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DNC (Democratic National Committee) is the party that historically has been on the wrong side of almost every issue, while at the time and later, they lectured the public and the other side about how morally superior they are.

Now the past is no proof of the present or future. They could be right on something, lord knows the law of averages says they're due to be right, one of these times. But this isn't about that. This article is about the ways that they were 100% sure they were right in the past, but were not. And thus when they approach every issue in the present with the sanctimony of self congratulations at being on the right side of history, it helps if they're reminded of how they thought that and were wrong in the past. Not to distract or ad hominem them today, but to maybe inject enough historical reality that they can accept some reasonable compromise in the present.


  • 1829 – The first official Democratic Party president, Andrew Jackson, took office
  • 1830 – President Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into law. Under this act, Native American tribes living east of the Mississippi were rounded up and marched to camps farther west. The US Supreme court ruled in favor of Cherokee Indians in a suit against Georgia and said the Cherokee Nation could not be forcibly removed from their homes. Andrew Jackson was the first President to completely ignore the Constitution and rule-of-law and just ignored the decision, and the Cherokee people were rounded up at gunpoint and forced out. One in four Cherokee people died during the inhumane journey which became known as the Trail of Tears. If Democrats had values, that would have been the last Democrat elected President, instead of just the first.
  • 1840’s – The Democratic Party adopted the doctrine of manifest destiny: the idea that white Americans were divinely entitled to dominate the North American continent.
  • 1854 – A new anti-slave political party was formed to secure equal rights for black Americans and oppose the pro-Slavery Democrat Party. The new party named the Republican Party because it’s founders wanted to return to the principles of freedom and equality set forth in the governing documents of The Republic.
  • 1856 – The first Republican presidential candidate ran on a platform that included equal rights for African Americans. The Democratic platform strongly defended slavery. The Democrats won the election. Founding Republican Party member, Sen. Charles Sumner gave a speech in the US Senate against slavery. Angered by Sumner’s message, Democratic House Rep. Preston Brooks of South Carolina, crossed the rotunda of the Capitol and in front of the entire Senate, literally clubbed Sumner almost to death. Democrats started the tradition of two sets of laws (one for them and one for everyone else) when they never charged Brooks with the attempted murder of a United States Senator on the Senate floor.
  • 1857 – The Democrat-controlled Supreme Court approved the Dred Scott Decision, which declared that black American’s were “not persons but property” and therefore had no rights.
  • 1860 – Republican presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln won on a platform that opposed the Dred Scott Decision and slavery.
  • 1861 – The confederate flag was created by the Democratic party, seceded from the Union and started the civil war. The Ku Klux Klan was started by Democrats to murder Republicans: black or white.
  • 1866 – A Republican-controlled Congress enacted the 13th Amendment to constitutionally ban slavery in the US.


Here's a few articles that discuss different problems that I have with the DNC: 21 items

"Liberals" aren't liberal any more - Liberalism traditionally means liberty (tolerance for). In America, it has grown to mean the opposite. Classical liberals (libertarians) are liberal in both economics, and social arenas. Social liberals are liberal only in Social areas, but not in economic ones. Their economic authoritarianism, in the name of Social Justice, allowed them to became more and more "progressive" with regards to merging Socialist/Marxist economic policies (authoritarianism) to make up for past social injustices... then they gave up on social tolerance as well. They demand you agree/conform with them on social issues as well: the opposite of liberty or tolerance. Thus, they became so focused on Social Justice, they became anti-liberal authoritarians to get it.

1946.08.01 Battle of Athens - A particularly ignorant anti-2A argument goes, "the military has tanks and nukes, what do you think you would do against that?" It's moronic on several levels, as armed rebellion is rare, but the military often defects as well. But if they had a clue and remembered things like the Civil War, or various rebellions to change policies (even civil rights was a bit of a rebellion). Most of all was an example of when armed rebellion by civilians has been used in America as recently as 1946 and the Battle of Athens, to overthrow a corrupt local government (Democrat E. H. Crump's political machine). Which is why Democrats want gun-control so badly, so that people can't rise up against their tyranny.

1964.10.27 Knowing things that aren't so - Ronald Reagan delivered a speech on television that contained a quote, "Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn’t so!"

