone hypothesize on what it would mean for the country.

2020.02.22 What if Trump won't leave? - A good example of Fake News and propagating a lie is to scare your audience with falsehoods (like the article, "What Would Happen If Trump Refused to Leave Office? A peaceful transfer of power is necessary for American democracy to survive."), then write an article pretending to debunk that, but really use it as an excuse to both plant and fertilize that seed of doubt, and add in lots of reasons why this was the worst President ever... in an election year. The right and left discussed Obama not leaving office when his 2 terms were up, find an article where The Atlantic wrote an article about that, and used it to trash the President or his allies. You won't find it, because while it was just as plausible, it didn't fit their agenda.

2020.01.24 Genocide Warning - The National Socialists coined "The Big Lie" -- a lie so audacious that no one will believe you could be saying it, if it wasn't true. (And usually it's more true about you/your side than the other side). When Newweek gets an "expert" (Trans-Activist Brynn Tannehill) to claim that Trump will"facilitate atrocities against minority groups"... based on what?
  • "themes and patterns" that she never identified
  • in "economically struggling nations where living standards are falling" only ours aren't
  • and that Trump is "repeatedly accused of various forms of racism" but an accusation isn't guilt or evidence of anything other than the bias of the people making the claim. * Tannehill mentions anything that makes others "unworthy of empathy" is evidence of that... and skips over the part where Democrats and their media regularly do that to Conservatives, Trump and Trump supporters. Like she does in this very piece far more than anything Trump has done or said, but she offer no examples to be discredited.
This isn't News, this is hate speech wrapped in propagnda. Which means Newsweek/Brynn is guilty of that which they are accusing the other side: E.g. The Big Lie™

2020.01.24 Dracula - NYT issues a few correction for a single article that they failed to fact check with errors such as, the author of Dracula was Bram Stoker not Jane Austen. Errors aren't FakeNews, but when they're bad and prevalent, they do prove you don't have quality control (fact checkers, or proof readers with a clue), which explains how all the FakeNews gets through.

2020.01.08 End of Brady - To show you what FakeNews and how self deluded The Atlantic has become, this quote sums it up. While discussing the final demise of Tom Brady and the Patriots, Scott Stossel (National Editor) said, "He’s like Thor, or Superman, or Greta Thunberg—when everything looks lost, he arrives to save the day." Two are fantasy characters, Scoldilocks (Greta) hasn't achieved except ditching school and lecturing people that know more than her on a cause she doesn't understand, while Tom Brady actually achieved something in real life (cheating at football and cheating on his wife). Apparently the Atlantic can't tell the difference between those things.

2019.12.29 White Settlement Church Shooting - After Keith Thomas Kinnunen (43) pulled out a shotgun and killed two people, Jack Wilson (71, Hero, NRA member and Trump supporter) quickly shot and killed the Texas church shooter a few seconds in, ending the confrontation and saving countless lives. The video of the event went viral because it was being live streamed and of how fast it all happened at the West Freeway Church of Christ, in White Settlement Texas (a Dallas/Fort Worth suburb). Multiple other people in the congregation had pulled guns and were prepared as well, which caused USA Today and other leftist outlets commented on how scary it was that so many churchgoers were armed and didn't die like good little proles. The shooter had a long criminal record, in multiple states, thus the gun was illegally owned (gun control didn't work). A few months ago, Democrats like Joe Biden had mocked Texas Governor Greg Abbott, for signing a bill into law that allows people in churches to be armed, preferring a much larger massacres to liberty and trusting your fellow man, this event proves them wrong. CNN and other FakeNews outlets misreported Jack Wilson as a cop -- while he was former reserve deputy sheriff and an owner/trainer of a firearms training academy, he was a civilian and not law enforcement.

2019.12.18 Merry Impeachmas -
WaPo reporters blasted for ‘Merry Impeachmas’ dinner photo where they accidentally exposed how biased (FakeNews) they are, celebrating the Scampeachment put on by partisan Democrats. Not an ounce of objectivity or common sense. Then she doubled down when caught and claimed that she was deleting the tweet because people were "misinterpreting" it, to mean exactly what she meant. As someone retorted "Democracy dies over chips & guac."

2019.12.12 Trump Cyberbullies Greta - The far left (like CNN) is outraged that Trump is "Cyberbullying" Greta, by pointing out that a spoiled little school ditcher has "anger management" issues, and she should probably just relax and watch a movie, after she calls for Politicians to be put against the wall. Ignoring that's not really the criteria for cyberbullying (to the reasonable non-CNN watchers), Greta claims it was just a misunderstanding between Swedenglish (a mistranslation) that's the root of the problem, even though she's said worse a dozen other times, in many different ways. Oh, and they claim that Melania Trump is a hypocrite for wanting to protect her non-activist younger child from the ravages of a venomous Press, because she won't criticize her Husband for attacking political figures who made themselves the voice of a cause and attack him first. It's eye-rollingly dumb, but then again, this is CNN.

2019.11.19 Child Detentions - The AFP and Reuters breathlessly reported, according to the UN the U.S. had "the world’s highest rate of children in detention.” Then they found out the numbers were by a different metric (accounting) and the U.S. was far lower -- but the article/study came during 2015 Obama era, and the Press had been trying to bury that story, and the numbers had gone down under Trump. Instead of correcting/reporting that, they pulled the story and whitewashed history to keep from Obama looking bad and Trump from looking better. (NBC did a poor job of correcting the record, but at least tried).

2019.10.30 WaPo publishes ChiCom Propaganda - Since at least 2010, WaPo has periodically published an insert entitled “China Watch,” which is produced by the English-language communist mouthpiece China Daily, that includes effluent praise of mass killer Mao Zedong like, "Seventy years ago on this day, Comrade Mao Zedong solemnly declared here to the world that the People’s Republic of China was founded and the Chinese people had stood up." They omitted that then Mao murdered 65 million of them. But other than that, he's a great guy.

2019.10.27 Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi -
The founder of ISIS, terrorist, rapist and murderer died by blowing himself up (and the children with him) as U.S. special forces were closing in. The leftstream media fucked up this victory as much possible:
  • Washington Post (Bezos Blog) reported it with the headline, "Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State, dies at 48" This generated a twitter storm (#WaPoDeathNotices) of mocking. Like, "Mohamed Atta, skilled aviator and leader of men, dies at 33.", and hundreds of other like examples of downplaying enemies of the U.S. and freedom. WaPo modified their headline, a couple of times, to settle on, "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, extremist leader of Islamic State, dies at 48."... which was a little better, but still had this "austere religious scholar" bullshit in the article, and showed how much they were downplaying the victory by the Trump administration by ending him.
  • MSNBC, took ISIS's side claiming this would help ISIS, and that it shows how bad Trump is.
  • NBC criticized Trump for "taking a victory lap" (unlike Obama, who did 30 laps when he finally got Bin Laden), and screwed up their SNL skit mocking Trump for supporting ISIS (as news of this was leaking out)
  • CNN put on discredited perjurer James Clapper to criticize the action and Trump.
  • NYT (and others) were outraged that Trump wouldn't inform the leakers and terrorist supporters in the DNC (Pelosi/Schiff) in advance of the raid. (While if it had leaked, and he'd gotten away because of it, they would have criticized the President for botching it). They also said this had nothing to do with his foreign policy, despite it obviously having to do with it.
  • Obama Photographer (Pete Souza) suggests Trump Situation Room Photo was doctored/made-up and not taken during the Baghdadi Raid -- and a bunch of leftwing sources jumped on that and retweeted it. It was shown that he was wrong and can't do time zones, but only after the damage was done and rubes on the left bought in.

2019.10.10 Trump, Obama and DACA - PolitiFact (and Poynter Institute) have always been DNC water-carriers masquerading as objective journalists. This is an example of it:
  • Trump tweets that Obama admitted DACA wouldn't hold up to Court Scrutiny, and if the Supremes uphold it, it give Presidents all sorts of new powers.
  • PolitiFaked tried to cover by Clinton'ing the definition of "is", and pretending Obama didn't say what he said, or that Trump wasn't correct.
  • WaPo reporter and PolitiFact, point out that PolitiFact is wrong, as PolitiFact's own site (prior correction) admitted that Obama did say exactly that... 22 times.
PolitiFact still hasn't corrected or apologized for trying to correct Trump for saying something they previously defended as true.

2019.10.08 Newsweak blows Gun Control argument - Newsweek's Asher Stockler quotes a University of Michigan study on gun-death rates and misrepresents the facts that, the only two states that saw decrease in firearm mortality rates, were strict gun control, California, New York, and DC. Unfortunately for them, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Connecticut all saw decreases as well. And NV, AZ both have constitutional carry and very 2A-friendly laws. Also Massachusetts, New Jersey and Illinois are strict gun control states and they saw a big increases in the gun death rates (>20%), far more than other gun friendly states. And if you glance beyond the surface, in most of the states that saw increases, that increase is due to an uptrend in suicides (not murder or crimes), and suicide rates went up faster than gun suicide rates. So the point is enact gun control and have your suicide and gun deaths go up? Or is it just that leftist outlets like Newsweek lie to their readers.

2019.10.03 Flyover Man -
Since the NYT fucked up so badly on real news, NYT (David Brooks) decided to just invent their own. This is a hypothetical discussion between Urban Guy (Good Liberal) and Flyover Man (Bad Deplorable). Now it is presented as hypothetical based on (as near as I can tell) Brooks experiences never talking to an actual real conservative in his life. But it is nothing but a NY liberal trying to create a Strawman to then sort of empathize with and shred. But it's full of fallacies, and really an embarrassment.

2019.10.02 Revising History the NYT way -
If you want to know what FakeNews (or a FakeNews Organization) looks like, find one that revises stories behind their readers back. Like the NYT claiming that the NRA sought a Quid Pro Quo deal with the Oval office... and got a bunch of the far left voices to react (WaPo, Te Lieu (D), Judd Legum and his thousands of twitter ranters). Then they quietly change the story to retract that information without telling anyone, after the damage to the President/NRA's reputation has been done. When challenged, they claimed this was their normal editorial process (a lie), but as if that makes it OK.

2019.09.25 Hiding the Abortionist - FakeNews includes lies of omission and deciding newsworthy stories need to be buried or not reported on, because they contradict their political agenda. Like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, PBS all ignoring the story (NYT and CNN burying it) of an Indiana/Illinois abortionist (Ulrich Kopfer) who had died on Sept. 3., and then the remains of 2,246 aborted babies were founded neatly labeled and preserved (as trophies) in his Garage. Kopfer had lost his abortion license in 2015 for failing to report the rape of a 13-year-old patient and numerous other health violations. The only reason for considering that story not Newsworthy and suppressing it, is political agenda: which is also what they did about Gosnell. All the news that's fit to hide from the public, is not in any of the mastheads of these supposed News outlets, but it should be.

2019.09.20 Forced Hair Cutting - A 6th Grade Virginia Private school girl (who was black) accused three white classmates last week of forcibly cutting her hair... and that made national news. The FakeNews used it repeat their fabrications about national race problems or worse, coupled it to Jeff Pence (VP) and his wife. Racism is everywhere! Now the accuser admits the allegations were false. The problem isn't just with the people who cry wolf, it's with the media that sensationalizes these FakeNews stories for clicks (chasing the algorithm before fact checking).Some are more responsible with corrections than others, but corrections wouldn't be necessary if we had responsible journalism waiting to get the facts, instead of sensationalizing every accusation with national front page headlines, and back page retraction.

2019.09.14 NYT Kavanaugh Smear -
Acting as a DNC's mouthpiece, the NYT published a hit-piece by Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, who were promoting their book attacking Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for being a sexual harasser. The shocking new allegation was about Brett having someone else put his penis in a girls hand during a party. This resulted in all the far lefties (Warren, Sanders, Harris, Booker, Buttigieg, The Squad) demanding Brett's impeachment before any conviction or evidence. The bigger problem is this scoop had already been investigated (and discounted), the woman (victim) doesn't have any memory of it happening, there are no other witnesses who corroborate it (and many that came forward to defend Brett), assuming we can imagine how some other friend can even get your penis to put it in someone else's hand. But the problem is how did a story that all other newspapers had passed on as being non-credible, make it past the times editors, after having all the exculpatory evidence get omitted from the article, get tweeted about, and get repeated on NPR. Even the other left-wing media outlets called bullshit on the NYT and said this was a big embarrassment for real journalism, while the Times has been distracting, attacking, blaming Fox for blowing this up, and changing the topic, and doing anything but sincerely apologizing and firing those responsible.

2019.09.09 Russian exfiltration - CNN did their usual anonymous source hit-piece against Trump, that his loose lips and leaking of information made the CIA exfiltrate (pull out) a key Russian asset, over fear of him being exposed (on CIA Director Mike Pompeo's orders). And of course that was backed up with other unnamed sources about "Wide concerns about Trump in intelligence community". (Vox, The Hill and The Guardian also regurgitate the story). In an extraordinary move, the CIA (no fan of Donald Trump's) responded by calling the story and CNN "misguided" and "simply false". The CIA went on to explain that the decision was made weeks before Trump took office in late 2016, but the source had refused, until months later and it was the media inquiries that convinced the source that he had to go (not Trump). So with the CIA calling CNN liars or fools, who are you going to believe? (Remember that CNN also completely blew past debacles like their Don Jr. Hysteria where they broke Don Jr. had advanced knowledge of Wikileaks: debunked with a simple date check. Or that 3 other reporters were forced to quit over their faked Scaramucci-Russia story.

