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There's this fallacy invented and propagated by the far left (and part of Black Conspiracy Theology), meant to undermine America, called "Systemic Racism" (aka Institutional Racism): the idea that racism in ingrained into the culture and legal or corporate policies.

While it is true that Democrat party was founded on Andrew Jackson and his Indian extermination campaigns, and Democrats created a lot of institutional racism with their KKK, Jim Crow laws, Woodrow Wilson, or in the 30's with FDR's New Deal, Social Security, Wagner Act (which excluded as many blacks as possible). Republicans have been trying to wipe it out since before the Civil War, and including the Republican civil rights acts of 1957, 1960 and 1964, the Fair Housing Act of 1968, the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972. For my entire lifetime, there's pretty much nowhere for institutional racism to legally hide: every attempt is rooted out and eliminated. There is the exception of Democrats false flag of "affirmative action" (anti-majority racism). AA is really just a way for Democrats to keep their racism by shifting their racist hate from blacks to racism against Asians and Whites. Look at any College Admission to a Liberal School and they'll have ways to use race as a qualifier. It's how fake Indian Elizabeth Warren was able to get into Harvard. But with the exception of anti-white/asian policies, there are no policies (official or unofficial) that allow cops (often minorities) to assault civilians based on the color of their skin (and any historical exceptions have been rooted out and prosecuted by various federal agencies).

Despite all recent evidence is that police abuse is actually less common against blacks (relative to murder rates), every time there happens to be a police (or civilian) abuse problem against someone who is black, the old leftist tropes are trotted out in order to divide us for political gain -- while similar assaults against Whites, Latinos or Asians are ignored. Once you get past the surface Fake victims like Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Micah Johnson, OJ Simpson, Philando Castile, Rodney King, Sandra Bland, fall apart as being racially motivated. But the lie was propagated by the left, their activists (BLM, Antifa, Occupy, etc), and their media, because it divides us and undermines our country, and brings us closer to being like Kosovo (and the violent revolution that at least some on the left crave). Finally, when an obvious abuse of power video came out (George Floyd) the nation was ready to burn, and the DNC and their operatives were there, flinging matches. The rioters, protestors, DNC operatives and their media all propagated the same lies (1) that this was an institutional problem (not individual) (2) that the officer wouldn't have equally abused a White, Asian, or Latino that was resisting arrest, in the exact same way (3) that justice was already being served against the perpetrator (Officer Derek Chauvin), without any marches, riots or looting necessary in the first place. Americans are united in that we all oppose abuse of power of any individual (Black or White), where the Democrats succeed in dividing us is that many don't believe the lie that this problem is systemically ingrained in our legal code, and that the solution is supporting violent radicals (and rioters). The reason these events are newsworthy is because of how rare they are.

One of the key things to remember is that Republicans have been fighting the Democrats on the root cause for decades: Police Unions getting Qualified Immunity for Police Abuse. Basically, this is the idea that ignorance of the law is not a defense for YOU... but if an officer enforces a mistaken understanding of the law, they are immune from prosecution, as long as their mistakes are "reasonable."

Issue Lie Truth
Institutional Racism

The system is against poor brown people.

Racism is everywhere just look at OJ Simpson, Rodney King, Henry Louis Gates, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Anton Sterling, Philando Castile Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and so on. Cops are murdering black people for no reason. The SPLC claims hate crimes are up. Atrocities happen to innocent minorities every day. We need the federal government to stop this! While the Democrats did create many racist programs in the past, and it is far from perfect today, it generally favors minorities (institutional racism against Whites and Asians). Anyone familiar with the stats/math knows the lie that blacks are gunned down disproportionate to crimes. Those victims are usually examples of dumb people winning stupid prizes. Whites, asians, arabs or latinos would have been gunned down in the same situation. And the reason they are newsworthy is because they're so rare. The reason bad examples make News, is because they can't find better examples. The SPLC is an example of leftists scaring the gullible for money.


