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There's many that are victims to what I call the “Envy Up” phenomenon. You can either envy people that are richer and have more things, or envy people that have less "things" but a richer life or life experiences (envy down: in economic status).

The envy-up, or envy “successful” people, that are driven (often by their own inadequacies, insecurities or imbalances) to be like Steve Jobs – or someone that sacrifices many aspects of their humanity (or personality) for success. Whether that’s more profits or more things or whatever, they’re envying the wrong thing, or one things (the success) without the context of the rest (the sacrifices and imbalances).

You see a lot of them in politics, preying on others. "You see that rich guy, you should envy him -- and that's why we or take away his freedoms and tax him at a burden you'd NEVER accept for yourself". The politicians envy and hate, and they prey on the envy of their constituency.

We are far wiser human course is “envy down” (or sideways). Don’t look at the rich and miserable person. But look around, find the people that are content that make less than you. Odds are, they have a balance in life – they earn less, but they learned to live below their means, save more and have a comfortable/stable lifestyle that is lower risk and lower stress. And they are content with what they have… even if they still aspire to have a bit more.

That’s not only a far more attainable goal (learning to live below your means, and saving enough that your future is more secure), but it’s also a better goal than being the next monomaniacal over-achiever that drives everyone around them nuts, and burns through spouses/partners looking for the unattainable, and sacrifices living and participating in life in the moment, all for the promise of the next big thing.