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Here's a brief summary of Hillary's scandals (with links to more on each of them). This isn't meant as a balanced piece to show what good she's accomplished as a politicians or person (that would be a much shorter list), the intent is just to show the pattern of scandals that her detractors recognized and her proponents ignore. If you want the pro-Hillary spin just listen to her, the NYT, CNN or MSNBC, they carry her water for her.

Issue Lie Truth
Hillary Clinton Hillary was a noble lawyer, accomplished Woman who advocated for Women her whole life, that everyone is charmed by, but the vast right-wing conspiracy keeps inventing conspiracies about her to try to make her look bad. She is the crookedest person to ever get the Presidential nomination. She was kicked off watergate, attacked a rape victim or all the Women her husband molested, had a dozen scandals of her own making like cattlegate, whitewater, troopergate, IRS abuse, filegate, giftgate, lootergate, vandalism, pardongate, chinagate, Clinton Foundation, emailgate, Benghazi, and many that had worked with her admitted she was a repeated liar and not a nice person to work for. Until she won as Jr. Senator of NY (for being married to Bill Clinton), she had few good accomplishments on her Resume.

There's so many "fun" facts about Hillary, that I put each topic area into it's own tab, otherwise the article becomes unbearably long.

Hillary Issues

These are the issues that don't fit in either Ethics, Greed, or Gaslighting.

Hillary Clinton: 2nd Amendment -
While Hillary tries to play the moderate to those that don't know better, if you have any understanding of her background, you'd know she'd be on the least constitutional, and certainly least pro-2nd Amendment Presidents we've ever had. For me, that's reason enough to never have voted for her. But the denials of those on the left come in two flavors: ignorance or polemics (trying to spin). If you know what you're talking about, there's no doubt of where she stands, only doubt on how successful she'd be at her agenda.

Hillary Clinton: Benghazi -
Like many things Hillary is involved in, at best she showed gross incompetence, and worst: criminal malfeasance -- always with a side of lies, sub-scandals, and opacity. There's so many scandals in Benghazi: (1) The incompetence of State by ignoring pleas for more security (2) The lies to the public that it was about a "video" (3) the lies that someone didn't block coming to their aid while under attack (4) the obstruction of justice on the investigation (5) the collusion between the Obama DOJ and the Clintons during the investigation (6) This started emailgate. Not to mention the whole why was the U.S. helping Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize Libya, in the first place (as they'd done in Egypt)? So it was part of a wider fuck up of foreign policy. So while bad things happen, if the administration had owned the mistake, no problem (a little noise, and people would have gotten over it). But they lied, obstructed and still hold the position, "what difference does it make?" if you get multiple state department people killed, don't do everything to help them while they're under fire, and then lie and obstruct about it for years? Well, it's one of many things that contributed to her electoral loss. I think that's a difference that it made. This after decades of telling us that Russians would be our friends... now she blames her electoral loss on Russian (conspiring with the Republicans).

Hillary Clinton: Body-count -
This is not to claim a giant conspiracy by the Clintons, or that I buy in that they (or their allies) are having people "whacked" like a mafiaso movie. Heck, if I believed that, I probably wouldn't dedicate time to listing all of the Clinton's scandals, as I'm not suicidal. Sometimes a cigar is just a coincidence. This is just to point out that being a friend of the Clinton's doesn't seem to be good for your health. And those idiots playing 6 degrees of separation with Trump-Russia ties either think Hillary Clinton is having all these people killed, or are flaming hypocrites because there's no separation between the Clintons and these people dying around them.

Hillary Clinton: Healthcare Reform debacle (1993) -
When Bill Clinton was president he gave his wife some make-work projects to help with, to consistently disastrous results. The first was "Hillarycare". There's debate whether she was just doing Bill's bidding (and offering him cover), or she was the great negotiator she pretended, but it was a disaster. It also was clear what her motives and mode of operation was: secret negotiations to make government bigger, crony kickbacks, and a shrill reaction at other people's shrill reaction at being dictated to and cut out of the loop. A foretelling pattern?

Hillary Clinton: It takes a village -
In 1996 She "wrote" and published "It Takes a Village" a kids book / primer on socialism and her leftist ideology and the Law of Jante. Ignoring the questionable propriety of wives of Presidents getting fat publishing contracts for idiotic children books because their Husbands are elected to office, it was offensively insightful into her leftist indoctrination. (e.g. the optics were really, really bad, because she was accidentally open to how she thinks). The book was really written by Ghost Writer Barbara Feinman, which isn't a big deal (standard practice)... but when it was found out, Hillary downplayed Barbara's contributions, and then delayed Barbara's payment, which caused friction with Barbara. Being cheap/greedy, taking credit for other people's work, exposing her true radicalism, duplicity, and offending many people that worked with her, seems to be a reoccurring theme around Hillary. That and it being someone else's fault.

