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This section is all about me (Ari Sabouni). (If you want more about why, you can read the About section). So this might seem a little self-serving, but heck, what is life if it isn't sharing our experiences and perceptions, in the hopes that others can chuckle or learn from them? Plus, I learned long ago, that once I write something down, the process of writing and organizing is cathartic. And once written, I can completely, "let it go". After I leave this mortal coil, at least there was a small part of me, that will live on -- whether in words, or lessons that others learned.

👤 Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, these are a few of my favorite things. Or at least favorite things that have happened to me. Some good, some bad. But if you grow/learn from the bad, then they make you who you are... and thus are my favorite things as well.

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I think everyone has had at least some "pleasant" experiences at the Doctors offices. If you haven't, it is probably just a matter of time until you will. I sometimes am left to wonder if the AMA is conspiring with Gerbels, Mengela, and other leftover National Socialists to think of new procedure to either torment, humiliate, or outright torture the common man. It is like, "we could do a MRI, blood test or cat-scan and figure this out; but an endoscopy would be much more fun... for us".

These are just a few of my stories:

👤 Here's a list of experiences that I've had. Just little anecdotes on life, and what I've seen. Some have sort of a lesson, some just are what they are.

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Here's a list of all articles that are tagged as having anything to do with me. Which is a bit of misnomer, since my entire website has some relationship to me. But this is more about me, instead of just by me.