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Charles "Chuck" Todd is college drop-out and an NBC partisan moderator of NBC's Meet the Press (and on-air political analyst), ex-Chief White House correspondent for MSNBC, and Political Director for NBC News. Which makes him a partisan with some sketchy events posing as Journalism

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Deceptive editing of Barr video -


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Trying to decide which major channel is worse on news is not easy, thanks to all of them vying for the title of least trustable. Here's some of NBC's lowlights.
Starting a section on MSNBC and their bias is like starting one on listing all the names in the Holocaust. This is a Sisyphusian task to try to create a comprehensive list -- so I won't do that. Heck, it'd be impossible to list all the failures of any on of their personalities alone (Ed Shultz, Chris Matthews, Tom Brokaw, Mika, Maddow, and the other Hurricane Katrina's of journalistic ethics). So I'll just cherry pick, and offer a few nuggets, links to aggregate sources, greatest misses, and things that can point out the obvious to those capable of getting it.