2019.08.25 NYT outraged that people are quoting their journalists offensive posts -
So the NYT and other media outlets have a history of combing through anyone who doesn't agree with the far-left agendas past, and outting them for the worst things they said (out of context, and with no idea of scale). (If not directly, then through proxies like MediaMatters). They think this is speaking truth to power, ignoring that they're the power. Well, now that some have flipped it, and done it back, they're outraged! Warning: people are going through our "journalists" old twitter feeds and social media, and finding out that they're partisan douchebags, and exposing us for who we are. While I'm not a fan of the technique, I wasn't a fan of it for the last decade or three that the media has done it... and now that they're getting turn-about, it's hard for me to be as outraged as I once was. What did you think was going to happen? We warned them to cut this shit out, but they didn't listen. Now that it's become an accepted norm, it's only just desserts that they're not immune and getting it back.

2019.08.23 Amazon Forest Fires -
Terra Indígena Porquinhos, Maranhão (38928905194).jpg
The fires in the Amazon this year (2019) are nothing exceptional (2004 was like peak deforestation and we're down like 80% from then), and most of it is farm land and not forest that's being burned. (Normal crop burns, with a few getting a little out of control). But CNN and Hollywood got to use the Global Warming scare mongering, often using old photos from back in 2004, or even this was Trump's fault: seriously (idiots). It's a catastrophe don't you know? "Over 20% of the world's Oxygen comes from there. We need to fix this NOW" For those with a clue? They're idiots. If we burned the entire biomass of the earth less than 1% of the world’s oxygen would be consumed... most of our oxygen is collected over millions of years, most of the rest comes from water based photosynthesis, and we don't need to worry about a lack of Oxygen. So this is just this years chicken-little alar or Ozone hole scare. }}

2019.08.21 Buying Greenland, dissing Denmark -
Greenland (orthographic projection).svg
Trump floated the idea of buying Greenland. Denmark said, "it's not for sale". And Trump cancelled a visit to Denmark, saying that basically freed up some time on his schedule. The #NeverTrumpers all raged that this was disrespectful to an ally and assumed the worst of Trump. The problem is that we don't know the context, and the FakeNews never did their jobs to try to find out. I can believe Trump was just having a hissy about being rebuffed... but it seems at least as likely that NYT/CNN/WaPo were going off half-cocked, again, and there might be more to the story (like "Hands up, don't shoot"). My left of center friends all raged at what a dumb idea it was, because CNN/NYT/WaPo told them so... not one of them was informed that Russia and China had both made plays for bases there in the past, and that would make a new Cuban Missile crisis on a much bigger scale. Or that it has many great natural resources that make it valuable, and under utilized.

2019.08.17 Elderly man beaten - In Oregon (of course), a middle-age man was maced, beaten and knocked unconscious while his partner or spouse was trying to protect him from the Antifa mob that surrounded them. They vandalized busses, and other stuff as well. Much of the media reported this as peaceful, or that it was provoked by a far right radical group for existing/speaking. But in a country with free speech, that should be defended, and the violence against them should be condemned, not the other way around -- like CNN and other left outlets have done.

2019.08.14 Israel boycotts the Squad -
"The Squad", or at least Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, planned on going to Israel, meet with terrorist, do a bunch of PR stuff to support terrorists, and mock and annoy Israel. Israel had other plans and denied permission for the visit. Because Trump publicly tweeted his support for Israel banning them, the Press/left took the opposite position and made a lot of FakeNews around the topic (NYT, CNN, etc). But the truth is:
  • (1)They were NOT an emissary or dignitary of the U.S. government, these are low level government functionaries, visiting in a non-government capacity or they'd be violating the Logan Act. Thus there's no slight to the State Department, or the U.S. government.
  • (2) These are people that have encouraged economic warfare to Israel (BDS movement), refused to condemn terrorism or human rights (Female Genital Mutilation), aided and abetted Israel's enemies (terrorist organizations), were planning on visiting terrorist organizations while there, and they even called their trip a "Delegation to Palestine".
  • (3) A couple weeks later, Russia denied access to a GOP leader. Not one of the Squad or the left-wing media was outraged, showing their outrage was never a principled stance, it was strictly a partisan one.

2019.08.12 Fredogate -
Chris Cuomo, CNN's FakeNews reporter and socialist in chief, who got his job for being the Son of Mario Cuomo, and Brother of Andrew Cuomo (failed Governors of NY), got mad because someone called him "Fredo" after the "black sheep" in the fictional Corleone family fuckup (in the Godfather). Chris was outraged and was caught on video threatening to throw the guy down the stairs if he called him that again, and raged later that when this went viral, it was like the N-word to dagoes like him. Only it wasn't a slur against all dagoes.... it is a targeted slight against just the failure of a family (not at all alike). Trump Jr. mocked Chris for anger management issues and pointing out that RedFlag laws meant his guns should be taken away for his violence outburst, so the media defended Fredo. For the record: Chris had allowed the slur be used on his show without complaining about its severity, and he referred to himself as it on a radio show in the past, so it most definitely wasn't about the severity of the term. While CNN defended him and the outburst, everyone who can fog a mirror knows that if they were a real Journalistic institution, a reporter that makes the story about himself, isn't a good journalist... and if it had been a conservative that made the outburst, CNN would have attacked them relentless for weeks. So FakeNews doubled down with a side of hypocrisy.

2019.07.31 One Redeeming Quality? -
One Redeeming Quality.png
One of the perfect examples of FakeNews and the left losing their mind, and causing distrust and contempt by their informed readers is an OpEd in the Boston Globe asking whether Trump has a single redeeming quality, and answering "no". Which shows how out of touch the author is, and more than that, the Globe Editorial staff to think that this was News and to fail the fact checking on the error ridden hate-piece. 55 different lies is the best that the Globe can manage as impartial journalism?

2019.07.27 Photo of migrant mom pleading.png
2019.07.27 Photo of migrant mom pleading - If you read the headline in Reuters or CBS, it says, "Guatemalan mother begging soldier to let her enter U.S."... and you're left thinking the bastard soldier was turning her away. 9 paragraphs in it mentions that the National Guard wasn't stopping them, his job was to stop drugs and people traffickers. He was just warning them about the dangers of crossing illegally and was trying to convince the woman not to cross illegally and put herself and her child in danger.

2019.07.27 Baltimore -
Trump tweeted (paraphrased) two facts: (1) "Rep, Elijah Cummings (D) bullied border agents about conditions at the Southern Border (2) Cummings Baltimore district is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. And maybe he should focus on cleaning up that dangerous & filthy place. Well, the left and their media (CNN, NBC, NYT, and other FakeNews) hates truth. So they screamed, "Racism" to distract. To them, it's irresponsible of the President who has done more to help the black community than any other in my lifetime, should point out we should do more to improve the conditions of black citizens in Baltimore?

Bernie Sanders, Orkin Pest Control, NYT, PBS, Elijah Cummings, all complained about the "infestation" before Trump did. Are they racist too? The Trump administration gave $16B in 2018 to help with the problem, was that racist? The left can't stop with the Fake Racism attacks, and would rather attack Trump than address real problems for minorities. So who are the real bigots?

2019.07.19 NYT tries to slam U.S. for space program.jpg
2019.07.19 NYT tries to slam U.S. for space program - The Grey Lady has always been a yellow rag, but they once had the ability to hide it better. Since they are always looking for ways to bash America or aggrandize their view of social justice, on the anniversary of one of America and the world's greatest achievements (the moon landing), what's their point? "How the Soviets Won the Space Race for Equality". As if there ever was such a thing. In a coordinated attack(?), WaPo wrote/shit-tweeted how the culture there was very family unfriendly and white male, as if that matters. Their imagined point was that while America sent the first man to the moon, the Soviets sent the first woman, asian, and black into orbit: so communism rules, capitalism drools. Lies of omission are still lies. Soviets had a cruel disregard for human life (they only cared about PR) and they sent 4 women, ever. The U.S. sent ≈50 women, including first mother, first Chinese Woman, first married couple, first black and hispanic women, also the oldest (@Hollymathnerd). If you're retarded enough to only measure humanities successes by the intersectional victimhood status, the U.S. still crushes the Soviet Union. Oh, and many more Women and people of color or religious minorities fled from the Soviet Union to America (or anywhere else) for the opportunities and diversity, very few the other way around.

2019.06.29 Knee Jerk Liberalism - An article in NYT by Times opinion columnist Nicholas Kristof, titled, "Stop the Knee-Jerk Liberalism That Hurts Its Own Cause", shows how tone deaf he and the Times are (the Times owns the opinion by running it). His point is, "If Trump turns progressives into intolerant agents of incivility, then we have lost our souls". In his fevered imagination, the regressive illiberal left suddenly popped into existence on Nov 8th 2016 in a reaction to Trump's election. In real life, the idea of knee-jerk liberalism (and the term) goes back to 1921. Donald Trump won the 2016 election, not in a vacuum, but in the context of the caustic left: Hillary's deplorable comments while the DNC paid thugs to assault people at Trump's rally's, Obama abusing the CIA/FBI/IRS to attack conservatives and spy on Trump -- not to mention his championing the Occupy movement, Black Lives matter, and MoveOn/ThinkProgress/Soros funded sock-puppetry that had been going on since the 1990's. The entire Democratic platform is about mischaracterizing the other side, being intolerant agents of incivility, and knee jerk reactions that sees the solution to every problem as robbing from taxpayers to fund a poorly thought out and worse implemented big-government solution.

2019.06.18 Concentration Camps - Our favorite dimwit (AOC) claimed that Trump's America is running concentration camps, with direct comparisons to the Nazi's. This immediately polarized the rational against the Democrats and their media (her water carriers). Moderate Jewish organizations thought the comparison was absurd and said so. But the alt-left came running to her defense, to try to parse words and say that technically they are "concentration camps", in the same way that calling someone a faggot is accusing them of being a bundle of sticks. She not only doesn't back down, but double's down and starts chucking Gitmo and anything else that might trigger the left to try to dig out... but just kept digging deeper. The left does NOT get to pretend the OTHER side is lowering the town or divisive, then go reductio ad Hitler in the next breath. At least not without looking like flaming hypocrites.

2019.06.18 CNN Pulls plug on uncomfortable truths - Trump's campaign launch rally was far bigger than all the 20+ Democrat ones, combined. while CNN and other outlets covered the Dem rants wall-to-wall, once Trump's crowd started chanting "CNN Sucks", CNN decided to talk over and cut away from a newsworthy event, because the truth didn't reflect well on them. It's not Trump's (or his audiences) fault that CNN made themselves part of the story with biased reporting and frauds like Acosta: they own that. Thus, while I don't think it's any sort of "Free Speech" issue or anything (CNN has the right to censor what they want), it does show that they're willing to twist the news or try to control the narrative. That means that they aren't a raw news agency but a agenda/propaganda based outlet, which is the very definition of FakeNews.

2019.06.13 Dirt from Foreign Government - Donald Trump took an interview from ABC FakeNews’ George Stephanopoulos (mistake #1), and he told the truth that any other politician would do (mistake #2). When asked if Trump would take dirt on his opponent from a foreign government, Trump told the truth and said, "I'd listen", then maybe go to the FBI. The Democrats and their Press that has never complained about Hillary not only using foreign intelligence but planting it to subvert an election (via the Steele Dossier), suddenly thinks this behavior is outrageous.

2019.06.08 PBS says GGWG is a myth - Using our public funds to spread anti-2A propaganda, PBS claims that there's no such thing as a Good-guy with a gun, despite 1.5-2.5M times a year, people use guns in self-defense. I've pulled a gun myself, 3 times on bad guys. I've got a section with dozens of examples at Good guys with guns, and PBS is spreading the lie. They go on to use Fake Facts to spread all the debunked liberal myths, that gun control works, that guns increase crimes, or that your own guns are likely to be used against you. Any researcher with a clue would at least offer that there's evidence against their political agenda. But PBS has given up the pretense of journalism and reporting the facts. Since they're no longer interested in the constitution or Journalism, I say defund them completely: fire them all, and let them go work for NYT, CNN or MSDNC where they belong. Not pretending to be a News outlet.

2019.05.10 Stolen Golfball Fabrication - There's a story going around about how Donald Trump cheats at golf, with Sports Illustrated's liberal sports writer Rick Reilly telling how Donald Trump beat Ted Virtue as club champion of Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. Rick's telling involved Trump playing ted the remaining 6 holes for the championship title, which Trump won, but only after Ted's 11 year old's ball gets claimed by Trump as Trump's (after Trump's ball goes in the water) and the line, "Daddy that's MY ball", and how the story was backed up by Golf.com. Only Ted's son is 25, is unlikely to have said the money-quote "Daddy...", you don't play a remaining 6 holes from the 9th hole in Golf, the 14th hole (where this is supposed to have happened) has no water feature, and why can't Rick find a single witness to back up the tale "on-the-record". The story sounds like complete bullshit, but that didn't stop FakeNews outlets from repeating the preposterous story (Vox, Vice, Esquire, The Independent, Hill Reporter, Daily Beast, New York Times (contributor Brendan Nyhan), and thousands of re-tweets by the gullible left).