2018.06.22 The Red Hen -
The co-owner (Stephanie Wilkinson) of The Red Hen (Lexington, VA) is a Pussy-Hat wearing Social Justice Warrior. Stephanie saw White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders dining at her establishment with a small group (including members of her family), so she did what many far-left hate-mongers would, and asked Sarah to leave because she worked for an "inhumane and unethical" administration. (This was over the Cagegate issue, where Republicans were trying to discourage human trafficking and illegal immigration). Sarah's party left and went across the street to dine while Wilkinson called friends to stalk and harass Sarah's group, because that's what being a tolerant liberal looks like to her.

2019.10.22 Lynchgate.jpg
2019.10.22 Lynchgate - Trump tweets the secret tribunal Scampeachment that violates all historical norms (doing it without a formal vote, not being able to confront/cross-examine witnesses, behind closed doors, etc), is a political lynching. The wokescold Democrats are outraged, other than half a dozen Democrats (including Joe Biden) saying that (or worse) about Clinton's more above-board and justified impeachment, on the house floor, and the Democrats media using the term (or worse) when it suits them, this time is different... because a Republican used it... with more justification. If Democrats didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all.

Anti-Fact - While the right is far from immune from bias, the left puts agenda first. That puts agenda above science, reason, tolerance, and facts. Here's just a few examples of living in an Alternate Reality:
Project, You didn't build that, Government made the iPhone, Some People, 40 Hour work week, 9/11, Abortion, American Exceptionalism, Anti-Science Party, Bush lied..., Charlottesville Race Riot, Christian Nation, Civil War and Slavery, Climate, Columbus, Death Panels, Dropping the Bomb, Fascism, Gentle savages, Government and Society, Inciting Violence, Military industrial complex, Mohammad Mosaddegh, Native American Genocide, Origins of the Internet, Reagan emptied mental institutions and caused homeless crisis, Slavery, The Jungle, War,
Social Justice
Fake Rape, Gender Dysphoria, Gender Wage Gap, Homophobia, Institutional Racism, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Social Justice Warriors, Transphobia, Virtue Signaling, VoterID and Voter Fraud, War on Women, and so on.
Financial crisis of 2007-2008Green EnergyIncome inequality, vanishing middle class, and other scamsKeynesMinimum WageNew Jersey and the EconomistObamanomics v TrumponomicsRent ControlSocialismThe Broken Window FallacyThe Great DepressionTrickle Down EconomicsUnintended Consequences
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Halliburton, U.S. targets journalists, Abu Ghraib, America made Saddam, Americans are imperialists, Bush lied..., Dropping the Bomb, Guantanamo, Iraq War, Iraq War Costs, Iraq War Quotes, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, Iraq is because of Israel-Palestine, Iraq is because of oil, Iraq's impact on Terrorism, Legality of Iraq war, Muslim tribalism means they'll never do democracy, Never trust France, Patriot Act, Preemptive War, Security in Iraq, Set a date for withdrawal, The U.S. targeted innocents, Violence never solved anything, Wait for France, U.N. or Sanctions, We should have done nothing,
Beepocalypse, Biofuels, Black Conspiracy Theology, Carpool lanes, Corporate Personhood & Citizens United, Evolution and Creation, Gender Wage Gap, Gender is a choice, Global Cooling Scare, Green Energy, Keynes, Leftonomics, Life Begins at..., Light Rail, Nuclear Energy, Organic food fraud, Paranormal beliefs​, Peak Oil Theory, Plastic Bag Bans, Recycling, Science and Religion, Secondhand Drinking, Secondhand Smoke, Smoking, Smoking and Healthcare costs, Straw Bans, The Population Bomb, Unintended Consequences, War on Science, Wind Power,

Anti-Science Party -
Republicans are the anti-science party, unless we're talking about any of the following things the left believes that are anti-science: Beepocalypse, Biofuels, Black Conspiracy Theology, Carpool lanes, Corporate Personhood & Citizens United, Evolution and Creation, Gender Wage Gap, Gender is a choice, Global Cooling Scare, Green Energy, Keynes, Leftonomics, Life Begins at..., Light Rail, Nuclear Energy, Organic food fraud, Paranormal beliefs​, Peak Oil Theory, Plastic Bag Bans, Recycling, Science and Religion, Secondhand Drinking, Secondhand Smoke, Smoking, Smoking and Healthcare costs, Straw Bans, The Population Bomb, Unintended Consequences, War on Science, Wind Power, and so on. The right isn't immune to being anti-science, it's just that democrats/left/media pretends they are better, when the informed know that as a group, they definitely are worse. Of course I treat individuals as individuals and not a group, but any democrat/leftist individual that broad brushes conservatives for being anti-science is demonstrating hyper-selective blinders (hypocrisy).

