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DNC Crusades.png
Judge a man (or party) by their actions. So what are the causes that Democrat Leadership supports and opposes?

What causes do the Democrats believe in (will they fight for), or oppose (will they fight against)? I'm not talking the average Democrat voters, I'm talking about their leadership votes for or against. Read Democratic National Committee for the broader history.


  • DNC on Gun Control - It's not just one Democrat that says stupid things about gun control, it seems to be the majority who either say stupid things when the party tells them to bark, or at best, they don't resist their side when they say stupid things. So until the party at least has some conflicts and disagreements when their most vocal members saying the most stupid things, then the whole party does deserve to be judged by their leadership and their most popular voices. While republicans are allowed to disagree with each other, and there's few 100% consensus issues, the Democrats seem to tow-the-line and have anti-gun morons and liars, and the silent. Little diversity of though on this or most issues.


It's been obvious that if Democrats (the leadership) told the truth about their causes, they'd never get elected, which is why they lie so often. But you can't argue with their actions... well, you kind of have to be a good Democrat supporter.

So the DNC voters, by supporting the DNC leadership are following the leadership into doing things they claim they oppose. This is because either:

  1. Either the Party leadership is NOT doing what the voters want -- and the voters aren't paying attention or are so into the team-Blue versus team-Red thing, that they've stopped doubting/questioning/thinking for themselves
  2. Or the voters are liars too -- and secretly want the things that their leadership is doing.
  3. Some combination of the two

Which is why the anti-Democrats think that the Democrats are either liars, fools or self-deluded partisans (sheeple). While there's plenty of this in the Republican Party too, there is less, and that's a distraction from this point, that as bad as the Republicans are, the Democrats and their media refuses to acknowledge any of these truths, even when the actions and evidence is staring them in the face. And pointing it out to them doesn't get most to change their minds, it just makes them angry at those who tell them uncomfortable truths.


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