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If you want to see how stupid we are becoming, you need look no further than Emoji. Not just that comic hieroglyphics are becoming the new way to communicate because reading is hard. It's that the PC-thought police intrude on language in a way that Orwell warned about in 1984: truthspeak, double-speak and so on, are all real. Some examples include: Condom Emoji, Facebook war on Emoji, Handgun Emoji, Unicode, I Am A Witness, and so on. Each of these tweaks is relatively harmless... but additively they change the lexicon, pervert the language, and make the meanings of things we say today, mean something completely different in the future. That's not a good thing.


Emoji : 4 items

Unicode, I Am A Witness -
Strange how some of the little things you do can ripple, and have much wider impacts. (Though my contributions were minuscule to the overall effort). My company was collaborating on an idea that encouraged kids to share their experiences with bullying through art and stories -- and they wanted to emoji to support an effort to flip it around by targeting those that witnessed bullying to be empowered. I had a small part in their success.

Handgun Emoji -
Emoji's mean things. But when political correctness/the left gets involved, they can't win arguments on merit/reason, so they often pervert the language, to trip people up and distract. For example, a tool (gun) was too hostile... so they had to change the language to omit it, and replace it with a squirt gun instead (🔫), even-though a squirt gun and a real gun have completely different meanings. Stalin would have been proud and that kind of revisionism. Google, Apple and Microsoft, see nothing wrong with it.

Facebook war on Emoji -
Section 16 of Facebooks ephemeral standards allows them to ban and block people for the high crime of using Emoji's. Eggplant is substitute for penis, Peach for butt or girly bits -- so the two o used together to imply "horny", and is a violation of terms because it's a solicitation for sex. (Rolls eyes). Of course they don't document their standards, or apply them equally to both sides of the aisle, which is the real problem. Adult actress Kendra James was banned from Instagram because a man demanded free nude pics, and she said that was her job and if wanted that, he could join her site. I have an emoji or two for that: 🖕👉🤥📘

Condom Emoji -
2018 - Nora Hamada and Megan Giller applied to the Unicode Consortium for an emoji to represent birth control pills. They thought it was the first "Birth Control" emoji, but a condom company beat them to that, by a few years, and was also rejected. Durex (Condom maker) applied for a condom emoji back in 2015, but it was rejected. The thought police might have felt it was too racy or commercialized. Now people just use this one instead: ☔.


I always imagined creating a pictographic language would involve a lot less politic and far fewer thought crimes. Too much the optimist, I forgot to factor in that SJW's and progressives can ruin (politicize) everything. When your only tool is a hammer (and sickle), everyone looks like they belong in the gulag.


We can't communicate effectively if we don't agree on what words or terms mean. Cultural Marxists decided that since they uusally can't win through honesty, logic, history and facts, they could win by twisting/perverting meanings (especially in popular culture and colleges), to distort every discussion into a debate on pedantics, or use truthspeak as a litmus test for who is properly indoctrinated/compliant. This section isn't intended as a comprehensive dictionary, but just to stop that gaslighting, by defining what I (and often history/society means or should mean) when using a term. Not what the far left is trying to re-invent terms into.

Written 2015.10.26