2019.04.17 NYT fails Christians-101 - After the Notre Dame fire, the Times reported that Father Jean-Marc Fournier (Paris Fire Department chaplain) went in to save holy relics, "the crown of thorns and a statue of Jesus". There was no statue, it was most likely "the Blessed Sacrament" (referred to as "the Body of Christ") and the idiot reporters and fact checkers didn't know what that means, or know to ask, so figured, "statue". If this was the first gaffe, who cared, but the NYT has a history of having no Christians on staff to correct their semi-regular blunders.

2019.04.17 Message from the Future - The Intercept decided to work with a socialist candidate (AOC) and put our her silly GND (Green New Deal) propaganda video, on a site that pretends to be news? It's fan fiction about a place where math and reason don't apply. The 7 minute masturbatory infomercial for stupidity is about AOC looking back from the future, on all the great things her economy ruining plan had done, in the alternate universe of watermelons. And how they saved the planet because we only had 12 years left. (Something scientists have all mocked).

2019.04.16 Shapiro labelled Alt-Right - WaPo published a couple articles that imply Ben Shapiro, is alt-right (or linked him to famous racist Richard Spencer). Ben is a devout Jew, and been one of the leading critics of the alt-right... and the feeling was mutual. If WaPo had journalists or fact checkers, they'd feel shame.

2019.04.12 Some People - Ilhan Omar was on video saying the terrorist supporting, anti-semitic CAIR, was founded because they recognized "Some people did something", meaning Islamic Terrorists took down the Twin Towers on 9/11. Fair was actually founded nearly a decade earlier. President Trump tweeted the video because it shows the truth about the left's PC apologism for 9/11. The left couldn't argue the facts, so they put their lie-machine in overdrive. WaPo FakeNews'ed by trying to claim that Bush said it too... before we'd identified the source of the attack (as if the context was the same). Atlantic tried to deflect for her. Other operatives for the DNC pretended that Trump was inciting violence or islamaphobia by showing the video of Ilhan's own words. This is moronic, the Republicans love her! She's the poster-child for stupid, racist (anti-Semitic), Politically Correct terrorist apologism. They need her to run-against in 2020. They're more likely to hire a security detail for her, than wish any harm on her. But still, Dems started a "#IStandWithIlhan", and cries about poor her, for having her own message magnified. The fake pearl clutching is an insult to our intelligence, and is obvious gaslighting.

2019.03.28 Yashar Ali bullied - Yahir (NYT/HuffPo contributor) explains how head of NBC/MSNBC politics (Dafna Linzer) called Ali, and tried to bully him on behalf of the DNC, in what was a wildly inappropriate and unethical way. Of course neither she, nor the network would comment on this atrociously partisan behavior.

2019.03.28 Labelled Ben Shapiro Alt-Right - The Economist published an interview with Ben Shapiro, timed to the release of his new book, and decided to frame Shapiro as “Inside the mind of the alt-right sage without the rage”. Ben is a devout Jew, and been one of the leading critics of the alt-right... and the feeling was mutual. Economist tried to defend their position, but the informed were smacking them around too hard, and they had to retract.

2019.03.22 Mueller Report.png
2019.03.22 Mueller Report - The Mueller Report is out. I don't care if you like/dislike President Trump, I care whether people will defend the truth or perpetuate a lie. Soon we will be able to read the full report, but the summary is a smackdown: (a) there was no hint at collusion by Trump or his team, in fact they rebuffed attempts by the Russians. (b) without collusion there couldn't have been obstruction, but even if there had been, Trump wasn't close to obstruction (c) the media narrative has been a fraud (d) the media wasted 2,284 minutes, and 533,074 articles (245 million responses) to coverage of the fake narrative. The media doesn't admit their mistake and apologize to Trump and the public are not journalists following the facts, but polemics mad that someone shined the light of truth on their deception. And right on cue, a bunch of FakeNews, Democrat politicians, and Hollywood sheep try to spin this as it, "stops short of exonerating on obstruction", or shifting the narrative to Mueller's competence, Trump's guilt on something else, or anything other than their 2-year fraud. But all the outlets that championed it as the end of Trump, or shown for frauds. Expecially when they won't just apologize.

2019.03.20 FOIA Requests - Biased News is Fake News, as is having different standards based on party. So a real Journalist (Brent Scher at Free Beacon), just did a simple thing: compared FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests to the EPA to see how many times media outlets fact checked or investigated Obama versus Trump. NYT did 4x as many request in Trump's first year, as Obama's entire last term. WaPo: went from 1 request for Obama's last term to 43 in Trump's first 2 years. Politico: 15 to 198. CNN 25 to 47. Buzzfeed: 18 to 38. ABC: 4 to 32. This is evidence of a double-standard that the observant have known about for decades.

2019.03.19 BestWeekEver - Jim Acosta whined about softball questions from the conservative media, after President Donald Trump didn't call on Jim. Sarah Sanders linked a tweet to #bestweekever where Acosta had a long winded oratory sex with Obama over what in Jim's mind was Obama's best week ever... exposing the hypocrite from CNN.

2019.03.14 Christchurch Shooting - 🇳🇿Christchurch, New Zealand: a left wing eco-nationalist (who hates Capitalism, Conservatism, and is Chinese Communist sympathizer) shot-up a couple mosques because immigrants were over-populating the planet and causing Global Warming. Because the shooter said he didn't like Donald Trump's politics or leadership, the media said he was a right wing Trump supporter. He had illegally modified guns, used guns instead of more effective bombs because he said that would turn the left into his tools in dividing nations like the U.S. over gun-control, and he was stopped/slowed at the second mosque because a good guy was able to get a gun and scare him off. (It was one the shooter had dropped). So the media does his bidding, calls for division and gun control, and ignores the role that a good-guy with a gun had in reducing the carnage. NZ threatens to punish anyone that makes the info about his true motives available.
Dead/Injured: 50/100

2019.03.11 NBC puff-piece on racism - The NBC spin was that Ilhan's anti-Israeli commends aren't racist, because her district doesn't see them as a problem. Buried in 6 paragraphs into the article are hints that many are having problems with her racist comments. Others (WaPo, SFGate, etc), who have looked into think NBC is whitewashing it, as they found more serious concerns. The DNC couldn't bring themselves to spank her for her anti-semitism, instead they denounced all hate (except against conservatives), and didn't mention what prompted the issue.

2019.03.08 Taped evidence of CNN lying - CNN posted a tweet saying HUD official Lynne Patton had the, "President's blessing to follow in his footsteps as a reality TV star" and was going to do it. Patton says she said the exact opposite, and offered the tape of their interview to prove it. She also corrected their FakeNews story that claimed she was Eric Trump’s wedding planner. CNN didn't retract, but offered a slight rewording of the headline, left the tweet up, and still misleads their audience.

2019.03.08 AOC Campaign Finance Scandal - 👮 Ocasio-Cortez and Saikat Chakrabarti (Chief of staff, former campaign chair), appear to have obtained majority control of Justice Democrats PAC in December 2017, raised more than $1.8M (and was responsible for her win), and illegally diverted more than $1M of those funds. If AOC and Chakrabarti withheld their control of that organization from the FEC to divert funds around campaign limits, they could face jail time. Either way, this is the Dark Money that AOC ran on curtailing. All the FakeNews misrepresented or omitted context on what happened: CNN, ABC, NBC, WaPo, BI, MarketWatch and Snopes.

2019.03.07 David Duke - The Grand Wizard of the KKK (emeritus), called Ilhan Omar, “[the] most important member of the US Congress”. Whenever Duke, Spencer or another racist said less about Trump or a Republican, the Democrat Media Complex goes off their rocker, "see RACIST!". CNN reported it 172+ times for Trump/Duke alone, zero for Ilhan. While I don't think a racist saying they agree with you on something automatically makes you a racist, the hypocrisy of the left having two standards is offensive: pick one standard for both sides.

2019.03.06 Stacked Panel - Not satisfied with giving their preferred candidate debate questions in advance, CNN also makes sure their "panel of Democrat voters" are filled with 50% far left activists. Not disclosing that is dishonest propaganda that would get an F grade in any J-school in the country (and this was the 3rd time in recently history). Fortunately, CNN management and their viewers don't hold them to any journalistic standards.

2019.03.02 Lies about Sanders' Speech - While MSNBC has always been the propaganda arm of the DNC, when they get caught making mistakes (like claims about Bernie Sanders), will they correct them? The answer would be "no", like most mistakes. Bernie is a threat to the DNC establishment, so the truth takes a backseat to the agenda. And the Intercept earns a gold star for doing actual journalism and calling them out on it.

2019.02.27 Pence lacks Foreign Policy - Politico (Jack Shafer) wrote a Pence hit piece claiming that "the human mannequin" was retooled as foreign representative, "despite his scant foreign policy experience". Then it was pointed out that he was on the "House Foreign Affairs Committee for a decade while a member of Congress". Or about 10x the combined experience of Hillary and Barack combined before he won the Presidency and she didn't. That fact obviates the entire story. Politico corrected the story when called out, without mentioning the duration. Then again, to add the "decade" part later.... after the harm was done: knowing that their readers lips will move while reading only the headline. A journalists would have reached out and asked before running the story. Or not written that tripe in the first place.

2019.02.27 Cohen Distraction - Michael Cohen is a disbarred attorney, convicted perjurer (got nailed for lying to congress/FBI) and so on. Trump has made more progress on North Korea in 2 years, than Democrats (and other Republicans) had made in the last 20, and is having a summit that would benefit the U.S., Asia and the world. So the Democrats are starting a multi-day distraction campaign to take the testimony of a liar and fraud, to give their partisan media a FakeNews distraction to focus on, instead of the RealNews story which is the North Korean Summit. This shows that the Democrats and their Press would rather subvert global democracy and American National Interests, than give Trump an earned victory that benefits the country and globe.

2019.02.25 Stacked Panel - CNN presented a panel of "Democrats and Independents", violating a basic tenet of Journalism (disclosure) when it turns out the panel was actually public policy intern, fundraising and political activist committees, chairs of various county DNC's, and the like. (All people that wouldn't be Bernie's biggest supporters as part of the establishment DNC). These were NOT just Maryland voters.

2019.02.23 Tuckergate - BuzzFeed FakeJournalist (KateAurthur) tries to gotcha Tucker Carlson by double-tweeting of a picture of a sex worker trying to kiss him on the cheek. And one of the attendees explains the context Dennis Hof's wake, Tucker is laughing and pulling away, and had no idea what her profession was. Oh the humanity. A journalist would have called for comment before posting.

2019.02.21 Will Happer Climate Denialist? - If you read FakeNews sites like Newsweek, WaPo or NYT, or read the tweets of far-left loons like Kamala Harris, you'd think the President put a radical anti-Science guy in charge of Climate Change study, instead of distinguished Princeton Physics professor emeritus, fellow of the American Physical Society, member of the National Academy of Science and the JASON group, who doesn't deny that increasing CO2 might have some small influence on climate. But does question the magnitude of the influence, whether the benefits of more CO2 are being ignored, and the cost/benefits of reducing CO2.

2019.02.21 Conservative attacked at Berkeley - More of the same -- a conservative was physically assault for not being left-wing enough at UC Berkeley, the media doesn't care because while conservatives are a minority at UC's, it's not a minority that they care about. Ask yourself if you think the media would have picked up the story if a black student was attacking at LSU, or a latino at UT, and it gives you an idea of the hypocrisy (double standard).

2019.02.18 Laura Logan - CBS's Foreign Correspondent (Laura Logan) admitted that she might be committing political suicide by admitting the political truth (something frowned on at CBS), that the media is widely far-left leaning and under-represents the other side of stories. According to her, you have to actively seek out Breitbart or FoxNews to get a balance and understand both sides of a topic. This is no shock to conservatives or the informed -- the left will now seek to get her fired for telling that obvious truth.

2019.02.15 Domineque Ray Execution - The ACLU and Medium team up to lie (FakeNews) about an execution. Their claim is that a man was executed without allowing Muslim Clergy present, while Christian Clergy would have been allowed and freedom of religion or equal access was denied. The facts are that Alabama had a policy that only volunteers are allowed (no matter their denomination). But a repeat child rapist/murderer appealed this at the last second to try to get his personal Imam allowed into the room, and the reasonable side of the court called bullshit -- and the left side of the court pretended it was about religion/equal access.

2019.02.13 Golf Simulator - WaPo tries to slam because Trump for upgrading a Golf Simulator in the WhiteHouse... it omits the parts that: (a) it was installed under Obama (b) it was never reported on by the WaPo or other so called News outlets (c) unlike Obama, Trump is paying for the improvements out of his own pocket (not sticking it to taxpayers). The real story is in the omissions, not what they say. And that's what FakeNews (Propaganda) looks like.

2019.02.06 Assassination "Joke" - Jemele Hill (of ESPN and the Atlantic) made a tweet (now deleted) saying AOC should interrupt Trump's next State of the Union address, with the following quote, "GETCHO HAND OUT MY POCKET". This was what one of Malcom-X's killers said before murdering him. Jemele deleted the tweet and apologized, but few believe it was a joke.