While the invention of institutional racism is required to be a gullible far lefty, the truth is more nuanced. Democrats have pushed for racist policies in the past, because otherwise the culture wouldn't have been racist enough. Republicans usually got them stopped or fought against them. And most of the abuses today, are still based on the left trying to divide us for votes. But think about their logic in this, "We gave the government too much power, and it abused it against minorities. We need to give the government more power to fix it!". Are you seeing the problem? The governments job is to protect individuals (not groups) from mob justice -- not to be a tool of it. Examples of leftist silliness with regards to race: Institutional Racism : 13 items

1977 Watts -
109th and Compton - While I was a rural/burb kid, I lived summers with my Uncle in Hollywood, or Grandparents in Burbank. Hustling on Sunset is nothing like being "white bread" working in Watts; which I did one summer. South Central was not the best time I ever had working, but I learned a lot. Most of it was not good stuff; racism, corruption, contempt/distaste for the inner-city subculture and their sloth and hypocrisy. I didn't like that world, and while I could exist in it (briefly), I knew I didn't want to.
Affirmative Action - Affirmative Action is to pretend that Will Smith or Barack Obama's kids, have fewer opportunities as connected black millionaires than some poor, white, son-of-meth-head in Appalachia, or some Asian boat persons kid who came here with nothing but a language/culture barrier, by nature of their skin color -- so they should get a special advantages in life, like college admissions. An idea so stupid and racist that it could only appeal to the far left.
Black Lives Matter -
I refer to Black Lives Matter as the Black-Clan. Why? Because they're mask-wearing racist who have been more violent than the clan has been since the 1920’s. The "victims" are usually repeat felons with long rap sheets, getting shot by minority officers, for brandishing weapons. All to further a cause that's complete anti-American bullshit: that the white establishment shoots unarmed black men for no reason, despite evidence to the contrary. They're a waste of space that only lowers humanity and tolerance.

Boston Hospital - Boston hospital (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) implements systemic racism that implements a “reparations framework” for distributing medical resources in order to “comprehensively confront structural racism." In other words they're using bigotry/bias as an excuse to create more bigotry and bias in how they allocate resources.
Fake Race Crimes - The FakeHate grievance industry is so broad, that they are branching out, and have to have multiple divisions. Hey, you get what you incentivize. and the virtue signaling left rewards victimhood -- so people are lining up to join in. This is just the subset of FakeHate that is specifically about fake racial crimes.
Harvard Admissions - Harvard is known to have systemic racism in admissions: dramatically different standards required to get in as an Asian (or white), versus Black. Trump's DOJ sued Harvard over their Constitutional violations... and the Biden administration of course dropped it. Under Republicans, the DOJ tries to stop it. Under Democrats, they encourage anti-Asian hatred.
Racism, Sexism, Homophobia -
My-CryBully Large.png
The more you dilute/expand and abuse a word, the weaker the meaning becomes. And the crybullies are abusing words like Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Islamophobia, and so on, by either not understanding the meaning, or putting their agenda above the truth. This article tries to explain what is (and is NOT) an 'ism. Because obviously a lot of people seem to be getting their understanding wrong.
Secretary of Transportation - Pete Buttigieg (Biden's Secretary of Transportation) claims that highways are racist, and is going to make them more racist to make up for past racism, in the name of racism.
Systemic Racism (Best Arguments) - If you can look at both sides best arguments (and counter-arguments), not cherry picking their worst or exaggerating their points, we can usually deconstruct which is appealing to reason/facts, and which to emotions/disinformation. Fortunately, the highly funded left has good, polished videos like thier best arguments on systemic (Institutional) racism and Charlie Kirk did a pretty good deconstruction of the flaws in their reasoning, and it's pretty easy for the non-gullible to see through the fundamental flaws of their argument. Their points are:
  • Schools: are often funded by property taxes, so a rich school gets more money than poor schools. Semi-true, but outcomes aren't based on district money, and many black/poorer areas get more money per student (we over-compensate) and outcomes still don't improve (we've tried). The white/black divide doesn't follow incomes or school funding, and whites and asians in poorer schools often outperform blacks and latinos in richer ones, but blacks in poor schools that try, can outperform whites in good or worse neighborhoods.
  • Wealth Disparity and Red-lining: they blame wealth disparity, and blame that on red-lining (who could buy property). The problem is that ended (legally) in the 1960's, it wasn't based on race (as they claim) but geo's/income, and Asians, Whites other immigrants and in those areas were able to overcome those barriers, why were blacks the only ones who couldn't? We inverted it in the 70's and since with special loans/benefits to minorities or opportunity zones, and didn't get significantly different outcomes for blacks.
  • Colleges: they imply colleges could exclude blacks through "legal segregation", but this is false. There were black colleges since forever, and desegregation in colleges started in the 1940's with Brown vs. Education outlawing it in 1954. Since then we've had the opposite, special incentives and lowering of standards if you're black, while whites and Asians are given special penalties in college admissions and are still over-represented.
  • Implicit bias: this is the idea that everyone is racist and they just don't know it. But there's never been any evidence that this is significant. It turns out that in sales and life, your charm, dress, speech, looks, and things unrelated to race, are far more significant to our success than any implicit biases that hurt all of us (not just blacks). So until they can show evidence that this matters, it's just a distraction.
  • Resume filtering and black unemployment: there was a disputed and unrepeated Harvard Study that claimed to show that Black sounding names get fewer callbacks. But callbacks aren't conversions to hires, most academic studies can't be reproduced and are later debunked (and this one hasn't been). And right now the institutional racism actually favors the minorities. Black unemployment is higher -- but not if you normalize for income, education and degree type. And when you look at incomes of equally educated/experiences blacks or whites, there's no difference: blowing this hypothesis out of the water.
  • Solutions: Pretend that Slavery and Jim Crow laws are responsible for black outcomes. In other words, ignore any responsibility of the individual, family or culture might have in black under-performance or criminality. Blacks are the only race that can't overcome their color -- which is completely disproven by black immigrants or black children raised in white or asian homes, which all outperform the black average. They want you also to ignore that public school failures have been part of the problem, as well as single parent families in the black community, welfare, gangs, and other things that hold people back far more than the problems they want you to focus on.

