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Planned Parenthood: trading abortion profits for DNC support!
Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco

Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill wrapped in the facade of being about Women's healthcare. It is true that a small percentage of their money comes from services other than abortions, but you get what you incentivize -- and the majority of their profits come from eugenics, and that impacts how they run their business.

Planned Parenthood

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Christchurch Shooting - 🇳🇿Christchurch, New Zealand: a left wing eco-nationalist (who hates Capitalism, Conservatism, and is Chinese Communist sympathizer) shot-up a couple mosques because immigrants were over-populating the planet and causing Global Warming. Because the shooter said he didn't like Donald Trump's politics or leadership, the media said he was a right wing Trump supporter. He had illegally modified guns, used guns instead of more effective bombs because he said that would turn the left into his tools in dividing nations like the U.S. over gun-control, and he was stopped/slowed at the second mosque because a good guy was able to get a gun and scare him off. (It was one the shooter had dropped). So the media does his bidding, calls for division and gun control, and ignores the role that a good-guy with a gun had in reducing the carnage. NZ threatens to punish anyone that makes the info about his true motives available.
Dead/Injured: 50/100

Abortion - Abortion is a deeply personal view, and I used to explore people by asking or sharing my views on it and seeing how they respond.This article covers many aspects of the topic, in what I hope is a somewhat neutral and informed way, though I openly have and express my opinions. The point is not to change anyone's mind, and I leave people room for their own personal views.

AdobeProud - AdobeProud is a group, maillist and slack channel that was started so that the Adobe LGBT-community could connect and share LGBT events/issues. But since the LGBT community (especially in the bar area) demands conformity to far left marxists intolerance (cancel culture, etc), it quickly became a place to bully anyone that tries to inject balance and moderation. And HR seems to side with the mob.

Bill Cosby - He got caught being a bad boy.... sad. I liked his show and Comedy, always tragic to find out he was a douchebag rapist in real life.

Boy Scouts -
Boy Scouts is ruined by SJW's, like everything else they touch. That doesn't mean I think the new "Scouts BSA" will be a bad thing.... just it is not the same thing that the Boy Scouts was. I suspect the new thing will be different and better in a couple areas, and worse in a few others, and what the old Scouts was (their purpose), will be shat on and lost over time. Another opportunity to educate boys will be taken away, in the name of radical feminism (or some other false flag that's really just a front for radical feminism).

Extreme feminism believes in the destruction of safe spaces for males, and tearing all their institutions down, while defending Women-only safe spaces, under the delusion that unfocused men, with little purpose, and a lot of anger/frustration will somehow benefit women. When all it really does is make for a less cohesive society. (Blur the lines between all the roles, and you don't get more harmony, you get more confusion). See groups like Incel.

Carpe Donktum.jpg
Carpe Donktum - A twitterer (Carpe Donktum) summed up the state of Twitters leftist outrage mob by imagining Trump tweeting the picture of a horse, and how various outlets would respond:
  • MAGA: This is the most beautiful Horse that was ever created
  • LIBS: You Should Be in Jail, the Horse Deserves Better
  • CNN BREAKING NEWS: President Trump tweeted a horse that was probably thinking bad thoughts, our panel discusses after the break.
  • MSNBC: President Trump tweeted a picture of an Arabian horse, clearly a dog whistle to his Islamophobic base
  • Feminist Twitter: Why does the horse have to be a male? This is just another example of Trumps war on women.
  • Huffington Post: How Stallions are hurting transhorses
  • The Daily Beast: Trump's "Horse Picture" linked to Antisemitism, here is the horses address and social security number.
  • The New York Times: SOURCE says the Horse is the power behind the throne, Trump sits in his office watching gorilla channel all day.

Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer (2018) -
Gosnell is the Citizen Cane of our generation. Not that I think it was the best movie ever made (but then I don't think that of Citizen Cane either), nor just because one of the lead actors in the movie is Dean Cain. But that the forces of collectivism and certain powerful personalities tried to suppress it being made, and it told an important story about that suppression. As it stays truer to the facts, and is almost a reenactment documentary, it's even better than Citizen Cane. As the director (Nick Searcy) said, "There are three aspects to this story that are fascinating. What happened; why it was allowed to happen; and why no one wanted to talk about it after it happened." So no matter what side the Abortion issue you come down on, and whether you support Roe v. Wade or not (I'm pro-choice myself), this was a fascinating story on how much the "abortion at any cost" crowd allowed, in the name of their agenda. Since I value truth more than a political agenda, I found it very worthwhile, I suspect many that put their agenda above bad behavior will hate the movie.

Margaret Sanger - Progressive activist racist eugenicist founded Planned Parenthood to exterminate as many inferior (brown) babies as possible, to advance white protestantism. The party that loves to hate and remove Confederate heroes and statues has no problem worshiping at the feet of their bigots: proving all standards don't apply equally.

Roe v. Wade - Abortion is a deeply personal view, and I have no problem with how people come down on it (as long it is thoughtfully decided). While Roe v. Wade fits my personal beliefs (1st Trimester legal, 3rd illegal), it was a lousy and Unconstitutional ruling that invented law from the bench by imagining powers in the 14th (100 years after the fact) that the authors and ratifiers disagreed with, it violated the 10th and 11th, it made things much worse by polarizing and dividing us AFTER 37 states had already legalized abortion. Then Planned Parenthood v. Casey made it a far worse decision (3rd trimester legal, which collided with Roe). Most legal scholars have admitted that it was a lousy ruling, and it made the nation a worse place. And repealing it would do nothing to the places that are outraged over the thought, since that would just push it back to the states (which had already legalized it).

San Bernardino: Mass Shooting Recap -
Never let an opportunity go to waste: the politicians and media prey on this tragedy, knowing it will be fodder to copycats. But lives of those sacrificed aren't as important as the agenda. Hey, if you want to let democrats make an omelet, they're going to break some eggs. Just remember, you, your friends, your family, and the truth, are the eggs.

Unplanned (2019).png
Unplanned (2019) - Unplanned is a prophetic name, as I had no real intentions of seeing it. But after Twitter blocked them (since removed), music labels wouldn't license songs, most TV stations refused their benign advertising, and it was unfairly given an R rating. Later Google "Accidentally" mislabelled them as "propaganda", how does a non-genre accidentally get added anyways? And Canada banned it via their theater monopoly. I knew I had to see what was the Citizen Kane of our day. (Remember the studios/powerful tried to block Orsen Welles from telling the Hurst truth as well, even in allegory form). Here, take my money! Gosnell last year and Unlplanned this year are probably the most important movies of the year, not because I agree with everything in them (I'm pro-choice), or they're the best production (they aren't), but they tell powerful, mostly true stories that the rich, powerful and intolerant want to suppress. And if you hate bullies, you want to see the little guy succeed, even if you're not 100% in agreement with their message. That and it's a pretty good story, and I want to see the best arguments the other side can make to challenge myself/my beliefs -- so whichever side you're on, you should see it to be informed. But of course, that view is not for everyone.


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Abortion is a deeply personal view, and I used to explore people by asking or sharing my views on it and seeing how they respond.This article covers many aspects of the topic, in what I hope is a somewhat neutral and informed way, though I openly have and express my opinions. The point is not to change anyone's mind, and I leave people room for their own personal views.