Atlantic City Mayor (D) resigns in disgrace -
Seal of Atlantic City, New Jersey.jpg
Another corrupt Democrat Mayor (Frank Gilliam Jr.) resigning in disgrace, after pleading guilty to stealing $87,000 from a local youth basketball program he co-founded. This is nothing new, as a prior Democrat Mayor (Robert Levey) falsifying his military record to receive $25,000 worth of benefits, and before that Democrat Mayor James Usry admitted to a campaign finance violations. Also not new, is that the leftstream media habit of always stressing party affiliation when a Republican does something bad, and burying it (like NYT did by only softly inferring it in paragraph 14 of an article), or omitting it completely (like CNN did). This is called a lie of omission and is a technique of FakeNews and Polemic Partisan Propagandists, not real news organizations.

Beto O'Rourke - Another rising star on the left is Beto O'Rorke: or beta, as I prefer to call him. With Bernie Sander's recipe of promising free everything, and huge national sponsorship by the DNC campaign machinery and their media, he was able to lose an election to not-so-popular Ted Cruz. Thus as a failure with no real accomplishments because a couple arrests and a pretty face, the Democrats want him as a Presidential Candidate. Once you get to know a Democrat Candidate, you won't want to vote for them, so they keep having to find new ones that you don't know much about. What I do know, is that there's nothing about this candidate that impresses me.

DNC Crusades.png
DNC Crusades - What causes do the Democrats believe in (will they fight for), or oppose (will they fight against)? I'm not talking the average Democrat voters, I'm talking about their leadership votes for or against. Read Democratic National Committee for the broader history.

DNC Racism - Just a list of racist Democrats, their actions, or their supporters. This isn't used for moral equivalence and doesn't excuse Republican/Conservative Racists, but it is a reminder to hypocrites that are always pointing fingers, that they don't have to go so far from home to fix problems. The old mote in thy brothers eye, while ignoring the log in thy own. Democrats (or their leadership) aren't against racism, they are only against Republicans and use racism as a cudgel, or they would address these problems.

DNC on Gun Control - It's not just one Democrat that says stupid things about gun control, it seems to be the majority who either say stupid things when the party tells them to bark, or at best, they don't resist their side when they say stupid things. So until the party at least has some conflicts and disagreements when their most vocal members saying the most stupid things, then the whole party does deserve to be judged by their leadership and their most popular voices. While republicans are allowed to disagree with each other, and there's few 100% consensus issues, the Democrats seem to tow-the-line and have anti-gun morons and liars, and the silent. Little diversity of though on this or most issues.

Democratic Tolerance -
Judge a man (or a party) by their actions. Do they do good things, or do they use the other side's bad behavior to rationalize their worse behavior? This article is about the worst things Democrats have done recently. Read Democratic National Committee for the broader history.

Dumb Democrats and Evil Republicans - They say Republicans think Democrats are dumb, while Democrats think Republicans are evil. But why? The answer is surprisingly easy. Democrat know they want to help people, so they think anyone who doesn't like their ideas on how to do so must be evil. Republicans know they want to help people -- so when Democrats call them evil (or greedy, racist, etc), and they know better, then they know that Democrats are just stupid. So Republicans know Democrats are dumb, because Democrats think Republicans are evil.

Election 2020 - Joe Biden just called the Presidents family and demanded he concede the election. Unfortunately he called the Reagan family. I was correct in predicting the polls were way off: whatever the final outcome, the pollsters, CNN, WaPo and NYT were terribly wrong, again, perpetuating what later turned out to be FakeNews to harm the standing President. One needs to ask, "Bug" or "Feature". Since they are using double-standards on when to announce a winner, with always premature on (D) and always demanding patience when (R), I think we know the answer. And it's not just at getting the public the truth.

