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Quick, name a few "Christian Terrorists". If you try, you'll probably be wrong. Over the years, I've asked and researched, and never found one. Not that some weren't Christians, but I haven't found one that screamed, "God is love", as they blew themselves up, or scant few that committed crimes because the Bible told them drive a truck over people, or to kill as many Mulsims as they could. Can you imagine Christian extremists (like the Amish), riding their buggy bomb into building? It just doesn't happen. That's not to claim that everyone who is a christian is a saint, it's just called perspective.

Emanuel Kidega Samson

A few days ago, a black Sudanese immigrant (Emanuel Kidega Samson) murdered one person at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee -- and was shooting indiscriminately and wounded six others. He left a note saying this was retaliation for the Charleston Church Shooting (Dylan Roof). Fortunately he was thwarted by a Caleb Engle, who after wrestling the gun away, used his own gun to hold the suspect until the Police arrived.

A friend complained, "why the focus (by the President) on NFL protests, when there was real news to focus in like Korea or Puerto Rico?"

My answer was because the media picks what's newsworthy, and the left-leaning media felt they could skewer the President more with the NFL story, than stories about how a black racist shot up a white church, and was thwarted by a civilian with a gun.

For days, the media snubbed the shooter story, until enough right wing outlets showed the hypocrisy, and got them to reluctantly cover it (usually to spin some weird angle on it, and gloss over the material points). The media far preferred to focus on NFL protests, and trying to invent Puerto Rico is Trump's Katrina meme (despite a far better response than a few of Obama's natural disasters that the media ignored).

Only Democrats can turn Disasters into Catastrophe's :If you pay attention, you'll notice that when it's a city in a red state like Houston (Hurricane Harvey) or Miami (Hurricane Irma), the state and local governments respond competently, and despite huge hits, everyone has their shit together, and cleanup moves quickly. But Democrat controlled cities/states like New Orleans (Katrina) or Peurto Rico (Maria) -- and their infrastructure crumbles, they respond incompetently, and look for Republican scapegoats for their incompetence. And the media plays along. It's almost like Democrats have no ability to government, but can only appeal to the gullibility of their base. This seems too consistent to be pure coincidence.

Another friend whined that in pointing that out, I left out that the shooter may have been a Christian, as if that was at all relevant to any point.

I responded as I have many before, "Do you have any links that show he did this for Christianity and religious motivations?"


  1. I'm not against the possibility that he did -- I'm an atheist, there's zero investment in his religious views from me.
  2. One crazy person throwing out some end-of-day's prophecy or quoting scripture isn't really an indictment against Christianity as much as the failure of the system to keep schizophrenics on their meds.
  3. But in this case (as in most, when the left cries Christian), I just didn't see any valid relationship between his religion and what he did. He didn't yell out, "Jesus Saves" before unloading -- and if he didn't then that datapoint (his religion), is no more material than the fact Hitler was a vegetarian who loved dogs, is to other vegetarians or dog owners.
  4. Nor is my goal to play pin the guilt for a crazy guy on anyone -- that's the left's game with identity politics. I'm against trying to pin Dylan Roof on all Republicans, nor Samson on all Democrats (even if the Dems anti-immigration vetting is more relevant, or we know if Sampson had been let in during a Republican administration instead of Obama's, they would have done gymnastics to try to tie it to the administration). I'm just using that as one of the myriad of examples of the double standards in the left leaning media. If he was a white guy shooting up a black church, it would have been 24/7 News coverage for weeks, as happened with Dylan Roof (and imagined ties with the RNC), because it fits their divisive intersectional politcs.

My point was just that the media is biased in what they treat as newsworthy, and what they suppress because it looks bad on their agendas. They invent news by what they choose to sensationalize and ignore, and it's good to be skeptical of their agendas.

Irony: while the left-stream media tried to bash Trump over the football controversy, and sided with the NFL on politically correct lies over truth, it backlashed. The polls mostly supported Trump on this. Most real Americans agree that while they respect free speech, the national anthem at a sporting event, is not the right time for protests by racists. So BLM, NFL, Social Justice Warriors and the mainstream media trying to team up to Politicize Sports, didn't hurt the President or get public sympathy.

Dylan Roof

Tim McVeigh