2019.02.05 SOTU 2019 - The State of the Union speech was a little late (thanks to Nancy's shutdown), but it got delivered. Trump took the high road, Nancy/Dems took the lower one. Trump got a 76% approval, and higher ratings that 2018 or Obama, on a longer and deeper speech . But FakeNews NBC called it a "Theater of the Absurd". And the Fake FactCheckers at NYT, Politico, NPR and WaPo all proved their bias in their counter-factuals.

2019.02.05 Don Jr's Call Logs - For months Maddow inflamed her watchers with the FakeNews that Don Jr. was in contact with "the Russians"... then when the story is debunked, Maddow brings on the accuser (Shifty Shiff), has him repeat the claims, then fails to correct or challenge him or the record. No clarification, retraction or correction, just the FakeNews crickets, chirping distractions so her viewers clues die in darkness.

2019.02.04 CNN attacks UN Ambassador for being like them - Heather Nauert (UN Ambassador candidate, to replace Nikki Haley), because while she was at CNN she hosted a “panel on Sharia law conspiracies”, and names 3 people, that CNN had on shows on their network, more recently, in the same capacity.

2019.02.03 Superbowl Ad - In the wake of thousands of fake journalists getting laid off, WaPo ran a $5.2M ad during the worst Super Bowl in history, celebrating how far Journalism has fallen, and trying to prop up the sham that, Democracy dies in Darkness, or that it isn't places like WaPo trying to snuff out all the lights.

2019.02.01 Va. Gov Ralph Northam - Poor Ralph, the Democrat Governor for Virginia, got caught dressing up for Halloween in blackface (1984). Of course CNN reported him as a Republican, but like many racist politicians, he is devoutly Democrat. The NYT tried to spin it as "Dark Makeup", as if his smokey eye got out of control. So long Ralph, we hardly knew ya.

2019.02.01 Ignoring Booker's lies - While the Press will never pass up an opportunity to attack any minor exaggeration or error on the right, when they have an opportunity to question a serial liar (Booker), they carry his water instead and gloss over his past. (FakeNews). 🙈

2019.01.30 Schultz Misfire - 🤦 AOC attacked Starbucks' CEO Howard Schultz with a tweet about rich privilege and classism... she didn't realize that Howard Schultz had a poorer upbringing that she did, and he was self-made. The taste of foot.

2019.01.29 Jussie Smollett - 💩 Jussie (star on show TV show "Empire") was allegedly attacked in Chicago, in what was initially being investigated as a hate crime. The first report was 2 men in ski masks making racial and homophobic slurs, assaulted him, poured bleach on him, and put a noose around his neck -- then stopped the attack for no reason. (Claims of them saying "this is MAGA country" were added later). Those with any skepticism wondered things like (a) what are white Trump supporters doing in sub-zero Chicago gay neighborhood ambushing a guy they seemed to know (b) then stopping for no reason (c) Why wouldn't Jussie share his phone records, drop his sandwich bag during the assault, or take off the noose off after going home and waiting more than 20 minutes to call the cops? The haters accused the skeptics of being racist for asking obvious questions -- but the story is falling apart, as is seems that Jussie staged the whole thing because he was going to be cut out of his TV show, and wanted to make it harder to fire him (the pity and famous name scam).

2019.01.28 More Press Briefings to ignore - CNN whines on one day that they need more press briefings, then they (or MSNBC) won't break into their far-left opinion shows, to show those briefing live, preferring to mis-paraphrase or omit context at their will (trying to forward their message, instead of honestly sharing the administrations message).

2019.01.28 Acosta Rips Sanders - Appearing on CNN with Brooke Baldwin, CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta couldn’t resist taking a swipe at White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, saying she doesn’t live in the “real world.” That's fine for an OpEd writer, but no real reporter would show that kind of blatant bias.

2019.01.27 Learn to Code - ❄️ The left is angry because after the Obama administrations anti-business/anti-coal policies put many (10's of thousands) out of work, the reply by media outlets like NPR, Wired, NYT against the cries of anguish was, "Learn to Code" (the meme trended starting in 2011-2015). Implying lifetime coal miners or manufacturers targeted by the lefts policies, could just get retrained, and get new jobs in the tech sector. Well, last week, massive layoffs hit HuffPo, BuzzFeed, and Gannett News, hitting a small fraction as many workers as under Obama. And since turn-about is fair-play, some reflect the "Learn to code" information right back at the newly unemployed's cries of how life is unfair. The left had a melt-down calling their own message a hate meme (as did Twitter), but only when their sentiments were directed back at them. "How insensitive and cruel". Ya think?! If they were self-aware, they'd be getting a very important life-lesson from this, but instead they're too busy banning things that hurt their feelings to learn.

2019.01.27 Hispanics and Conservatives - While Brokaw was on NBC (Meet the Press) and was making a ignorant and bigoted barb at Republicans (that they fear having brown grand-babies), and repeating a fallacy/FakeNews (the Mexicans are all Democrats), he accidentally told the truth about Mexicans and all immigrants (they should try to assimilate more), and suffered a shit-storm and was forced to apologize for the latter. The former was the real bigotry and insult to viewers... and ignored by the defenders of virtue.

2019.01.25 Roger Stone - In a show of force, Roger Stone was arrested for being an associate of Trump, with 29 armed officers, in tactical gear and armored vehicles, fanning out like they were taking down a terrorist organization and not a 66 year old politico that had been cooperating with the investigation. And to show their corruption, the FBI had first coordinated with far left CNN, to be on the scene.
    • When Roger Stone used virtually the same words to describe the event as CNN did in saying, "the FBI stormed his home", CNN fact checked him by denying their own reporting, and claiming the FBI "knocked on his door".

2019.01.24 MAGA same as KKK - Far left Cuomo let far-far-left James Barrett say that MAGA hat is frustrating because it's "as maddening and frustrating and triggering for me to look at as a KKK hood." MAGA folks have not lynched anyone like the militant arm of the DNC (the KKK) has. Quite the opposite, like in the Covington case, they were the polite and civil ones, the media and the far left allies were the caustic bullies sending death threats.

2019.01.24 Godfather II - CNN keeps making accusations of witness intimidation, with no evidence other than Trumps shit-tweets? Playing a clip of Godfather, and likening it to Donald Trump does nothing to help your credibility as a news channel, but a lot to make you indistinguishable from Comedy Central.

2019.01.23 NY Reproductive Health Act - This law has nothing to do with Roe, once you read past the surface, and any outlet that doesn't offer that context is FakeNews. The outlets that don't cover it, says as much about them as those that cover it poorly.

2019.01.20 Covington Catholic High School - 💩The New York Times published an article “Boys in ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats Mob Native American Elder at Indigenous People’s March,” and many other outlets (CNN, WaPo, etc), piled on without verifying. OrangeMan is so bad, that just wearing his hat makes you a racist. Only, the details leaked out that it was the Catholic teens minding their own business (on a class trip) when the Native American demonstrator/activist (Nathan Phillips: not a Vietnam War Veteran as WaPo and other claimed) marched up, beat drums, push into center of student group, call teens names, and then accused the kids of surrounding him and saying racist things, all false.

2019.01.17 Impeachment - Buzzfeed released an article that said Trump had ordered his Attorney (Michael Cohen) to lie to investigators, which set off the Democrats impeachment Tourettes again. ("Get the noose!") Nevermind that: it was implausible, from an unreliable author and publication, with anonymous sources, and made no sense -- the left and their media was all over it, and Congress was already demanding an investigations: which forced Mueller to release an unprecedented statement (during an investigation), that said the story was bullshit. And the left-press was crestfallen over the truth.

2019.01.11 Acosta Border Wall - Acosta goes to the border to diminish Trump's claim that there's a crisis... and proves that the Wall helps. e.g. he goes to a section where 'The Wall' has been built and notices how good and safe things are. Duh!

2019.01.02 Trump will resign in 2019 - Newsweek claims that Trump will resign in exchange for immunity for him and his family. The opinion of a former Bush advisor (Alan J. Steinberg), as reported in the New Jersey Star-Ledger, using the tried and true method of pulling it out of his ass. He figures Trump is a deal maker, so he'll make a deal, for no known crime or reason, because, "Why not?" When you repeat something, you're loaning your name/reputation to it, as Newsweek did. Can you imagine a credible magazine reporting such innuendo on any Democrat President?

2019 Guardians of the year -
Guardians.Cover .jpg
This subsection in their person of the year demonstrates what Time has descended to: a DNC leaflet for disinformation. A bunch of fraud witnesses and activists come forward with disinformation, in a Scampeachment, using here-say and lies, and Time celebrates them, because they were working with the DNC to undermine our democracy. All because they don't like President Donald Trump. They'd be embarrassed if they had any integrity left.

2018.12.22 Govt. Shutdown - The shutdown isn't FakeNews, but everything around it is.
  1. People were missing their paychecks since the start: they didn't miss their first one until Jan 14th
  2. That when Govt. shuts down, it is always the Republicans fault -- this is the Democrats shutdown.
  3. This would cause catastrophe, and exaggerated stories of suffering (that few would notice without the fake medias histrionics). But the stock market is up, and most people don't care.
  4. They hammered Trump because his approval ratings dropped -- skipped the part where Pelosi's (Dems) dropped even more.

2018.12.06 Voted out of Congress - A viral claimed “Everyone with an X has since been voted out of Congress.”, but a few members with an X were never in Congress. Snopes still claimed that the “general idea” of the meme was “correct.”

2018.11.24 Nooses in Mississippi capital were Democrats - There was an uproar (AP and twitter) about a warning from white supremacist leaving 7 nooses... 12 hours later it came out that signs with the nooses, admitted Democrats were warning against electing Mississippi Republican Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith (jn a run-off election).

2018.11.04 SNL Hit Piece - While Trump never mocked a disabled Reporter, Saturday Night Live did. Here's SNL star Pete Davidson mocking GOP congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye fighting in Afghanistan. Davidson referred to Crenshaw as looking like “a hitman in a porno movie.” Keeping it classy. Of course the News ran how bad this was for years, like they did when they thought Trump did it... oh, wait, the FakeNews never complained about it.

2018.10.12 Robert E. Lee - Trump does a speech in Ohio, on how great Ulysses S. Grant was (an Ohio native). And to do so, you mention the greatness of the foes he overcame: so in passing, he mentioning that Robert E. Lee was a great general... and was defeated by Grant. NBC spun that sentence fragment into a “WATCH: President Trump says ‘Robert E. Lee was a great general’ during Ohio rally, calling the Confederate leader ‘incredible.'” -- and creates a twitter and media storm about how tone deaf and racist Trump is. Only Trump said that Grant was the "incredible" one. It took NBC two days to quietly retract -- but, as usual, there are 3,000 retweets and 6,000 likes of the FakeNews before the correction, and the distracted are on to other things.

2018.09.23 Stacked Panel - CNN presented a panel of what "Republican women" (or Republican Voters) thought of the Kavanaugh hearing. 2 of the 6 were Republican operatives -- which is completely dishonest framing, a journalistic no-no.

2018.08 Mollie Tibbetts - A University of Iowa student disappeared and is found murdered by Cristhian Rivera a repeat felon illegal alien on, while jogging near her home in Brooklyn, Iowa. Since this doesn't fit the lefts false narrative that there are no deplorable illegals, CNN and other outlets ignore the story for many days and only covered it by spinning that the only reason FoxNews or the right cares is because she's white, or later that the problem was 'Toxic Masculinity'. NYT spun it other than murder, poor Rivera was 'A very good person, a simple guy with no vices', and blamed Trump for seizing on the murder for Political Gain (like they had done by suppressing the story).

2018.08 McCain memoriam - After smearing McCain during the 2008 election as mentally unfit, temper ridden, wife abuser, sexist, and so on, because he and Trump didn't get along, the media suddenly love McCain and spin everything as Trump slighting this wonderful war hero. McCain was a bitter little man that made sure the President or his running mate weren't invited, multiple people littered the funeral with petty barbs against Trump, and this is all Trump's fault.

2018.07.31 Avoiding Reporters - The media rightly accuses Trump of being an attention hound. Since "he's damned either way", Jeff Zeleny (WH Reporter for CNN), tweeted Trump had not taken questions from reporters in at least a week. (Something they never complained about under Obama). Then the facts/corrections came out that Trump had done a press conference (with Q&A) the day before. No retraction, apology or consequences for the mistake. This is CNN.

2018.07.27 Twice the Speed of Light - There was the time they claimed that Virgin Galactic travelled twice the speed of light. While just a gaffe, it's such a blatant one that it shows incredibly shoddy journalism that it ever got through.

2018.07.12 Kavanaugh or RBG - NYT had a snotty tone when intro'ing Brett Kavanaugh's and his record of "diversity". They mentioning the Women, and omitted the other minorities: 6 Asian Americans, 5 African American, and 2 Hispanics. They also omitted that Nefarious RBG has a far worse record for diversity, as that's the bar they would compare everyone to.

2018.07.12 Immigration mistranslation - As part of a FakeNews series on Cagegate and child separations, CNN asks a mother how her son is doing in immigration detention. Her response in Spanish, "He's doing very well". What CNN translators claim she said, "She says he wants me to be with him. And prays to God to make the day shorter, so we can be together".

