Double Indemnity (2012)

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Went and saw this last night with spouse and friends. I thought it pretty good.

The San Jose Rep is a nice venue for getting a good view (first time there). Don't expect Cats or the Lion King on broadway -- much more intimate setting and traditional theatre.

NOTE: This venue has since shut down, again. It seems to get run for a while, then get closed down. It’s next to San Jose State — and kids don’t have a lot of money for plays, while there are 3 other larger venues within walking distance for such things.

I'm not a huge stage fan, but certainly every couple years, it breaks things up. And this one had a 1950's mystery feel, some witty dialog, and seemed really well acted. I'm not a huge fan of 50's crime genre, but could still appreciate the story. So it was worth the money, just for the sheer novelty. And if you like stage plays and the gumshoe style, you'll probably LOVE this one. If you’re more like me, you at least won’t fall asleep and it’ll be a nice night out with significant others.