Never let an opportunity go to waste - Rahm Emanuel, Obama's bundler and fixer once said, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste." Of course he was perverting and plagiarizing the Bible which states take advantage of every opportunity (usually to do good, or follow the Lord's will, etc). But to the left, centralizing power and removing liberty is their religion, so its fitting that Democrats never let an opportunity to politicize, demonize and hate go to waste. Here's a few examples where when others went high, they went low: Coronavirus as hateCOVID OverreachMills on COVIDNewsom on COVIDRacy-NoJustice.jpgWhitmer on COVID

Paying thugs to assault people - Project Veritas undercover video, Wikileaks, and others all caught prominent Democrat operatives (Robert Creamer, Scott Foval) admitting that the DNC and Hillary Campaign was paying protestors to disrupt, and thugs to assault or provoke assault with Trump supporters are Trump rally's/events. Including daily conference call with the Clinton campaign, and he visited the Obama White House 340 times (45 of those with direct meetings with Obama, a few with 1:1's). They were also committing voter fraud, and left a paper trail. This isn't just outliers, this was establishment connections in a conspiracy to corrupt an election, and at least two people quickly had to quit to distance themselves from the truth. The media gave this scandal and thorough whitewashing and buried it. Little interest despite names, dates, and hard evidence of something far more material on the election outcome than, "Russia, Russia, Russia".

Political Spectrum -
There's confusion over what is left or right wing, and it means different and often opposing things in the U.S. versus the rest of the world. So if anyone says, left or right wing, I want to know, on which spectrum are they talking about:
    • Authoritarian/Liberal/Anarchist : traditionally authoritarian means right-wing. In the U.S. left-wing authoritarianism is far more common than right.
    • Collectivist/Moderate/Individualist : traditionally individualism is left-wing, while in the U.S. it is right-wing.
    • Progressive (Postmodernist)/Moderate (Modernist)/Traditionalist: traditionally this didn't map to left or right, in the U.S. it's mostly progressive left and traditional right.
    • Tribalist/Nationalist/Globalist: traditionally this didn't map to left or right, in the U.S. the right still has all three while the left purged most non-globalists from their ranks.
    • Isolationist(Pacifist)/Moderate/Interventionist(Militarist) : traditionally this didn't map left/right. While the left pretends they are the isolationist/pacifist, in practice, they've been as bad or worse.
    • Secular/Agnostic/Religious: traditionally this didn't map left/right. In the U.S. the left has purged more of their religious from their leadership, leaving more diversity on the right.
    • Social Justice/Realist/Hedonist: traditionally this didn't map left/right. In the U.S, the left thinks they're about Social Justice and the others are just selfish, but it's really just arrogance, myopia and hypocrisy. How is stealing from and controlling others not hedonistic? Both sides want to help the downtrodden: the right by equality opportunity (and more of it), the left by equality of outcome (punishing success and rewarding failure). While the left vilifies the right as greedy, the right gives more to charity, and in the U.S. most crime is by leftists in leftist cities/regions.

Q: Shouldn't we trust the Intelligence Agencies? -
NO! Being rationally skeptical is called critical thinking. So as Reagan said, "trust but verify". If the evidence supports the case, and they're being open? Sure. If they're not being open, and the story doesn't add up, then "of course not". The FBI is normally about telling the truth, but the CIA's job is to lie. And both the top of the FBI and CIA, in this case, have been caught lying, politicking (against this administration), the top leadership has been fired and are being investigated. Thus the media and democrats that have been telling us since Vietnam to never trust the CIA, are suddenly saying we should trust unnamed agency sources without evidence (and without question)? That doesn't sound political to you?

Russian Hackers -
Fake news.jpg
The Russian hacker thing seems to be a great system for separating the rational and skeptical, from the rest. Despite CNN and other FakeNews sites repeating that the Russian hacked the election (at Hillary campaigns behest), that Russians collaborated with Trump, that they manipulated the election, the only "evidence" they had were vaporous claims from anonymous sources that never materialized or pass scrutiny. While there was hard evidence of Hillary and Democrats colluding with Russians. So Dems/their Media just created this attack as an excuse to distract away from their actions in rigging the primary, fumbling the election, and then gaslit anyone who would question their narrative.

Who has more psychotics, Democrats or Republicans? - Q: Who has more Psychotics (Democrats or Republicans)?
A: It doesn't matter. The Democrat controlled media loves to run stories showing how the conservatives and right are all nut-jobs and ad-hominem the other side as a form of virtue signaling. ("We're better than they are"). But it's stupid. Even when it backlashes and the truth is more the opposite.