2018.07.10 Clickhole - WaPo used a Clickhole article as the basis of a hit piece on Trump, only to discover that Clickhole (run by the Onion) is satire. If they had any fact-checkers between them and their anti-Trump propaganda, they would have caught that.

2018.07.06 MAVNI Military Recruits - 💩 The AP ran a grotesquely distorted story and headline, "US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits" and it was a poorly written article about how 40-500 immigrant enlisted had been let go, but it leaves all sort of implications that the Trump administration is persecuting minorities in the military. And of course the left was outraged and triggered (as always) and it was re-printed, re-linked, or a couple dozen OpEds came out, each more extreme than that last, about how this racist persecution of immigrants was hunting down good troops and throwing them out because Trump is a Nazi. Of course the truth is quite different, Trump reversed the Obama era program, and virtually none has retracted or corrected the Big Lie.

2018.07.02 Fake Immigration Story - WaPo used flawed analysis to count only half of immigrants, and conclude that Trump's policies are suppressing Muslims. Only the rest of the data changes the story. The problem isn't just that WaPo is bad at math/logic, it's that they haven't retracted and apologized.

2018.07 Supreme Court Politicization - To address the Kavanaugh confirmation problem with how the Democrats have been politicizing the Supreme Court (and Justice process) and undermining the Constitution since the turn of the 1900's, Jeffery Toobin tried to invent the excuse that it was because life expectancies had been increasing.

2018.06.29 Democratic Socialist - ABC's the View gave Crazy-eyes Cortez the softest of softball interviews, that asked her things like what's the difference between Democrats, Socialism and Democratic Socialism. You'd think this would be easy since she claims she's a Democratic Socialist (just like Hitler and Mussolini), but she couldn't answer. A: It's the same as the difference between a gang rape, and a Democrat gang rape -- in the latter they vote to rape you first.

2018.06.28 Trump contributed to newspaper shooting - Rob Cox of Reuters was tweeting in response to the Capital Gazette shooter (Jarrod Ramos), and said, "this is what happens when [Trump] calls journalists the enemy of the people". Only the gay black man shooter had sued the newspaper for defamation in 2012 and lost in 2015, and was doing it over that, and it had nothing to do with Trump. The shooter had references Charlie Hebdo and two Virginia TV journalists shot on air, which happened in 2015, well before Trump announced his campaign. Rob did delete his tweet and apologized later, and Reuters said, "bad boy"... but was not punished or fired for blatant bias.

2018.06.21 Immigration Girl -
Time Magazine never ran a cover article complaining about immigrant abuse during Obama, when this was happening more widely. But they photoshopped a FakeNews picture on their cover (and worse article) with Trump looking down callously on a girl that was crying and being separated from her mother. The context of the original makes it worse. American outlets (NYT, WaPo, etc) don't fact check their own kind, so it was the DailyMail that broke the fraud.

2018.06.19 Space Force - In response to China's increased militarization of space, and Russia creating a Space Force, Donald Trump announced that he wanted to split the Air Force Space efforts into a separate agency. The Democrats and their media attacked the idea, because Orange Man Bad! ABC news spun it as racist because he used the phrase it would be a "separate but equal" agency to the Air Force (so they talked about civil rights and Plessy v. Ferguson). MSNBC and other outlets just mocked the idea and omitted context and balance in the discussion. The real news was suppressed: whether this was a good response to our frenemies actions or not.

2018.06.07 Suicide trends - WaPo ran an article showing Suicide Numbers trending up: they glossed over many important causes and missed how minute the increase is, and demonstrated mostly clickbait/FakeNews.

2018.06.06 Melania Conspiracy Theories - Where's Melania? After undergoing kidney surgery, Mrs. Trump took a month off of public events. CNN fed the fire with stories about how, "she hasn't been seen in 24 days", "Where's Melania", on the station, twitter and in newsletters, and propagated FakeNews about her "plastic surgery", "she left him" or "moved back to NYC". Their defense was they were just repeating what they read on Twitter, as if that's where their journalistic line is drawn.

2018.05.22 Paige Patterson - The left (and WaPo) hate Conservative Christians, especially their leaders. And they love flocking to a good lynching: so they did a #metoo hit-piece on Paige Patterson (head of the Southern Baptist Convention) claiming he slut-shamed/blamed and urged a former seminary student (Megan Lively) not to report a rape. But the facts hint strongly at a different story, and it was a journalists responsibility to report all the facts.

2018.05.03 Cohen Wiretap - MSNBC/NBC broke the story, "“Feds tapped Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s phones,” -- and later altered the story to say, "Feds are monitoring, not listening to Cohen’s calls”: Instead of a wiretap, investigators obtained what’s known as a pen register warrant, where they get to see a log of calls made and durations, not audio of what was said.

2018.05 Cagegate - This FakeNews fiasco was the fallacy that Trump's new immigration policy was breaking up families and putting kids in cages. The omitted reality was criminals (border jumpers) have always had the kids separated from the adults, as you aren't sure who are parents, and detaining both in the same place risks harm to children. The media even used faked propaganda images from Obama era to sell it.

2018.04.26 MeToo - Brokaw denies the accusations by 3 women of unwanted sexual advances (one in 1968, two in the 1990s). Former colleagues Rachel Maddow, Andrea Mitchell, Maria Shriver, among the 64 Women that signed a letter saying Brokaw is "a man of tremendous decency and integrity", under the theory if he didn't harass them, then he didn't harass anyone else. Megyn Kelly (acting like a journalism) pointed out the tautology, "you don't know what you don't know".

2018.04.25 Bible Ban - You can have religious liberty, or a Democrat controlled government, but as California Assembly Bill 2943 shows, rarely both. Basically, it says no church or individual can practice "conversion therapy", or "pray the gay away". While I don't think those are useful, in a country with religious liberty, you don't outlaw stupid things just because you don't agree. And Fact Checkers like Snopes/FactCheck do their jobs and report the facts, instead of doing mental gymnastics to defend Democrats from themselves.

2018.04.22 YETI Coolers - In the wake of Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, YETI Coolers cut off ties to the NRA Foundation (the shooting sports division), but wouldn't say why (coincidentally timed with Delta and REI dropping the NRA). This somewhat dickish move, and the NRA's open letter, lead to backlash amongst shooting enthusiasts, many shooting their coolers for YouTube, and YETI's competitors stepping up their 2A support. Of course WaPo and Snopes "FakeChecked" by taking YETI's damage-control effort claim that they were just ending an old promotional program (that didn't apply to anyone else, they wouldn't fulfill outstanding orders, and doesn't explain the timing or lack of communication or remedy). The "Press" didn't wait for NRA's reply to that, which sounded a lot like: {cough:bullshit!}.

2018.04.13 Cohen in Prague - McClatchy claims that Cohen was in Prague, which confirms part of the Steele Dossier, and contradicts Cohen's statement that he wasn't. Only no other outlet believes that, and a few mocked McClatchy for publishing it.

2018.04.11 NRA, Russians and Newsweek - Newsweek scoop of the decade, that lots of places picked up: an article talking about 23 Russia-linked "donors" to the NRA. ZOMG. Then in the fine print... it was $2,500 total, over 3 years, the majority likely ex-pats or diplomats stationed abroad. No evidence the NRA knew or was soliciting. And there's no reason that the Russian government supporting a civil rights organization in the U.S. is a bad thing. Would the left scream if 23 Russians donated millions to Planned Parenthood or the Red Cross?

2018.03 Tax Correction - In a surprise to no one, the NYT opposes tax cuts and allowing people to keep more of their hard earned money. So they tried to torpedo the Trump tax cuts by vilified it with a long tale about Samuel and Felicity Taxpayer. Doing their taxes for them, they concluded they'd owe an additional $3,896 under the new law. The WSJ did them and explained they'd actually save $43. The Times added a small footnote to correct it (if you read the fine print)... then a tax professor at the University of Chicago pointed out the WSJ forgot to get their dependent children tax credit and were owed another $1,500 for their dependent children. (They still haven't corrected for that). So the NYT was only off by >$5,439 dollars.

2018.02.28 Nunes Memo - The Republicans voted to release the Nunes memo which said that the FBI abused power and lied to the FISA court, and mislead the public. Democrats like House Speaker and serial liar Nancy Pelosi and their Media at the time all cried foul, and said it was not true: that Nunes was making it up, and Adam Schiff released a counter-memo ("Correcting the Record") that said the Nunes memo was false. After the IG DOJ FBI Report and the House Transcripts were finally released (years later) it fully vindicated Nunes and his memo, and shows that Pelosi, Schiff, and the media that supported them were all frauds and liars (at best).

2018.02.22 NBC on Guns - NBC doesn't understand the differences between an AR-15, and a pump action shotgun, as demonstrated in this YouTube video. Not only wasn't a fact checker used, but not a single person in their editorial staff knew the basics enough to recognize their own gaffe.

2018.02.08 Cody Shearer - CNN claims Cody Shearer (the private intel operative for Hillary Clinton, and the author of Dossier #2), was an "independent journalist." He hasn't been an active journalist in DECADES, this is like referring to Adolf Hitler as an artist.

2018.02.02 Dossier Origins - Over a year and a half after the Steele Dossier was shown to be the creation of the Clinton campaign, Jim Sciutto at CNN is still repeating the lie that it was created by the Republicans.

2018.02 South Korean Olympics - There was fawning over the North Korean Brutal Dictator's (Kim Jong Un's) younger Sister (Kim Yo Jong) as the "Korean Ivanka", getting both the familial relationship, accomplishments and politics wrong (other than mass murder, prison camps, assassinations, and one of the most oppressive regimes in the world). Adoration for the North Korean Cheerleaders, giving state sponsored enthusiasm under the penalty of life in a work/prison-camp if they embarrass the regime. And forgetting to inform their readers of how serious this is for them, or reminding folks that fascist dictators could always put on big displays (like Greek Columns for their inauguration, or proclamations of stopping the Ocean's rise). And Vice President Pence's Olympic trip as a 'missed opportunity' for Korean diplomacy, which got much better under Trump than it was under Clinton or Obama.

2018.01 Fire and Fury - Michael Wolff’s wrote a error-filled hit-piece of a book against Trump, with zero credibility, so CNN promoted it and fawned all over Wolff. (Something they never do for more factually correct conservative authors). CNN's Brian Stelter attacked the RNC for quoting him with, “Real factual errors … makes you wonder about the overall content"... then Stelter had to mea culpa, when they proved he had actually said it.

2017.12.09 Crowd Tweet - WaPo Reporter (Dave Weigel) tweets photo mocking Trump's Pensacola, FL rally... but his photo was hours before Trump arrived.

2017.12.08 Trump Jr. (Wikileaks) - CNN (Manu Raju) had a "bombshell" report that Donald Trump Jr. had early, secret early access to hacked DNC emails from WikiLeaks, 9 days before they were public. It turned out wrong: he only had access to the info the day after Wikileaks went public and no special access had been given. CNN eventually quietly revised their story, but never apologized or admitted how they got the dates wrong.

2017.12.04 Trump Bank Records - Failing to learn of ABC's Flynn fiasco, only a few days earlier, Bloomberg broke a story (based on an anonymous source), that Trump's Deutsche Bank Records were subpoenaed by Mueller: the noose was closing. A few days later, admitted it was Trump, just people he might know. (WSJ had regurgitated the story, and also had to retract).

2017.12.01 Flynn Fiasco - ABC (Brian Ross) falsely reported that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was prepared to testify that then-candidate Donald Trump ordered him to make contact with the Russians. The stock market dropped a few hundred points immediately, and ABC scapegoated (Suspended) Brian Ross for their failure of quality control.

2017.12 Jeff Sessions lied about Russia - CNN and the DNC spent a ton of time making a big stink in May about Jeff Sessions lied about contact with the Russians and called for Sessions to retire over this. Sessions pointed out he met them in his duties as Senator, and that was legally excluded by the FBI from disclosure. The CNN "experts" called him a liar, and it was a big story for a month. Then in December, CNN had to quietly admit that the evidence shows Sessions was right all along. The usual front page allegation, back page retraction... and CNN viewers got more ignorant by watching the channel.

2017.12 Cheers Democrat in Election - To show their non-biased professionalism, when the Democrat Doug Jones takes the lead in the Alabama special election (over Moore), cheers can be heard on the set.

2017.11.29 Ivanka plagiarized herself - They tried to imply that Ivanka, by repeating parts of her own speech was plagiarizing... herself. That's not how any of this works. Then they altered their headline to "recycled" when called on it.

2017.11.22 WaPo Reporter collaborating with Democrats - In a surprise to no one, left leaning WaPo reporter Janell Ross gives Strategy Briefing to secret Soros/DNC dark-money donor group conference. Once caught, WaPo claims it was without approval, and had to reluctantly put her on leave... 2 months later. Even the post won't let their progressive activist (who helps Democrats win elections) get caught doing it. At least not once it goes public.

