Descended from slave owners

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It's not just that Kamala Harris is descended from slave owners. I personally don't believe in visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children. However, Kamala is for reparations for slavery: which does believe in that. So judging her by her own standards, her family is racist and owes money to other blacks. Why should we elect her until she's paid that debt? Since she comes from slave owners, she should lead by example.


The idea of Reparations is moronic and racist. We have too much mixing to be able to separate those blacks who traded or had slaves, from whites who found against it, and immigrants who had nothing to do with either. It is not judging a man on the content of his character, but punishing/rewarding based on the color of his skin -- and that's vile. It's also what the NAACP has devolved into, which is not about helping people who suffered (which can never be resolved since all are dead), but to exert power and remake America into a more unjust and authoritarian country. more...


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