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Boss Hogg (Dukes of Hazard)
One of the loudest sock puppets for the alt-left in the #MarchForOurLives, here's a High School kid, that parlayed being near a school shooting, and a radicalized ignorance on guns and gun control, into having the short term love and adoration of the far left. Of course these fad activists come and go, and tomorrow he'll be forgotten like any secondary activist in a leftist cause, or Hollywood C-list celebrity. So long and thanks for all the clickbait.

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Good Pillow - In response to Mike Lindell’s popular MyPillow (and support of Trump), on Feb 4th, David Hogg announced that he's going to "prove that progressives can make a better pillow, run a better business and help make the world a better place while doing it". I lasted almost a week before it stopped getting updates, had Robert Holland of North Carolina register the 'Good Pillow’ name out from under him, and appears to have gone away -- proving that progressives think they can do everything better than everyone else. And it's true, if that thing is talking big and being unable to back it up.

Hogg and the YouTube Shooter -
While it isn't a crusaders job to fight EVERY fight, if they're too selective, they can look hypocritical. Like Hogg having a huge problem with a virtually non-existent problem of school shootings: which are infrequent and low death count relative to other high school risks. Then he loudly ignored a mass shooting at YouTube (by Nasim Aghdam), because it didn't fit the disingenuous narrative: it was a woman, she didn't use an assault rifle, and like at Hogg's High School the cops had ignored many warnings by family members first. So nothing but crickets from Mr. Piggy. That means he's not a champion fighting against mass shootings, he's only a hypocrite tool of the far left anti-gun clique, and should be treated with the contempt of any other hyper-partisan.

Hoggs 7 assassination attempts - In his quest for attention, and after his 5 minutes of fame was running out, he grasped at the claim that he's the victim of 7 different assassination attempts. No seriously, that doesn't reek of desperation. Of course the FakeNews interviewer doesn't ask him for any details, but color me skeptical.

Hoggs armed guards - There's some real irony that a kid demanding gun control for the rest of us, shows up everywhere with Armed Security. When he's old enough to get irony, he'll laugh at himself. Assuming he's in on the joke.

National March on NRA -
David Hogg, and other paid astroturfing fronts (they have huge funding from all the usual far-left sources) started these Marches on various things for their causes, ignoring their low turn-out and declining enthusiasm, they're not very bright. For example, if you go to their page and look at their list of proposed "Assault Weapons" that should be banned? The list came from the game "Call of Duty", and includes $10,000+ curios, relics, antiques, bolt action guns and so on. Are those assault weapons? No. But they just know if a game has them, then must be banned. I wouldn't be surprised if the BFG popped up on their lists. I'd joke that we should go through GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and other car games than sensationalize speeding, and ban all the vehicles listed there as well, but these sock-puppets would probably agree and try. To top it all off, their leader (David Hogg), showed up to a gun control rally, with Armed Security. When he's old enough to get irony, he'll laugh at himself.


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