2017.11.16 FakeExperts - The paper is openly against conservatives, and Roy Moore especially. When a shaky claim of Moore's attempted rape of a girl (Beverly Nelson) and signing her yearbook came forward, Moore claimed that the document was forged and she was lying. WaPo had a Handwriting Expert (Mark Songer) authenticate the yearbook, and omitted mentioning all the contradictory evidence against the signature or Beverly's version of events. Later Beverly was forced to admit that had been forged, and WaPo never offered a retraction or apology.

2017.11.09 Roy Moore - Roy Moore was the Republican nominee in Alabama for a contested U.S. Senate seat, had run multiple campaigns for decades (with nothing coming to light). The left hates him with a blind seething passion for his positions against Gay Marriage, and for the 10 commandments, and for switching from their party. So WaPo timed a hit piece to do the most damage it could to him, and to help the DNC. I wouldn't vote for a Judge that puts his ego above the law (as it appears Moore has), but the important question is whether the allegations are true, or just true enough for WaPo's quality standards.

2017.11.06 Japan fish-feeding frenzy - CNN got caught deceptively editing a reel to make it look like Trump made a fish feeding blunder by dumping the box of food in the Koi pond, and turned it into a big story... after omitting that PM Abe did the same thing first. Then they deceptively edited a joke on where the Japanese should build more cars in America (they played it as if he didn't know they already did). CNN's author did later issue a correction for the second FakeNews fabrication of the day.

2017.10.25 Why Trump hates dogs? - Hard hitting journalists ask the big questions, "dog is famously man's best friend—but it is not this president's" And because Trump used the phrase "Couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Tennessee” it's obvious that he's a canine-hater.

2017.10.21 NPR Bias - NPR CEO did a good thing, by admitting they're biased (FakeNews)... and when the ex-CEO got out of his progressive bubble, and visited America, he was pleasantly surprised by what he found. It's a shame that this article had to run in NYPost, and is like nothing you'd ever hear on NPR.

2017.10.19 Weinstein is Trump's fault - Seriously, CNN blames Trump for Harvey Weinstein. After CNN buries 24 other sexual scandals by Democrats, and there were hundreds more, as you can see in my Gropegate list, the single biggest factor on whether CNN will cover it or bury it, is whether there's an (R) or (D) after the persons name. And even when it's obviously a Democrat, they try to think of excuses why that's really the Republicans fault.

2017.10 This is an Apple - CNN tried to combat their perception as FakeNews, by claiming that they're purveyors of truth, and those saying they aren't are liars, with "This is an Apple" ad campaign. Which started a trend of ads and meme's mocking them. The campaign is quickly dropped.

2017.09.29 FakeNews Twitter - CNN claimed that FakeNews on Twitter is what allowed Trump to win the 2016 elections: the study was debunked.

2017.09.28 Boobgate - CNN reporter was shocked when a radio jock said that he loved boobs... then gushes over Hugh Hefner after he died.

2017.09 Hurricane Maria - While the FEMA preparation and response to Hurricane Maria was fantastic, but the Democrat controlled Island Government failed to distribute those supplies, turning a disaster into a catastrophe. While Puerto Rico’s own governor, Ricardo Rosselló, was praising Trump’s attention and response to Hurricane Maria, CNN was spinning FakeNews as this was Trump’s ‘Katrina', (and kept beating on that meme for a year)... trying desperately to point blame towards the President for the failure of Democrat controlled Puerto Rican infrastructure. (Texas and Florida had no such problems, despite similar hits).

2017.08.31 Manafort 'Donations' - NBC News hyped as a “bombshell” last week, that the, “Manafort Notes From Russian Meet Contain Cryptic Reference to ‘Donations'”. This could be pay-to-play and impeachment. Then they issued a confusing correction (same day) that they meant to say "Donor". Only that didn't appear in the original either. And WaPo slammed NBC for trashy journalism.

2017.08.28 Ted Cruz Ambush - To give you an idea of the kind of ambush politics they play, in the middle of a Natural Disaster, where Ted Cruz is talking about disaster relief Katy Tur drops a bombshell attack, "a lot of people are pointing out that you voted against aid for Sandy" (back in 2012)... and saying, "You're asking for money now when you weren't willing to help the people in the Northeast. What do you have to say to them?” Talk about the classic, scummy, "do you beat your wife often?" kind of question.

2017.08.21 Hallmark of Dishonesty - Politicizing everything into being Trumps fault is FakeNews. Like the headline, "The feel-good Hallmark Channel is booming in the age of Trump". Damn that Trump ruins everything, so in 2017 what are poor viewers to do but shelter themselves from his madness, as demonstrated by a 9 percent increase in Hallmark viewers (escapism). Never-mind the lie of omission that Hallmark saw a 46 percent increase in viewers the year before, so viewership growth is down under Trump.

2017.08.18 Antifa Apologism - After years of calling the Tea Party "tea baggers", or misrepresenting the alt-right, they wrote a 100% sympathetic piece of propaganda promoting antifa, after months of not reporting violence at their events or agenda. "These poor enraged kids are fighting for a good cause, just not in a good way".

2017.06.16 only Democrats prayed for Scalise - After Bernie Sander supporter and left wing activist (James T. Hodgkinson) shot Republican Steve Scalise practicing baseball, CNN misreported that (a) Trump had not visited Scalise: he had. (b) only Democrats prayed for Scalise and his recovery: it was both teams. (c) I'm not even getting into all the omitted/erroneous details on Hodgkinson's background or motives, and getting gun details wrong (including in this case). All of which is tweeted/retweeted as fact, by the gullible.

2017.06.13 Cillizza FakeNews fiasco - After mocking leftist (CNN) Trump conspiracy theories, Chris Cillizza joins CNN's ranks, and reverses course. He whines about Trump's accusations of FakeNews with a challenge to offer specific examples... which results in a tidal-wave (thousands) of twitter responses (2,400+ examples).

2017.06.12 Omits Islam from Islamic attack - In remembrance of Orlando (Pulse) nightclub shooting, where violent Islamic radical Omar Mateen shot 49 people in a terrorist attack, WaPo forgot to mention anything about Islam or Terror. They remembered to stress the need for gun control and gay safe spaces, since neither was relevant: Omar didn't know it was a gay nightclub, and there's no proposed gun control laws that would have helped. It's kind of like blaming 9/11 attack on pilot error, and demanding more flight hours before getting your license.

2017.06.06 Trump was under Investigation - CNN's argument for 3+ month had been that Trump would be impeached for Obstruction of Justice, because he fired Comey, over Comey not stopping an investigation. That's at least 3 pieces of FakeNews in one:
  • 🔥 CNN claimed Comey is going to testify that Trump lied ("multiple times") when claiming that Comey told him "he wasn't under investigation". Comey instead confirms Trump's version (Trump was not under investigation). CNN forced to retract.
  • 🔥 This crushes CNN's claims that Trump fired Comey because he wouldn't stop the investigation, if there was no investigation then he couldn't have fired Comey over it.
  • 🔥 This also crushes CNN's claims that Trump firing Comey was obstruction. No investigation = No obstruction!

2017.06.06 Reza Aslan firing - CNN said they should be viewed as “the one nonpartisan cable news network"... which backlashed, when (after a year of prior obvious bias and slander) people used that claim to force them to reluctantly prove it and fire Reza Aslan (their "religious scholar") after he called Trump a piece of shit. This happened right after one of their favorite contributors (Kathy Griffen) beheaded the President in effigy, so the optics were too bad to sweep it under the rug.

2017.06.04 Staging Protest - Becky Anderson fakes a News Report in London, or they got caught staging protests for the camera, or they use green screens or split screen to pretend they're somewhere they aren't, all to manipulate the public. Their defense was "everyone does it".

2017.06.01 Paris Climate Accord - The ACLU moronically claims that pulling out of the do-nothing Paris Climate Accord was fostering racism, other outlets claim it's the end of civilization (or American leadership). If they could do basic economics, they'd remember that the 400,000 jobs that the billions of dollars to Paris would have cost, would most likely have to come from somewhere, and that's usually those on the bottom end of the employment scales (which are often minorities). Every place that repeated that claim without mocking it, was propagating FakeNews.

2017.05.25 NATO - Trump criticized NATO (as he has during his campaign) for bearing the brunt of NATO costs (true), and intimidates them into living up to their obligations and coming up with more money. The leftists, their Press and their fact checkers all pretend this is end of days and proof that:
    • Demanding more defense spending (against Russia) makes him a puppet of Russia.
    • That him claiming the U.S. pays 70-90% of NATO is a lie. It's true... depending on what you mean.
    • He "shoved" Montenegro Prime Minister.
    • That he's alienating our allies and going to break up NATO.
    • A year+ later, the head of NATO admits that his tough talk got NATO contributions up by over $100B, and it is stronger than ever, thanks to Trump.

2017.05.25 Headline Sensationalism - Burying the lede is an old time propaganda trick: a headline that says one thing, "JARED KUSHNER NOW A FOCUS IN RUSSIA INVESTIGATION"... wow, that's bad. Then bury plausible deniability in the 5th Paragraph: "[WaPo] has NOT been told that Kushner is a target — or the central focus — of the investigation, and he has NOT been accused of any wrongdoing." <- you just contradicted what you lead your readers to believe. That's the definition of FakeNews. Especially for readers that stop at the headline, or can't see the truth past the paywall! (The NYT and NPR did it as well).

2017.05.17 Seth Rich - There was a lot of news around Seth Rich (murdered) of being the source of the WikiLeaks emails, including inferences from Julian Assange himself. Because it didn't fit WaPo's narrative, they were mum on the whole topic. The reports at the time are likely bullshit (and have since been altered or purged), but there was more evidence for it at the time than there was for most stories WaPo was running that was blaming it on "the Russians". Even if you only report something to refute it, suppressing things you don't like is called FakeNews.

2017.05.15 Russia-leak Cheers - WaPo invents a FakeNews story (that Trump leaked info to the Russians, which was debunked), then they are heard cheering about it breaking a Hollywood Access record for most readers per minute. We don't know if they're cheering the Russians, their undermining of the truth, that their lie is so popular that their gullible readers believe it, or that they're now more FakeNews (Gossipy) than Hollywood access. None seems to reflect well on them.

2017.05.15 Russia-Leaks - WaPo invented a story that Trump leaked highly classified information to Russian ambassador. Ignoring that Trump has the ultimate authority on what is classified or not (so he can't be guilty of leaking), the head of National Security was in the room and said it didn't happen. WaPo never retracted their "scoop", despite no evidence to support it.

2017.05.11 Trump to fire Spicer - Starting in May, CNN was saying they had great information that Sean Spicer was out and going to be fired by Trump (any day). He wasn't. Spicer was unhappy about the appointment of Scaramucci, and at the end of July he resigned, while Trump asked Spicer to stay, and he did until August. This was the opposite of what CNN had been saying.

2017.05.11 Trump gets 2 scoops of Ice cream - According to Time and CNN's breaking news, Trump likes 2 scoops of Ice cream, while everyone else at the table gets only one. Unvetted rumors of the President being an ice cream hound isn't news, despite CNN devoting multiple segments to it. This is an epitome of FakeNews.

2017.05.10 anti-Wikileaks - WikiLeaks has 100% perfect record of authentic and accurately-vetted releases, so NPR and MSNBC tried to trash them by pointing to non-Wikileaks content, and pointing out that since some of it isn't valid, then you shouldn't trust Wikileaks.

2017.05.04 Rape and Violence - CNN Says Trump changes to ACA will make Rape and Domestic Violence a Pre-Existing Condition. Even left of center PolitiFact, had to admit that one was FakeNews, "the bill does not change what is or is not a pre-existing condition; the health insurance companies write those definitions for themselves". No correction from CNN.

2017.05 James Comey Firing - For 6 months the media and Democrats had demanded the firing of James Comey. Trump waited until an FBI report cited evidence of gross misconduct, and then the AG fired Comey after consulting with Trump. The Democrats and their Media (NYT, WaPo, Politico, CNN, MSNBC), switched sides and screamed that this was illegal, obstruction of justice, proof of Russia collusion, and other things that were all later debunked.

2017.04.21 Carter Page Colluded with Russia - CNN claimed many times that Carter Paige colluded with Russia (wrt Trump Campaign), and spread the myth amongst their viewers for a year. It turns out that Carter Page was a victim of Obama Administration using National Intelligence to lie to federal judges, to spy on the Trump campaign during an election. After tapping his phones and so on, nobody has been able to find anything to tie him to Russian collusion.

2017.04.11 Spicer: Hitler didn't use chemical weapons - Sean Spicer (WhiteHouse Press Secretary) while talking about Assad (Syria) use of chemical weapons, misspoke (said something completely true but inartfully worded) and corrected himself (clarified that "as a tool of war" and not talking about gassing civilians) and apologized all in the same news-conference. Far left outfits like CNN, CBS, MSNBC, Snopes, Politifact, all ignored the correction/clarification and used the gaff as a way to attack Spicer and Trump, and spin a non-story into evidence of why they were a bad administration. They also ignored many cases where others on the left had said the same truth. Lies of omission, and sensationalism, are evidence of propaganda/FakeNews.

2017.03.25 MAGA Assault - Jessica Aguilar was a 23 year old anti-Trump demonstrator that assaulted a guy, twice, on an OC beach for having the audacity to wear a MAGA hat. This and a few dozen other assaults on Trump supporters (like when anti-Trumpers pepper-sprayed the pro-Trump marchers), and lead to a riot/brawl on Bolsa Chica State Beach. Of course the FakeNews LAT spun it the other way.

