Facebook Russian-Collusion scandal

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The media is acting like there's some big scandal around Facebook allowing a micro-fraction of their ads, or some fake accounts, impacted the 2016 election. It's all garbage (💩). (1)Scale makes this irrelevant (2) There's no evidence it mattered at all in the election (3) It was done mostly before the primary or after election (4) Most of the ads weren't against Hillary or supported DNC causes. So this is flim-flamming excuses by her troll army, or those unwilling to admit that she was just a bad candidate.


Hillary started the fake Russia thing via Pete Brognitz (June 2015) -- because polling showed her top weakness was on Uranium One (20% of Uranium) and colluding with the Russians. So their defense was to claim the other side did it too/first/etc., to distract/weaken the attack against her. Podesta emails proved it.


Remember the Russian goals: (1) Sow division using identity politics (to polarize the nation) (2) Sensationalize insignificant non-events using the media to sow fear/hate/divisions (3) Undermine the election results (4) Magnify wild conspiracy theories

Same message as the DNC and BLM. Thus the Russians ad buy was economically and politically irrelevant -- and it was targeted towards Hillary's causes more than Trump's. So much for that collusion theory. The media sensationalizing either BLM, DNC and other progressive talking point (saying the same things as the Russians wanted), made a far bigger impact.

Hillary and her supporters claiming the election was rigged, that the russians had undermined the election: that was priceless value at undermining the Republic -- and had a far better impact than the Russians could have ever hoped for. And the conspiracy theories (all later disproven) that came out of the DNC and their supporters was exactly what the Russians wanted. I'm NOT saying they knowing conspired with the Russians. Just they had the same goals and message: to undermine the U.S. for political gains. (If they didn't win, they wanted to burn it all down and start over).



What were the ads about? You never hear those facts in the mainstream media. Why? Because it blows apart their narrative.

The ads run were mostly to amplify political discord and fuel an atmosphere of incivility and chaos. In other words, the DNC platform.

Progressives want their version of "Progress" or change. You can't get change by claiming things are great. So the DNC/Progressive platform is to exaggerate our problems, and make everything seem like the end of the world and how bad things are, so they can demand we need progressive leaders and more government to fix it. The Russians want to make everything seem like the end of the world and how bad things are, so they can point out the failures of the west, or keep them distracted. While the ends are different, the means are the exact same. The Russians were colluding with the DNC. The only question is whether the DNC knew about it or cared.

So the ads run by the Russians were mostly supporting Democrat agenda, like running BLM ads on Facebook in Ferguson and Baltimore. How is sending the same message as the DNC was, trying to promote the anti-American ideas that we're a racist country, that the government abuses its people and thus we need more government, and other things that are part of the DNC platform, undermining Hillary or helping Donald Trump?