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Earlier this year, I saw Phil Hansen speak in person (at Adobe MAX). His speech hit me profoundly. It’s a fantastic speech/story about how limitations can expand us. If you have 10 minutes to watch this, or watch this again, I feel it will be time well spent:

While I'm not comparing my modest expressional epiphany to his artist genius, I understood what he was saying from a first person experience. He put into words and a presentation, what I had been pondering. I had experienced the same spark, that he had (though at a much smaller level). It's still a very brilliant and inspiration talk.

Refrigerator Magnet Poetry
Someone dumped a large bunch of these refrigerator magnets on a white-board wall we had at work (in front of my office). For a week or two, people would put up a sentence or quip, daily. It was an amusing distraction. Then one day, I had an incredible mind moment, and wrote out a poem with the words available. It sort of spoiled it: as no one ever touched the magnet words after that.


Written: 2013.08.18

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