Here's a few articles that discuss different problems that I have with the People that represent the DNC: 27 items

Adam Schiff -
Schiffty Schiff is full of Schitt. Like most California Democrats (Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, etc), he proves that Democrats come in three flavors: (1) Obnoxious Liars (2) Obnoxious Idiots (3) Both. He's #3. His professional career will be defined by trying to undermine our Democracy through Scampeachment and the idea that we should deny due process and invent crimes to oust his political enemies and thwart the will of the people. Is there anything more Un-American than that?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.png
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - The progressive left has fostered disinformation and sensationalized problems with evil freedom/capitalism for so long, and regurgitated it through the media/educational institutions, so much, that their kids are buying the bullshit. Thus, they keep moving further and further into loonie left land. And none exemplify that better than Alaxandria Ocasio-Cortez, a limousine socialist that won the NY Primary against Joseph Crowley: a 10 term establishment guy. While Crowley was far left Representative, he wasn't far left enough for the DNC's new generation, and so Cortez beat him out promising recess will be longer and all the toys and candy will be free. The media played her as a founding a grass roots movements, but it's astroturf (Fake Grassroots), she was bought and paid for by Justice Democrats and they interviewed her as their Manchurian candidate. Much of the media and mainstream left defend her many absurd and anti-American statements, so she is a significant voice in the party. Plus, based on her years of expertise as a bartenders, she's one of their most educated advocates for Watermelon environmentalism: the ripe red fruit of socialism wrapped in a Green/Environmental rind.

Barack Obama - A list of issues, articles and scandals that pertain to Barack Obama. Again, the point isn't to be fair here: it's to be honest. I don't care how people vote, or who they support. I do care about correcting revisionist history. This isn't meant as a balanced piece to show what good he's accomplished as a politicians or person (there was some, though it is a much shorter list), if you want fawning puff pieces, read/watch the water carriers in the left-wing media.

Bernie Sanders - I constantly read fawning articles and blogs about Sanders. I really don’t care who you want to vote for, I just care that people are voting from a position of knowledge and are not lying to others (or themselves) about who/what he is. This reminds people of all the info they didn't get from the media.

Chris Matthews - Chris Matthews, he's ignorant, dishonest, and holds 34 honorary degrees, and one real one (liberal arts). A female assistant producer on his CNBC show (circa 1999) accused him of sexual harassment, and Matthews was reprimanded and she was awarded a $40,000 settlement. Since few have been as partisan, made as many mistakes or gaffs, and he was a sexual harasser, he's of course been the recipient of many leftist accolades in journalism.

Chuck Schumer -
I hate hypocrisy and duplicity. My mom's family was Italian, and they always had a loose relationship with the whole truth. It was more a fluid concept for them, where the truth was the best story you could sell -- or that if you repeated an embellishment long and hard enough, then success (acceptance) was proof of validity. From as long as I can remember, I recognized it and didn't like it. Not one bit. For me, the economics of a lie applied: in order for a lie to be valuable, it had to be trusted, or for that to happen, it had to be used as infrequently as possible. It helped form me into being a more honest person (with myself and others), and my self-righteous crusade against those who would fictionalize the past or present. Chuck Schumer is the antithesis of that, and everything I believe in.

Cory Booker - Booker is a serial liar and showboat, so is a Democrat favorite for being a 2020 Presidential Candidate (or at least appointment to cabinet level position).

Dan Rather - Dan has it all, a career of sloppy rumormongering, fired from CBS for failing to vet forged documents (in order to undermine an election), suing CBS and losing, and still defending his actions to this day. He started his career reporting JFK's death before he could have it verified, taking the Vietcong's side in the Vietnam war, dressing up as a mujahideen fighter during Afghanistan war, his career is a parody of Ron Burgundy. If Ron Burgundy was less self-aware, and hated America.

Diane Feinstein - Diane Feinstein was a friend and advocate for Jim Jones, she got caught with an illegal gun, so got a conceal and carry permit that she outlawed for virtually everyone else (as well as having armed guards). She's wasted her life trying to undermine the liberty of others and the Constitution (around gun control), and when she finally leaves this mortal coil, the average IQ of humanity will go up by some nominal amount. My wife detests the C-word, but allows it for truly vile humans like Nancy Pelosi.

