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USAToday has a long history of dumb, and they should have been renamed USSA (United Socialist States of America) because that seems to be their bend/lean. But here's an example of their dumb.

Double down on stupidity

To show that this wasn't a one time mistake, they ran a fallacy ridden article, the next day, on how this is a special class of weapon that does ultimate damage to the human body, showing they know absolutely nothing about guns, ballistics, or the human body.


USA Today : 9 items

Wikileaks Quid Pro Quo - A few FakeNews outlets like The Daily Beast, Sky News, Bloomberg and CNBC claimed that "Trump (through Dana Rohrabacher as the intermediary) offered WikiLeaks' Julian Assange a pardon... if he covered up Russian hacking of Democrats, his lawyer tells court in the U.K."... only the meeting happened 10 months AFTER Assange had stated multiple times that "he was 1000% sure the Russians" weren't his source, the Trump administration denied it, and Assange's lawyer that informed Gen. Kelly that "Assange would provide information about the purloined DNC emails in exchange for a pardon," but he never heard back from the White House (not the other way around). So instead of a scandal, it exonerates Trump as behaving better than Democrats (who did reach out to Russians over potential oppo-research / dirt). But other than getting the story bass-backwards, and failing to correct it (or correct it slowly), good job.

USA Today vs Truth - If you're like me, searching for an honest Democrat pundit... keep looking. Michael J. Stern's USA Today rant is a typical dishonest screed that is everything it accuses the other side of. It projects hating fair elections, hating his fellow Americans, hating America, and flinging hate and invectives at anyone who disagrees with his hypocritical brilliance. Basically, it's a typically far-left distortion of this country, then anger that not everyone is as much a delusional bigot as he is. Let's go through it point by point.

Chainsaw Bayonet -
The latest double-face palm from USAToday was not over [their bad explanation of what a bump stock is] (or ignoring that people can do the same thing with a belt loop or shoe string). Then they went full retard in explaining what makes AR-15's so dangerous, all the accessories that you can mount (on most other guns)... including the dreaded, "chainsaw bayonet". Seriously. I thought it was a joke. But I checked, it was real article.... then they took it further, and they promoted it with a tweet and a custom animation on the accessories for a AR-15, again including the chainsaw bayonet. This of course, lead to a lot of mocking under the predictabl #ChainsawBayonet, including the sharkwithfriggenlaser, velocoraptor and a smaller AR-15 under your AR-15 accessories.

2019.12.29 White Settlement Church Shooting - After Keith Thomas Kinnunen (43) pulled out a shotgun and killed two people, Jack Wilson (71, Hero, NRA member and Trump supporter) quickly shot and killed the Texas church shooter a few seconds in, ending the confrontation and saving countless lives. The video of the event went viral because it was being live streamed and of how fast it all happened at the West Freeway Church of Christ, in White Settlement Texas (a Dallas/Fort Worth suburb). Multiple other people in the congregation had pulled guns and were prepared as well, which caused USA Today and other leftist outlets commented on how scary it was that so many churchgoers were armed and didn't die like good little proles. The shooter had a long criminal record, in multiple states, thus the gun was illegally owned (gun control didn't work). A few months ago, Democrats like Joe Biden had mocked Texas Governor Greg Abbott, for signing a bill into law that allows people in churches to be armed, preferring a much larger massacres to liberty and trusting your fellow man, this event proves them wrong. CNN and other FakeNews outlets misreported Jack Wilson as a cop -- while he was former reserve deputy sheriff and an owner/trainer of a firearms training academy, he was a civilian and not law enforcement.

2019.03.22 Mueller Report.png
2019.03.22 Mueller Report - The Mueller Report is out. I don't care if you like/dislike President Trump, I care whether people will defend the truth or perpetuate a lie. Soon we will be able to read the full report, but the summary is a smackdown: (a) there was no hint at collusion by Trump or his team, in fact they rebuffed attempts by the Russians. (b) without collusion there couldn't have been obstruction, but even if there had been, Trump wasn't close to obstruction (c) the media narrative has been a fraud (d) the media wasted 2,284 minutes, and 533,074 articles (245 million responses) to coverage of the fake narrative. The media doesn't admit their mistake and apologize to Trump and the public are not journalists following the facts, but polemics mad that someone shined the light of truth on their deception. And right on cue, a bunch of FakeNews, Democrat politicians, and Hollywood sheep try to spin this as it, "stops short of exonerating on obstruction", or shifting the narrative to Mueller's competence, Trump's guilt on something else, or anything other than their 2-year fraud. But all the outlets that championed it as the end of Trump, or shown for frauds. Expecially when they won't just apologize.

2019.01.23 NY Reproductive Health Act - This law has nothing to do with Roe, once you read past the surface, and any outlet that doesn't offer that context is FakeNews. The outlets that don't cover it, says as much about them as those that cover it poorly.

2018.06.21 Immigration Girl -
Time Magazine never ran a cover article complaining about immigrant abuse during Obama, when this was happening more widely. But they photoshopped a FakeNews picture on their cover (and worse article) with Trump looking down callously on a girl that was crying and being separated from her mother. The context of the original makes it worse. American outlets (NYT, WaPo, etc) don't fact check their own kind, so it was the DailyMail that broke the fraud.

2017.05.25 NATO - Trump criticized NATO (as he has during his campaign) for bearing the brunt of NATO costs (true), and intimidates them into living up to their obligations and coming up with more money. The leftists, their Press and their fact checkers all pretend this is end of days and proof that:
    • Demanding more defense spending (against Russia) makes him a puppet of Russia.
    • That him claiming the U.S. pays 70-90% of NATO is a lie. It's true... depending on what you mean.
    • He "shoved" Montenegro Prime Minister.
    • That he's alienating our allies and going to break up NATO.
    • A year+ later, the head of NATO admits that his tough talk got NATO contributions up by over $100B, and it is stronger than ever, thanks to Trump.

2016.09.27 Alfred Olango Shooting - Alfred Olango was a Ugandan refugee living in El Cajon are of San Diego. Alfred was a repeat drug dealer, drunk driver, who illegally owned a firearm, and otherwise repeat felon with mental issues. Police were called to the scene of a disturbance where Alfred was walking erratically into traffic, and causing a ruckus. When police approached him, he quickly pulled a large vape pen (3" long silver, with a 4" case) from his pocket, got in a shooting stance while pointing it at a cop, who returned fire. Alfred's sister claimed cops killed his brother for no reason, and the media played along, fostering outrage and violent protests. This later led to an assault on a Trump Supporter for filming a protest while wearing a MAGA hat.


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