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The theory of evolution still has some holes, but I generally believe in it (and don't believe in the everything was created in 4004 b.c.). But that doesn't mean I feel the need to pretend that I really know what's going on, or that I've done the carbon dating myself to prove it. Thus I leave room for others beliefs. But the secular left generally mocks the religious (which they call "Conservatives/Republicans) and their antiquated beliefs.... but what do they believe? Over half of Democrats (54%) believe in divine creation or guided evolution. Only 37% of Democrats believe that humans naturally evolved (10% don't know). Republicans are 68%/21% (w/11% don't know), so a little difference, but not that much, at all. While I don't care what others believe, I do care about sanctimonious hypocrisy.


In 2014, but the numbers are:

Belief Democrats Independents Republicans
Natural Selection 37 35 21
Guided Evolution 27 25 20
Creation 27 28 48
Unknown 10 12 11

There's actually more in common than is different -- which makes the sanctimony silly nitpicking over a few percent here or there?

In 2009, but the numbers are:

Belief Democrats Independents Republicans
Natural Selection 36 38 23
Guided Evolution 22 20 26
Creation 30 27 39
Unknown 11 15 12

Now the left (like Pew) tries to spin in -- by grouping guided evolution (a fundamentally religious point of view) as part of evolution, instead of a religious belief (which is where it belongs), and other flim-flam. But if you're mocking religion, then guided evolution isn't natural selection as it is a belief that there's more than evolution going on.

When you tear into the numbers, you find things like:

  • coastal conservatives being more pro-evolution than say black, latino or central/southern liberals
  • Younger folks tend to believe more in evolution on both sides, but then they believe other wacky stuff like GMO's food is unsafe, and other anti-science stuff on the left.

The point isn't to mock those who believe in creationism (or are against GMO's). I don't care what others believe. But I do care when others mock others for what they believe... and especially when they're hypocritical or liar (spinners). The left will spin it as only 22% admit to believing in divine intervention, when the truth is over half don't believe in evolution. So the reality is more complex than the sanctimonious memes from the left and their media.


An example of a hole in "Evolution", it not telling the whole story, is sexual reproduction. How do two sexes simultaneously evolve by simple mutation -- and allow for sperm+egg genetic division and unification? (Along with sex drive, menstruation, ovaries/testes, and so on). This is an incredibly complex series of many things that have to happen at the same time to two different parallel genders, for things to work.

Evolution also doesn't explain the origin issue: how does the first cell get created. Or the first multi-cell creature get created. The "how does it all begin" is still wide open.

But again, I believe in evolution and that it explains a lot. Just not all of it. And if someone believes in divine (guided) evolution, it's not really sillier than me just not having a fucking clue how it all works, and being honest enough to admit it.


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