Donna Brazile - A long time CNN employee and vile DNC operative, that rigged the 2016 election by leaking debate questions (in advance of the debate) to the Hillary campaign, then lied about it. For some reason CNN and the Democrats have had zero interest in prosecuting that election tampering. What could be more un-American than subverting Democracy (or covering it up)? The DNC kept her as their head for many months after discovering it.

Elizabeth Warren -
Hypocritical Senator with a lifetime of frauds, flakes, flip-flops, and double-speak. With Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Michelle Obama, Sandra Fluke, and so on, the one thing the Democrat Party needs is another loud-mouthed, abrasive and lying Women without a clue on economics.

Eric Swalwell -
Eric Michael Swalwell is an obnoxious politician (ex DNC Presidential Candidate) from a district next to me. His defining cause was his fascist positions against guns and for Gun Control including door-to-door seizures and using nukes against those who resisted (his words). He spoke at my work as a representative of House Committee on Science, Space and Technology: he didn't have a clue on any of those. He lead a crusade for knife control (against lifting a ban against pocketknives at airports). I went in open-minded and curious what he had to say about tech, and I left with utter contempt and disgust that this guy was a member of my species. He made me unsure if he wasn't just Maxine Waters wearing whiteface and in drag.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt -
FDR is taught as a liberal caricature of a great man and President. But most of the myths around him, are just that: myths. He was a man of some charm, with few strengths and many flaws. He focused power so that he could abuse it, corrupt, vindictive, liar (betrayed most that trusted him). He ignored the Constitution and his oath of office, many of the countries worst shames happened under his watch (and by his hand/guidance). According to those closest to him, he was a lousy diplomat, a poor administrator, not scholarly, nor thoughtful, well read or even bright. He was people smart (manipulator) that enjoyed playing people/groups off of each other. Other than that, he was likable, mercurial, and aloof.

Gavin Newsom - Gavin Newsom is a flaming, hypocritical, corrupt douchebag from California, so naturally he became the Governor full of the state known for being full of flaming, hypocritical, sanctimonious, douchebags.

Gretchen Whitmer - Gretchen Whitmer is a flaming, hypocritical, corrupt, far left governor of Michigan. Like many states with Democrat Governors, she's hated in most of the state -- but wins because of her support from uneducated urbanites. She delivered one of the most tone deaf Democratic responses to the State of the Union address (2020), and bifurcated her state along party lines over COVID response. In other words, she's a progressive.

Hillary Clinton - Here's a brief summary of Hillary's scandals (with links to more on each of them). This isn't meant as a balanced piece to show what good she's accomplished as a politicians or person (that would be a much shorter list), the intent is just to show the pattern of scandals that her detractors recognized and her proponents ignore. If you want the pro-Hillary spin just listen to her, the NYT, CNN or MSNBC, they carry her water for her.

Ilhan Omar -
Ilhan Omar (Somali-American) is a racist anti-semitic Muslim who is Minnesota's congressional representative (D). She's advocated for far left causes with far left dishonesty: like vilifying ICE, the Travel ban, and criticizing Israel's settlement policy. She supports the racist BDS movement, Nation of Islam, David Duke supported her, and she made tweets like "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel". Substitute "blacks" for Israel to decide if that's racist or not. After Democrats started admitting she was being anti-semitic, she apologized by blaming "AIPAC, the NRA and the fossil fuel industry" for her actions.

Janet Mills - Janet Mills is the governor of Maine, and the first female governor of that State. She was programmed in far left dogma while in San Francisco and Boston universities. Pro-abortion (and forcing taxpayers to pay for it), anti-capitalist, signed assisted suicide law, renamed "Columbus Day” into “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”, she banned conversion therapy in her state, because progressives know best.

Jim Acosta - Jim Acosta is to "journalism" what Hitler was to comedy: the grandstanding douchebag making himself into the story through obscene antics, and being wrong in virtually everything he does. When the President said "next" and tried to move on. Acosta decided to "lay hands" on a WhiteHouse intern, and physically prevent her from doing her job - which is handing the microphone to the next person. For that he got his White House credentials suspended, and the left proved their insanity by whining that this was an intrusions on the first amendment or a Free Press. Words mean things, and they don't mean what the left seems to think they do.