Better explanations for each of these problems are culture, family values, dual parent homes, gangs and discipline. So their argument is a fallacy and the problems are not primarily racism.

The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left -
The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left is a book that just reiterates the unsavory parts of the left's history that they would rather you forget. Jonah Goldberg covered this ground better in "Liberal Fascism", but it is still a readable book with Dinesh's own style and observation. What you'll get out of it is inversely related to how much you know about the History of the American left, and how insightful you are already. For me, it was an entertaining and fluffy read with a few new insights but lots of confirmation bias. For somewhat unawares about the dark side of progressivism, or the left side of fascism, it'll be jaw dropping and fascinating. But if you're a partisan lefty, you'll feel that it's all lies and disinformation... just like the mirror and scale are lying to you.
Tired of suppressing my whiteness - Salon ran a stupid race-baiting article by Priscilla Ward, but I know, I repeat myself: it was Salon. Still, her racist polarizing diatribe, made me want to retaliate in kind, re-living a mostly true tales of woe and racism in my past, in a parody of her article. Just to point out there's a whole lot of backstory in others lives that we may not know.
White Privilege -
The idea of White Privilege is to pretend that Jaden Smith, or Barack Obama's kids, have fewer opportunities than some poor, white, son-of-meth-head does, by nature of skin color. Of course that's complete bullshit. The facts are that many black individuals will have far more opportunities than many white ones, and many black sub-groups well outperform many white-sub-groups. Asians outperform whites. Black immigrants outperform both the black and white national averages, because they're not handicapped with black gang-culture. So while there is some minor burden of color, they are far outweighed by individual or sub-group advantages. Thus the people that repeat the fallacy of "white privilege" are either racists, idiots, or racist idiots -- none with a clue on the way the real world works.
Woodrow Wilson - Woodrow Wilson (D), one of the founders of the progressives in America, and definitely in the top few worst Presidents.


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Racism is the idea of thinking one race is superior (overall) to another. What it does not mean is what the left is trying to corrupt the term into: that pointing out there are any cultural or statistical differences between the races (cultures), is trying to oppress minorities, or that all differences in cultural outcome are the fault of Social Injustices or Institutional Racism by the white majority. Here's a bunch of articles on Racism. What is and is not racist.
The FakeHate grievance industry is so broad, that they are branching out, and have to have multiple divisions. Hey, you get what you incentivize. and the virtue signaling left rewards victimhood -- so people are lining up to join in. This is just the subset of FakeHate that is specifically about fake racial crimes.
Left Lies
Imagine the truth is not on your side and thus you can't win the war with facts and logic, but you still want to win? What would you do? The obvious answer is that you'd make the truth into a crime. By and large, this is what the left has become. Now, I'm not talking every Democrat, or even every progressive; most Democrats like most other people are just lazily plodding through life, and repeating what they hear on the news or for their friends: some lie without knowing it, some are just rooting for their team without thinking it through. But the leadership of the left, whether political, celebrity or intellectuals, do not have the truth on their side, so they need to re-define truth, history, and attack anyone that contradicts them, or their belief system and party would go extinct. This article offers just a small sampling of the evidence.
Fake victims

Written 2018.06.25