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Demoting is the the opposite of promoting. In tech/social media what it means is that cowardly organizations (Twitter) that want to corrupt our democracy and free speech, will silently "demote" people who hold views that they don't like. For example, they have blue checkmark certification/icon for those verified to be who they claim they are. But they'd pull it from people they don't like. Not because they aren't verified, but because they just don't like them. If that's what you want, then put it in your terms/explanation: "the lack of a checkmark represents the disapproval of our fascist leader".

🗒️ NOTE:
I don't care if they like or dislike someone -- just be clear and honest in your terms. They did use that attack against some douches like Richard Spencer (before banning him), which is fine to block him if you do so with objective standards. I don't care for Spencer or his ideology. But it's retarded to claim he's not validated as being who he claims to be. And Twitter only seems to pull this shit with some fanatics, and not others. And that's a problem.

Show me a far left fanatic, where they did the same stuff to. I'll wait.


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