2017.03.05 Rasmea Odeh - The March 8th "Day Without A Woman" protest was created by Rasmea: a Palestinian anti-semite terrorist, guilty of a 1969 bombing and murder of 2 in Israel. Snopes took the far left BDS/Palestinian position of using false and debunked excuses for her behavior.

2017.03 Over 2,000 Bomb Threats - In the first few months of 2017, many Jewish centers in the U.S. (UK, Oz, NZ, and Norway) were receiving Bomb threats and far left organizations like the ADL and various media outlets said it was like the work of "right wing Christians in the United States", or on CNN Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D) said, "Donald Trump Supporters". Remember, each event was counted as an individual hate crime according to the Fear-Industrial-Complex. Finally, in March a 19-year-old Jewish Israeli-American named Michael Ron David Kadar was arrested. He had been perpetrating many of them because he was rejected from the Israeli Defense Forces over mental health issues and a brain tumor. And Juan M. Thompson (a former journalist for The Intercept) was also arrested for many more: he was trying frame a woman he'd dated.

2017.02.28 Sitting for Seal Widow - This is a famous case where the Democrats were remaining seated during Trump's first address to congress in 2017, in protest of his very existence. As Ben Shapiro wrote, the Democrats unfortuitously decided to keep their asses planted for the 2nd standing ovation for a Navy Seal who gave his life (and his widow), and PolitiFact, FactCheck and Snopes misrepresented their stories to not make the Democrats look as bad as their contemptuous partisan behavior had been for the whole night, or to make it look like Ben Shapiro had misrepresented things that he had not.

2017.02.24 Shut-out over facts - CNN whines (after getting shut out of a Press event after running the Fake Dossier) that it was retaliation because "this is how they retaliate when 'you report facts they don't like'. We'll keep reporting regardless". There's at least 4 pieces of FakeNews in that one line:
  • 🔥 the Dossier wasn't "facts" it was lies (debunked): germaphobes aren't into watersports you morons
  • 🔥 thus if they were shut out of over the Dossier, it wasn't because they told "facts", it was because they repeated a lie (and refused to correct it)
  • 🔥 They weren't shut-out over just the Dossier, but over: Dossier, Russia, and dozens of other FakeNews stories listed in this section.
  • 🔥 At the same time, Project Veritas showed a senior CNN producer (John Bonifield), admitting the whole Russia meme was bullshit, they had no evidence, and they'd been on a witchhunt, and they knew it was a lie all along: just like the President said. .
  • 🔥 CNN had to fire 3 people and pull more off the Russia fraud and FakeCollusion (a couple months later). But they never corrected, clarified or apologized for the prior year of misreporting. That would be too much like journalism.

2017.02.15 Tucker Carlson roasts Erik Wemple - Video where Tucker calls out WaPo (Erik Wemple, their media critic) for criticizing Trump administration over "Russia" ties, while they are running "native advertising", which is code for Russia writes and distributes their own propaganda pamphlets distributed inside WaPo. This being done while WaPo media editor is slamming competitors (Mike Allen / Politico) for doing the same thing. Then he goes on to demonstrate many mistakes the paper made and their own media reporter didn't cover. Hypocrisy is FakeNews.

2017.02.15 Russian Contact - CNN repeatedly claimed Trump had "constant contact" with Russians during campaign. Only Trump didn't appear to have any direct contact. And it is normal for their campaigns to have some, but Trump's had less than normal and certainly less than Hillary's campaign (with the Steel Dossier). And many investigations have not found anything to hint that he colluded with the Russians to fix a campaign. Or that the Russians did anything to successfully change the outcome of our election.

2017.02.10 Akie Abe - FakeNews story that Melania Trump blew off Akie Abe (Japan PM's wife) during the PM's visit. Photos show Donald and Melania with her at the time. No apology or retraction.

2017.02.09 FakeNews - CNN uses ‘Fake News' widely to attack Trump/Conservatives, then claims the term is like using the N-Word when Trump uses it back (with more justification). Then when Bernie Sanders uses the 100 year old term and jokes that CNN is "Fake News", they 'accidentally' lose his connection.

2017.02 Trumps ExecOrder cause a Woman's Death - CNN's Erol Lewis pushed a false story that Trump’s Executive Immigration Order caused Michigan Woman’s Death, after the story had already been disproven. If they retracted and apologized, they might not be known as FakeNews.

2017.01.31 Hardiman Decoy - CNN falsely Claims Trump Brought Judge Neil Hardiman to DC (and setup a fake twitter account) as Supreme Court Nominee ‘Decoy’, and that's why they were mistaken. Hardiman wasn't in town, wasn't a decoy, it wasn't his twitter account, and if they fact checked, they'd have known that.

2017.01.23 Wall of Sacrifice - CNN (Jim Sciutto) insisted Donald Trump didn’t “say anything” about the CIA's wall of sacrifice behind him during his speech to employees at the Central Intelligence Agency - proven false.

2017.01.20 Scrubbed Climate Change and LGBT - ZOMG: Minutes in, and Trump is purging the Government (White House Website) of LGBT and Climate Change info: OrangeMan Bad! Only, this normal operating procedure to archive the old White House pages and start fresh (it happened under Clinton->Bush and Bush->Obama). No retractions, corrections or apologies given.

2017.01.20 Nancy Sinatra - Nancy tweeted a joke about her late father’s song “My Way,” being used at Trump’s Inauguration. She tweeted, "just remember the first line of the song", which is, “And now, the end is near.” CNN used that to invent a FakeNews story that she was “not happy” about Trump using her father’s song at the Inauguration. To which she replied, "That’s not true. I never said that. Why do you lie, CNN? What a rotten spin to put on a harmless joke.”

2017.01.20 MLK Bust - Time/Examiner - Trump pulled the MLK bust out of Oval Office. Never mind, it was moved in the same room, and the Churchill bust that Obama removed was brought back. Lesson: don't shittweet before factcheck!

2017.01.10 Fake Dossier - Most media outlets (besides BuzzFeed) avoided the salacious Steele (Pee Pee) Dossier. But once it ran, plenty (NYT, CNN/Evan Perez, MSNBC, NBC, etc), republished it and/or jumped on board to talk about it, and not refute its abusrdity, or clarify its provenance as a dirty/corrupt election trick (created by the DNC) and used to get illegal warrants and undermine our democracy. Instead CNN/BuzzFeed used it to infer that Trump had Russian ties (collusion), or was compromised and other FakeNews.

2017.01.02 Fallout 4 - In order to show how serious this Russia Hacking thing is, CNN used screenshots from Fallout 4, as a graphic, because nothing says quality news like made up photos from a game, to show the seriousness of the issue! Not good optics.

2017 Republicans funded the Dossier - If you heard that Republicans funded the Steele "Pee Pee" Dossier, you're a victim of FakeNews. Many Democrat operatives are guilty of repeating the lie: New York Magazine (Jonathan Chait), CNN (Brian Fallon), MSNBC’s (Velshi & Ruhle and Rachel Maddow), NBC (Christina Ginn), AP, New York Times, even James Comey. AP issued a correction, NYT clarified in later articles, but most others let the lie/confusion stand, or underplayed the truth: that it was bought and paid for by the DNC and Hillary campaign, and used to get illegal warrants and put a paid spy in the Trump campaign.

2017 Obama Wiretapping - In March, CNN and other far-left outlets denounced Trumps claim that Obama had wiretapped phones in Trump Tower as a “flat-out lie.” (Despite the fact that Trump was quoting the NYT on that). By September they admitted that Carter Page and Paul Manafort were both wiretapped (while in Trump Tower). Not only don't they offer a retraction/apology, they still mock the idea that there was wiretapping, long after they admitted that it was proven true.

2017 More Comey Fakes - Beside the debunked FakeNews Trump under Investigation, or Comey Firing tropes. There were these sub-claims that were all debunked as well:
  • 🔥 CNN claimed Comey wasn't granted more resources for investigation: False
  • 🔥 Trump is going to live tweet during Comey hearing: False
  • 🔥 Comey is a Boy Scout and apolitical: False
  • 🔥 Trump fired Comey over investigation (the Dossier was getting close), not for incompetence or violation of ethics: the FBI's report showed that was False.

2017 Melania - Double-standards are FakeNews. Compare how CNN, NYT, and other media outlets fawned over Michelle Obama (or Jackie O) and her ugly fashion sense. While they snub or the only time they comment on Melania (the best looking and best dressed of our First Ladies ever), is to question her fashion choices.

2017 - 17 Intelligence Agencies - The Hillary Campaign Talking Point was that "17 intelligence agencies" agreed that Russians had hacked the election. The NYT printed it and CNN repeated it for years. James Clapper admitted in front of congress that was bullshit and that he only had 3 (or 4) agencies under his purview, and that 2 of them had disagreed until pressured. CNN repeated it long after it was debunked, and never retracted or corrected the record, which is why their viewers still think it's true. NYT and others at least offered corrected versions later.

2016.12.31 Russians hack our power grid - Amid rising tension over the DNC's fake Trump Russian Collusion narrative, WaPo (Ellen Nakashima and Juliet Eilperin) invented that the Russians were also responsible for a Vermont PowerGrid attack. The Utility denied the claim, and WaPo tries to blame them, and claims they'd contacted them, and rewrites the story... but botches the rewrite as well. And it appears that they lied about trying to contact the power companies, and hadn't done their due diligence.

2016.12.22 Embezzling, Hookers, Divorce (oh my) - Just because David Mikkelson (CEO/Founder) was caught up in an unsavory divorce, or embezzled money to rent hookers, and they have no hard defined editorial standards, doesn't mean everything they wrote is crap. Most of it is fine. But the point is that I'm unconvinced that they're the paragon of moral, ethical and quality standards.

2016.12.21 Kicked off Delta for speaking Arabic - Adam Saleh (known hoaxer) claimed he got kicked out of a Delta flight because he spoke Arabic to his mom. Media outlets ran with Saleh’s story without checking the source. They were really kicked off for yelling back and forth after being asked to be quiet, and not following directions, and then they started filming claiming they were victims.

2016.12.09 Sophisticated Russians Hack - WaPo claims that a sophisticated attack by Russians to hack the election happened: security experts laugh it off as both amateur hour of an attack (off-the-shelf and out-of-date root-kit with a spear-phishing campaign), fuzzy ties to Russians, no hacking of the actual election (only leaking the truth via DNC emails: aka investigative journalism), and no evidence that they were the source for Wikileaks.

2016.12.03 Whites assault Muslim in NYC - Poor 18yo Baruch College Student Yasmin Seweid, 3 white Trump supporters screamed "terrorist go home!" and tore her Hijab off, while onlookers ignored it... according to all the news outlets. Then it comes out she made the whole thing up, and virtually none corrected or retracted the story, or reported the story of the hundreds of FakeHate crimes that happened.

2016.11.15 Six Communists arrested for assaulting Trump supporters - The "peaceful" protestors (according to FakeNews) and members of Red Guards Austin, were arrested for felony aggravated assault on Trump supporters while wearing masks, also resisting and evading arrest.

2016.11.14 Fake Homophobic note at Chicago's North Park University - Taylor Volk, a bisexual senior, claimed she was the recipient of a homophobic note and anonymous hate emails by Trump supporters. After NBC had sensationalized it, it came out that Taylor had faked it herself.

2016.11.13 Indiana Church Grafitti - David's Episcopal Church in Bean Blossom (40 miles out of Indianapolis) had "Fag Church", "Swastika" and "Heil Trump" spray painted on it (the church recognizes Gay Marriage). It later came out that George "Nathan" Stang is a gay man that did it to get attention in a False Flag effort. CNN and USAToday sensationalized the story, and USAToday tried to correct the record.

2016.11.13 Anti-Trump graffiti in L.A. - "Fucc Trump" graffiti popped up on Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles.

2016.11.11 Oberlin v Gibson Bakery - Three underage black Oberlin students were shoplifting wine at Gibson’s bakery, and got caught. So they assaulted, beat down, and kicked the owner. An arrest followed, and the three were able to plead guilty to misdemeanors and get probation without any fines and a short probationary period. Black racist activist students, encouraged by activist faculty, claimed since it was a white shop owner and African-American students that it must have been racial profiling (ignore the crimes). Protests ensued with the aggitation of Oberlin College administrators and professors during the week of Trumps election. The FakeNews outlets used this as evidence of racism running rampant since Trump's election. The Bakery was furious at the damage done to their reputation and sued for economic and reputation loss from the protests, then graciously offered to withdraw it if the University just apologized and issuing a letter to students reiterating Gibsons weren't racists. The University refused and lost $11M in damages. Then the college wrote an offensive letter attacking the jury for the verdict, and cried poor despite $1B endowment, and lost an additional $22M in punitive damages (and legal fees on top). The cops confirmed that of the 40 shoplifting cases at the store (reported to law enforcement), only 6 were black patrons (not racial profiling).

2016.11.11 Louisiana Muslim claimed robbed by whites - A Muslim woman faces criminal charges in Louisiana over a fake story about how she was attacked by MAGA hat wearing white men, who yelled racial slurs and stole both her wallet and her hijab. The FakeNews widely reported this, and rarely corrected the record.