John Kerry - John Kerry is so incompetent, this will have to grow into a huge article chronicling all of his various fuck-ups and lies. But for now, it's just a small placeholder, with some links to more.

Kamala Harris -
By being corrupt Mayor Willie Brown's mistress on-the-side she got to the top by being on the bottom (fucking her way up). He paid her in rich part-time agency appointments and helped her become the D.A. with the worst conviction record in the state, botched 80+ cases, lost $3.7M in funds. With a record like that, she was destined to becoming State Attorney General, after paying off Maxine Waters (through her daughter) and winning a highly suspect election counting by another of her friends. Where she became a vile, and incompetent, anti-constitutional Attorney General. Then she paid off Maxine Waters, again... and became a vile and incompetent Senator. Which she wants to parlay into becoming a vile and incompetent President.

Maxine Waters -
Mad Max(ine) is one of the dumbest, nastiest, foul, racist, divisive, opportunist and most corrupt voices in Congress. People will claim that I'm just using ad hominem's, but each of those claims is demonstrable. If there's any issue vaguely related to race (or just being divisive and vitriolic), she'll be there embarrassing her party, race and species... like Nancy Pelosi but with less tact or class. Her wheel might still be spinning, but the hamster is dead.

Nancy Pelosi -
Trying to keep all the stupid, polemic and foloneous things our village idiot has to say, is a Sisyphusian task. So I just cherry pick as I go. Maybe some day, this could grow into a website of it's own. But personally, I don't have the energy to focus on that much dumb negativity. She's the speaker of the house who makes Trump look honest, and will never miss an opportunity to bash America or her interests.

Rashida Tlaib - Underserving the western half of Detroit, Rashida Tlaib is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants and part of The Squad, and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and who won through impeachment (of Trump) Tourette's but isn't bright enough to answer the question, "what for?". She supports the anti-semitic, anti-Israel and anti-American BDS movement, and uses her Muslim status as part of her entitled victimhood crown.

Robert Bryd -
❝ The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia and every state in the Union. ❞

Stacey Abrams - Caustic Democrat from Georgia. She once criticized Trump on twitter for claiming he might challenge an election if he loses, Stacey tweeted, "Trump's refusal to concede the election if he loses proves he is a petty man uninterested in our national stability". Trump won, so non issue. Stacey lost, lost a recount, and still refused to concede. Ahhh, sore losers and hypocrite both. She values democracy, but only when people vote how she likes. Naturally, with credentials like that, she became the first African-American woman to deliver a response to the State of the Union address (for the DNC) in 2019, but her unintelligible retort seemed to be written from DNC talking points, and rarely touched anything that Trump said, reflecting poorly on her as a Democrat, Black person, a Woman, American, or member of the human race.

Ted Kennedy -
A career politician, who was a charming, corrupt, lying, alcoholic womanizer, who murdered a Woman (manslaughter) and walked away from the scene while he strategized. He tried to corrupt American's elections... twice. There was the coverup of his nephew's rape allegation. And was rewarded by perpetual re-election and called "the Lion of the Senate" by Democrats, while they criticized Republicans for far less.


Other than having a vile history, a vile present, being full of nasty people representing them, and being on the wrong side of just about every issue (if not on side then on degrees), what's not to like?

Seriously, when it comes to my views, if the Democrats were what they claim to be, "Liberal", I'd be in their party. I'm a classical liberal leaning guy: leave people alone, as few regulations/laws as you can get away with, live and let live. Like many, I started thinking that liberalism and thus Democrats were fine. But I'm a fact checker and realized just about every cause they sold was done with lies (exaggerations and distortions at best), and they had zero capacity for introspection or admitting mistakes. That stuff kept turning me off.

This isn't to say all individuals who are Democrats are bad. Most are just intellectually lazy, or voting/supporting based on traditions, or listening to the words (and not judging the actions). Whatever, they're not professional politicians, and they're inundated with disinformation by the media. And a few are informed and sincerely dislike the other side. I'm fine with all of that, and not out to change the world or their minds. I more have problems with individual issues, or those that deny the facts on the micro, rather than what party they caucus with (or support). So when I'm barbing the DNC, I'm generally barbing the party leadership (career politicians that should know better), or only the people that can't be reasoned with, admit mistakes or uncomfortable truths. Basically, it's the 90% that give the rest a bad name. But I know the other 10% is out there, and I've even known a few.


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