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There are a lot of positives for various treatments around COVID: Existing DrugsVaccinesHydroxychloroquine


COVID Treatment : 3 items

COVID Existing Drugs - There are also many existing drugs that offer some help with COVID. A few include:
  • Hydroxychloroquine (or Chloroquine) showed great early results in some prelim studies, but since Trump mentioned it, the hate-Trump media and far left attacked it as "unproven", and some bad politicians restricted its use, and leftist-scientists even did junk studies to sabotage a promising treatment. They'd rather see people die than for Trump to have given people some hope.
  • Gilead’s remdesivir was developed to treat Ebola, and seems to help work as an anti-viral for COVID
  • AstraZeneca'sCalquence (used for leukaemia), is being studied to see if it helps with a immune response (cytokine storm) related to COVID
  • Ivermectin
  • Remdesivir

COVID Vaccines - There are multiple vaccines (over 100) in various stages of development, including 8 in clinical trials. That's not counting that some vaccines that don't work to stop a disease can sometimes at least lessen it, or prime defenses. A few include:
  • Moderna started trials on 03.16 and hopes for fall front-line delivery.
  • Inovio intitialted their phase 1 on 04.06
  • China's CanSino Biologics started trials on 03.17, already in phase II (they don't have the FDA holding them back)
  • China's Sinovac Biotech started trials on 04.16
  • Oxford started trials on 04.23 and is preparing to scale quickly
  • Israel MIGAL [The Galilee Research Institute] is going through animal testing and expected to start human trials in Summer 2020

Hydroxychloroquine - Hydroxychloroquine (or Chloroquine) showed great early results in some prelim studies and some top international epidemiologists and field doctors were touting its success. So President Trump cautiously mentioned it as a promising treatment. The OrangeMan=Bad media and their allies, lost it -- and claimed:
  • he was foisting unproven treatments on a gullible public
  • leftist politicians restricted or banned it's use for COVID (even though it was proven harmless in 40 years of use)
  • FakeNews outlets touted the dangers of it (and used a case where a wife murdered her partner with fish tank cleaner, as an example)
  • and a few leftist scientists created junk studies to sabotage it's reputation.
It's sad the measure people will go either to prevent hope or to hurt Trump.


So multiple vaccines coming, multiple treatments, low death rates, it's generally only taking out old people with multiple severe chronic conditions... so while there's the possibilities of mutations that make this virus worse, or that reactions to the vaccines (or their lack of complete effectiveness), we've never been as technologically prepared as we are for this pandemic. This is NOT the 1918 Spanish Flu.


📚 References

The Coronavirus is named after the fact that under a microscope it looks like the surface of the sun, with lots of little protrusions and bumps. These are series of diseases, but the one everyone is talking about for now, is the Chinese (Wuhan COVID-19 for COrona VIrus Disease circa 2019, or SARS-CoV-2) that's going pandemic. While the CDC, WHO and FDA all blew their response, we've never seen a more effective response to a pandemic, and the U.S. outperformed most of the world in objective metrics. But as to be expected, partisan Democrats and their media never let an opportunity go to waste: to politicize, polarize, divide and undermine the American economy and people.