2016.11.10 Black mob beats white guy for voting for Trump - David Wilcox was beaten (and dragged through the streets) for being a Trump Voter in Chicago. Unlike the later Jussie Smollett case, this assault was a real hate crime in Chicago, and the national media had no interest.

2016.11.08 Trump Loses - "Trump has no path to 270 - he can't win", "This race is over!", "Hillary has >90% chance of winning." -- CNN, WaPo and others were wrong on everything. Not only that he could win, but which states and groups he'd carry.

2016.11.02 NBC Goons beat me up - Guy wore anti-Bill Clinton T-Shirt to NBC Today Show, and was bloodied and bruised by NBC security. When he complained, NBC retorted that wearing that shirt, he was asking for it. There is a lawsuit.

2016.11.01 Greenville, Mississippi black church fire - Right before the election, a Greenville, Mississippi church (Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church) was set on fire and spray painted with the words “Vote Trump”, by Andrew McClinton. Of course all the leftist FakeNews outlets (Atlantic, NYT, CNN, SPLC) ran sensational headlines about how bad Trump and his white supremacist supporters were to foster such hate. Only it came out later that it was done by one of the churches black congregants, who hated Trump and it was a false flag effort. Many quietly updated their story, or ran a retraction a month after the damage had been done. SPLC left it on their hate map to mislead the public about how bad the problem is.

2016.10.31 Election Tampering - CNN’s Donna Brazile fed Hillary Clinton the debate questions ahead of debate. CNN/Donna denied it, it was later proven. It took CNN about a month to reluctantly fire her after so many years of polemic service.

2016.10.24 Stock Market Crash - CNN predicts a Trump win will crash stock markets 10-15%, but a Clinton win would be great. The stock market responded to a Trump win by leaping upward, and continued to break records for a couple years, before having a normal correction. In fact, it when ABC spread Fake rumors of Trump's tax plan getting blocked, the market did panic (not the other way around). The point is not that CNN is often wrong (they are), but they sound more like DNC than news.

2016.10.17 Illegal to read Wikileaks - CNN's Chris Cuomo moronically says it's illegal for the public to look at Wikileaks, but it's different for the media (so trust them to filter for you). Both are wrong. Even left of center WaPo had to admit that was FakeNews. In the name of journalistic standards, he was never fired, nor issued a retraction or apology.

2016.10.02 Molon Labe - NPR tries to school the right on something NPR knows little about: in this case anything to do with guns (or canons), or History. Which begs the question, "Why do we have to subsidize them"? It's not that I dislike NPR, but whenever I hear them on conservative issues, they usually fuck it up, big time. Like this example on where Molon Labe comes from, and why it's wrong to use it with AR-15's instead of a canon.

2016.09.30 San Diego assault - A SDSU student (Feras Jabro) was doing citizen journalism in El Cajon, where protests were happening over the shooting of Alfred Olango (Ugandan refugee, repeat drug dealer and felon) after Alfred pulled a large vape pen from his pocket, got in a shooting stance while pointing it at a cop, who returned fire. Feras was filming day-2 of the BlackLivesMatters protests and asking questions while wearing a MAGA hat, and was beaten, kicked, and had bottles thrown at him while he fled the scene. CBS News and Reuters reported it as a peaceful protest, and Feras as the agitator (for beating the assailants fists and feet with his face?). A separate cameraman was also mugged.

2016.09.27 Alfred Olango Shooting - Alfred Olango was a Ugandan refugee living in El Cajon are of San Diego. Alfred was a repeat drug dealer, drunk driver, who illegally owned a firearm, and otherwise repeat felon with mental issues. Police were called to the scene of a disturbance where Alfred was walking erratically into traffic, and causing a ruckus. When police approached him, he quickly pulled a large vape pen (3" long silver, with a 4" case) from his pocket, got in a shooting stance while pointing it at a cop, who returned fire. Alfred's sister claimed cops killed his brother for no reason, and the media played along, fostering outrage and violent protests. This later led to an assault on a Trump Supporter for filming a protest while wearing a MAGA hat.

2016.09.23 Bush lost 22 Million Emails - Ignoring that the point of their whataboutism was to distract from Hillary Clinton's high crimes of intentionally deleting government property and evidence of her crimes, while Bush's was a temporary (and rectified) transition. Most of the lies in their "Bush lost 22 Million Emails" piece are lies of omission, in at least this event kinda happened, just not in how they represented it.

2016.08.16 Calling for peace? - CNN falsely claims (and edits a video to show), Sherelle Smith and Kimberly Neal were “calling for peace” amidst riots in their neighborhood. Only they were clearly not. In the unedited video they said, , “Y’all burning down shit we need in our community. Take that shitt to the suburbs. Burn that shit down.” (1) CNN didn't offer a correction or apology, they just edited what they said, on the sly. (Not Journalism) (2) Their "correction" was still wrong.

2016.08.09 Lesbian Central Michigan University Professor beats herself up - While attending a Toby Keith concert Mari Poindexter claims a man called her a “cross-dressing fag", then ambushed her in the parking lot. CMU and the media rallied around her. Later it was exposed she punched herself in the eye, and made up the story to "raise awareness".

2016.07.26 Flags at DNC - Conservative media outlets (like DC) noted that the American flag was conspicuously physically absent on the set of the Democratic National Convention on its first day. Left-of-center Politifact admitted it too. But liberal media went into full-spin mode. Snopes shifted from unbiased fact checker to DNC operative. They "debunked" straw-men: (a) they were on stage in digital form or in the audience on day-2 (no one said they weren't) (b) they showed the flags on stage Day-2 and misattributed to Day-1. Then changed the claim to "on stage at all. Rephrasing the question until the answer is correct, is not fact checking assholes.

2016.07.07 Omar Mateen a Democrat - After the left tried to paint Orlando nightclub shooter (Omar Mateen) as a conservative anti-Gay person, a few places pointed out he was registered to vote as a Democrat (and was a Muslim that didn't appear to know/care it was a gay nightclub). Snopes jumped in to defend their allies on the left, and did logic-yoga to conclude that while Omar might have registered as a Democrat, he might have changed his mind between registration and hit mass-murder.

2016.07.07 Micah Xavier Johnson - Black Lives Matter member and part of other black power organizations (including Black Panthers), goes out and shoots 16 people (killing 5 cops), to get cops/whites back for the fake injustices of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. The press got the gun wrong (not assault rifle), and downplayed his associations with BLM, pretending their agitation had nothing to do with it.

2016.06 Anthony Scaramucci - CNN published a story (based on one anonymous source), claiming Anthony Scaramucci was being investigated by the Senate into the Russian Direct Investment Fund. They had to retract it, and admit it wasn't up to their editorial standards, and three reporters had to resign. It's like Journalism, without the standards.

2016.05.06 Birth of Birthers - Fact checkers (CNN, Politifact, Snopes, FactCheck) answered whether Hillary originated the Birther movement, and exonerated her. It was only her top strategists plan and her campaign staffers, but not her personally -- so they pretended that Trump was lying to imply she had anything to do with creating these rumors that her campaign gleefully twisted and spread. So dishonest.

2016.05.02 Hillary and the Rapist - One complaint was against Hillary for laughing about getting a child rapist off when she was a defense lawyer. This was true. Even lefty-FactCheck admitted it was true. But Snopes, WaPo and Politifact parsed words, inferred intent (It was just a nervous laugh), and went beyond fact checking into water-carrier status. The truth is she did defend a rapist, she did laugh about getting him off, and she helped get him off by attacking the victim.

2016.04.14 Gay Pastor sues Whole Foods over gay slur cake - Openly gay Texas pastor (Jordan Brown) claimed a cake he bought said, "Fag". The media ran with it. Whole Foods released security video that showed it didn't when it left the store, and counter-sued. Brown apologized. The media didn't.

2016.03.10 B & L Landscape Company (Florida) - After worker (Ezequiel Soriano Lopez) shot his boss (Andrew William Little) of B & L landscape (Jacksonville, FL), a 3rd employee (Joseph Curry) drew his gun and stopped the rampage from going further, and prevented Lopez from leaving until the police arrived. Most media (and ABC) omits key context.

2016.02.10 Hamilton, Alabama - Jimmy Cooper (mentally disturbed individual) shot two people, but was stopped by an anonymous armed civilian shot at and distract Cooper. His role was downplayed by the media, but appears to be a critical factor in reducing loss of life.

2016.02.04 University of Albany Race Hoax - Two black female college students (Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell), and a Latina (Alexis Briggs) were BLM supporters, claimed to be victims of an assault by a group of whites. They made it up after assaulting a white woman first. The girls were convicted, fined, suspended, made to do community service, and put on probation. Hillary had tweeted about it, CNN covered it, never issued apology.

2016- Russia Trump-Collusion FakeNews Fiasco - 🔥 CNN, NYT, WaPo, MSNBC and all the left leaning media has been promoting this FakeNews Fraud that there was Trump-Russia Collusion, that collusion is a crime (it isn't or Carter, Kennedy, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama would all be in prison).
    • The FBI/CIA and finally James Comey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee that the New York Times (and other reports) that accused Trump associates of “repeated contacts with Russian intelligence” was “almost entirely wrong" or “just dead wrong". There's no evidence of Trump collusion. For over a year the media still reports/misreports the Russian collusion: CNN and others still quoting from the debunked NYT report.
    • While the FakeNews was harping on the issue for a year, the only real evidence of collusion was of the Hillary campaign and DNC paying for the Fake Dossier (what real collusion looks like), the FakeNews outlets ignored it (lie of omission).
    • Finally, it ended with 3 of CNN's reporters getting fired. But no apology or correction issued for the prior year of FakeNews.

2016 Obama, Hillary and the Russian "pee-pee" Dossier -
April 2016, Hillary Clinton's campaign and the DNC, paid the Russians/Christopher Steele, through a consulting firm Fusion GPS, via their money launderer/lawyer (Marc Elias/Perkins Coie), to do salacious opposition research on Donald Trump. They invented a fake and discredited dossier. Then DNC operatives like (James Comey, John McCain, etc.) leaked it to the Press. The Obama administration intelligence agencies, then used that discredited dossier (and the FakeNews) to lie to the FISA Courts, to get illegal warrants, to spy on Trump administration officials, illegally unmasking Americans (leaking their names, details), and then obstructing justice when investigating what happened. Then when Trump legally fired James Comey, at the recommendation of the FBI's ethics investigation for gross incompetence, leaking documents and perjuring himself, the DNC and their media used that to call for investigation into Trump for collusion and obstruction, and for denying he did anything wrong. After winning a Pulitzer Prize for perpetuating the lie, it took FakeNews outlets like NYT over 3 years to quietly admit their mistake in perpetuating this fraud, all along. (The Prize was not rescinded since the truth takes a back seat to the agenda). Everything the Democrats accused the Trump Administration of, Hillary actually did.

2016 Hating Trump - The NYT despises Trump as much as they loved and wrote puff-pieces about Obama. They compare Trump to Manson (a far left hippie trying to start a race war), or Hitler (a far left Socialist), or worse, in supposed News articles. They got caught inventing stories like "Pence is going to run against Trump in 2020" -- which Pence called "Laughably Absurd". Their political editor, and many lower editors openly or got tricked into admitting their bias.

2016 Cover Bias - The photos you choose (or covers), can tell quite a story about your intent/bias. Time Magazine has a proud history of demonstrating bias in photojournalism.

2015.12.13 NYT FakeNews about Guns - There was another anti-gun hit-piece in NYT, where they gave up all semblance of journalism and integrity, and decided to turn over their editorial pages to founder of UT Students Against Guns on Campus (with no common sense or rebuttals allowed, as usual). The lies of omission make you dumber for reading the article, as you'll come out less informed and more confident of the opposite (like Progressives on most issues they know nothing about). And then some wonder why the informed on topics mock the NYT as a caricature of what Journalism is supposed to be?


If you think my list of a couple hundred is comprehensive, you're way mistaken. For ever example I found, there are likely dozens that I have not.

Just breaking down Trump alone:

  • There's whole sites like TheGivingTrump.com that documents a couple hundred cases of Trump's philanthropy over the years.
  • There are sites like MSMLies.com that have a few hundred examples of the media getting it wrong as well.
  • While I have some of the Fake Hate articles listed here, these are only ones where the media clearly mislead. The more comprehensive list has lies of omission (ones you never heard about), and certainly, how many stories in NYT or elsewhere have you read that refers to the total number of Fake crimes there are? Omitting that context when talking about the topic is Fake News as well.
  • There's AttacksOnTrumpSupporters.com or my own smaller but more details Real Hate that shows some of the many attacks that conservatives/Trump supporters have dealt with. The fact that there's not MORE counter-violence and retaliation reflects who has the moral high ground.

If you haven't heard of all of this in the Press, and any of this is news to you, it tells you more about the Press than Trump. And the Presses bias against Trump is a small subset of the problem of their bias for progressive / far-left causes, against conservatives at large.

So the reason that confidence in the Press has crashed is NOT because people are less informed -- but because it's harder for the Press to hide their bias, errors, and crappy standards in the Information Age.


📚 References