Executive Order 9066

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The American Kristallnacht - one of the great shame's of American History is Executive Order 9066, issued by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on February 19, 1942. It allowed the internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans -- basically because you just can't trust those slanty-eyed devils from the east! This was inexcusable. FDR's propaganda ministry (the OWI) was making and distributing racist films and stories about how the Japanese race could not be trusted -- and all the media jumped on board. While mostly Japanese Americans were interned, the order did get applied to others including some German and Italian immigrants along the West Coast. All the rationalizations in the world can not forgive us (and our President) for ignoring the Constitution and the tenets of freedom, and rounding up people because of their heredity, taking their things, and imprisoning them. This shame belongs forever bound to the legacy of the President that ordered it, and the Congress and Supreme Court that allowed it to happen.


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