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Emma Gonzalez was one of the sock-puppets for the DNC that came out loud and stupid about Gun Control after the Parkland shooting. The dimwit came out on the March for our Lives, wearing a Cuban flag on her arm. You can’t even make this up. She is wearing a Cuban 🇨🇺 flag, a communist country that is well known for disarming it’s own people and then slaughtering them wholesale; while addressing the US about gun control?


Maybe Emma Gonzalez is a dynamic public speaker, and an impressive kid, and to wish her well when she runs for Elizabeth Warren's old Senate seat in 2036, after graduating from with a triple major in Women's Studies, Queer Theory and Literature of Indigenous Peoples.

And yes, that satirically honest doctored photo of her tearing up the constitution is a doctored photo of her -- but it is an accurate representation of her stated position. (And she has said as much).

Now, can we get back to discussing what you can do with an AR15 that you can't do with a semi-automatic hunting rifle? And if the answer is nothing (and it is), then why should the former be banned but the latter is okay? And if they both should be banned, then we can end with the charade that the far left doesn't want our guns.