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ESPN a political outfit pretending to be a Sports Channel.

ESPN was told by common sense not to politicize sports, that they were just entertaining escapism. They chose to go the other way. Now they're damn near going bankrupt as viewership is way down, advertising is way down, and the trends for the future look way down. So what did we learn?


ESPN : 2 items

2019.02.06 Assassination "Joke" - Jemele Hill (of ESPN and the Atlantic) made a tweet (now deleted) saying AOC should interrupt Trump's next State of the Union address, with the following quote, "GETCHO HAND OUT MY POCKET". This was what one of Malcom-X's killers said before murdering him. Jemele deleted the tweet and apologized, but few believe it was a joke.

2018.11.26 PragerU Keep your hands off my football -
Clay Travis (host of Outkick the Show), tackles the country’s cultural divide and how ESPN and others managed to turn something that used to unite our communities and our nation, into something that is politicized and divisive.


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