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Welcome Mr. Columbus, did you know that my Cousin Liz just got fired for being pregnant!?

The left's version of Columbus and Columbus Day, Indigenous People's and so on, is completely out of touch with reality.

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Columbus Columbus crew thought they were going to sail off the edge of the earth, until he got to the new world, and exploited the poor/peaceful natives. Celebrating Columbus is celebrating the genocide of the Native Americans and atrocities foisted on them, and should be a shame on the west. They knew the earth was round, they just didn't know there was a continent (or two) between Europe and Asia. Columbus was a nice guy, for his time, certainly a lot better than the Natives. Judging someone by the norms of our time and not his own, is a historical fallacy. He made the continent better, unless you prefer we still lived in the stone/bronze age and practiced Human Sacrifice.

According to Dr. William J. Connell, a historian at Seton Hall University:

  • Columbus day was created as an inclusionary holiday, intended to celebrate recent immigrants and championed to recognize Native Americans and Italian (and other) immigrants that were coming over in waves. President Benjamin Harrison declared it a national holiday on July 21, 1892, to try to heal racial divisions and vandalism against Columbus's statues by people who didn't like dirty spics. Columbus Day was supposed to recognize the greatness of all of America’s people, but especially Italians and Native Americans, and heal the divide over those two events. Two events cemented the need for unity:
    1. The first, was at Wounded Knee, S.D., in a massacre where U.S troops killed 146 to 200 Lakota Sioux just before New Years Day in 1890, including men, women and children
    2. The second was the lynching of 11 Italian-Americans in 1891, ten weeks after the Wounded Knee massacre. The lynchings, organized by a prominent Louisiana politician who later become governor, were referred to by Teddy Roosevelt, not yet president at the time, as “a rather good thing.”
  • The Klu Klu Klan was one of the first progressive groups against celebrating Columbus Day and likened Columbus day to a papal plot, and burned crosses to threaten those who celebrated Columbus. (Not unlike progressives of today)
  • Columbus didn't commit mass genocide either. Germs did.
  • Columbus was a 15th century sea captain accustomed to brutal treatment of his own ship's crew out of necessity during the time. He was equally brutal to the natives out of self-interest and self-preservation.

Remember, without Columbus there would be no latinos, so not think about how racist protesting Columbus is. [1]

Meanwhile those that buy into the leftist theology are committing acts of violence or vandalism in the name of tolerance:

  • Someone poured red paint on a statue of Christopher Columbus on San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill, writing “destroy all monuments to genocide and kill all colonizers.” [2]

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