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A list of thing about the UK. Some good, some bad. OK... mostly bad.

Some articles (facts) about the U.K.: 5 items

  • UK is poorer than all the states - If the Britain were a State, it'd be poorer than any other state in the U.S. This is especially bad because Britain is the richest in the United Kingdom. This is based on US figures for GDP per state divided by population to come up with a GDP per capita figure -- then compare that to Britain (or the UK). Then add in the PPP (purchasing power parity) adjustments. Many people leave that last part out, but when you have a 20% VAT tax, it means that while your GDP might look fine, the actually purchasing power is far less. Do we really want to be more like them?
  • U.S. vs U.K. - Crime/Murder -
    When you correct for their creative-accounting, the U.S. has a lower white murder rate, and less violent crime than the UK. And the UK's murder and crime rates went up since gun control (while the U.S.'s have been trending down, despite loosening gun-control laws). Gun control didn’t work well for the UK. This breaks down the numbers, links to sources, and shows my work.
  • Knife Control -
    While I wish it was a joke, California, UK and Oz (Australia) all have "knife control" to keep the public from having pointy things. And they're adding more of these laws to protect us, all the time. Never mind that criminals ignore dumb laws by nature of them being criminals, so all the laws can do is punishing the innocent. Worse, since gun control laws seem to result in more violent criminals using knives, and thus more stabbings (up to 5-10x our rate of stabbing), they are looking at adding many more laws to protect us from the dreaded assault utensils. Seriously, don't stop rampant criminal immigration, or punish criminals, it's time to outlaw pointy things, and demanding cooling off periods before ordering cutlery. Politicians are willing to turn law abiding citizens (collectors/practitioners) into criminals, and waste the courts time and money, and distract law enforcement from more serious issues.
  • Dunkirk (2017) -
    This wasn't bad, but it was a bit of mismanaged expectations. Many will go in expecting a Historical War and action movie -- what they'll get is a vignette movie telling 3 different stories, with overlapping timelines. A British soldier pooping and fleeing from the pending german advance (over a week), a British guy with a boat coming to save them (over a day), and a RAF pilot (over an hour), and how those stories intersect. If it sounds overly complex, it is, but the stories individually aren't bad -- the same with the movie.
  • 2019.04.01 Porn Block - Licensing is when the government takes your liberty away, and then sells/leases it back to you. Like the UK did with free Porn. For £4.99, you can buy a porn card (for each device), to allow you to watch free porn. Now they say it is for protecting the kids, but that's sort of the Parents job -- and since there will be a black market for those cards, it really won't stop them. Free speech and licensed speech are oxymorons.

Free Speech

They imprison you for flipping off the traffic cameras:


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Europeans that stay in Europe don't usually understand the U.S., or what made us successful. They think they do because they watch Hollywood's version of America, as seen through their Eurocentric eyes -- but that's like asking Democrats about what motivates Republicans: the answers are usually garbage. That's why the French Revolution was such a failure. And it's why the European Union (EU) inverted the U.S.

The U.S. was created so that we the people could separate from a monarchy, self govern as a lot of local (State) democracies, with the minimum overarching federalism as possible. The EU was created to turn a bunch of separate little democracracies with autonomy into one unresponsive Brussels (or Berlin) run monarchy. It's not just that's the wrong idea... it's that they THINK they're doing what we did, when they're doing the exact opposite. We were created on individualism and limiting government power, and they are created on collectivism, centralization and maximize it.