Hillary Clinton: Secretary of state (2009-2013) -
This is a plethora of crimes, fuck-ups and general assholishness around her brief tenure as secretary of state. Her biggest accomplishment was:
  • Offering a mis-translated reset button to the Russians mistranslated as "Overcharged"
  • Giving up Nuclear deterrents in Poland and Czech and got nothing in return except the invasion of Crimea and Ukraine (along with shooting down civilian aircraft, and invading Syria).
  • Hillary/State Department fought for 2 years to keep Boko Haram off the terrorist watch list, despite the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, and over a dozen senators and congressmen all pleading with State to add them. Then in the Chibok schoolgirl kidnapping happend and things went to hell. And there's some evidence being done on whether Hillary was paid by a Nigerian Land Developer (through the Clinton Foundation) to delay adding them to the list (I kid thee not).
  • Then she re-arranged some bureaucracies, and left in disgrace when her botched administration contributed to the Benghazi debacle (where ignoring please for security/help lead to the deaths of 4 people, and then they mislead the public for weeks on the cause). Which lead to a multi-year cover-up (and obstruction of anything resembling an investigation), which exposed she illegally deleted emails, from an illegal private email server, that was illegally storing top secret material, and was illegally having their classification headers removed. (Most likely, to illegally retransmit them to someone else).

Memes-Hillary - List of Clinton Meme's. Meme's aren't "fair", they're pithy over-simplifications of the irony at some often complex and nuanced situations. And sometimes, damn funny. Hillary, Bill, Dress for the Job, Body Count.

Hillary Ethics

To her and her campaign, this is what "Going high, while the other side goes low" looks like. Their campaigns ran dirty, nasty, and made the issue "the other side". She has a long history of starting rumors, slurring her opponents, and attacking anyone who has evidence or accusations of her wrongdoing. And that's a lot of people. Either much of the world has been out to get them for no reason (the "vast right-wing conspiracy"), or the Clinton's were really nasty people:

Bill Clinton -
There's an argument to be made that Hillary isn't responsible for her husband, and to a point that's true. But who you hang around with, are attracted to (and attract), let alone marry and stay married to, also says something about you. So you can't completely separate the Clintons. And while Bill Clinton has had books written about his corruption and bad behavior, certainly things like Bill's dozen or so adventures on pedophile island (riding the Lolita express with Jeffrey Epstein), or Mena scandal, all seem like fair game. Hillary either knowingly looks the other way, or is a blind idiot that shouldn't be in charge of a seating chart. It is hard to argue that she's competent yet unaware, or aware and a moral person.

Chelsea Clinton -
While you aren't responsible for your kids (or parents), and I don't hold Hillary responsible for who her daughter marries (beyond it shows that bad judgement seems to run in the family), the problem is the double standard. Imagine if one of Bush's daughters had married an Investment Banker at Golman Sachs, who was the son of a major banking felon and fraud, all while he was running for office? The Press would have had a field day. With Hillary, it's crickets. And don't get me started, imagine if Barbara or Jenna Bush's first job out of college paid like $400K a year starting salary, then she does part time work at NBC for $600K/year as a "consultant": which works out to $26,724/minute of airtime, and used the Clinton Foundation as a wedding slush fund. Oh, and don't forget $65,000 speaking fees for 20 minutes, because her parents are famous. She rocketed to $30M in net worth by 36. Chip off the old block. Nothing sounds suspicious there.

Hillary Clinton: Allies & Appointments (1993-) -
You'd think that Alinsky, Cattlegate, Whitewater, Travelgate might be red-flags that Hillary has a lousy record for picking allies. But Bill was giving Hillary make-work when he became President (to give the impression that the First Lady mattered or keeping her busy while he hit on interns), thus the task of finding allies and appointments fell to her. How did she do?
  • Her first female attorney general pick: Zoe Baird, was a disaster with Nannygate (hiring illegal immigrants) and failed to pay taxes.
  • Her second try was another Democrat bundler: Kimba Wood, who also got implicated with Nannygate as well (but at least she paid taxes).
  • Her third pick was Janet Reno, who Bill described as “my worst mistake."
  • For head of the Civil Rights Commission she chose "Quota Queen" Lani Guinier, so radical that her name had to be withdrawn in disgrace.
  • For Justice Department she chose former law partners Web Hubbell; who got indicted for conspiracy, tax evasion and mail fraud.
  • For White House Counsel she chose Vince Foster, during the onslaught of scandals and pressure from the WhiteHouse, he committed suicide.
  • Finally William Kennedy was picked for the Treasury Department... but his Rose Law Firm Partners Vince Foster and Web Hubbell's careers (and lives) ended so poorly, that he turned tail and fled back to Little Rock.
  • This isn't counting her family, or later friends like Huma and her husband Anthony Wiener, and literally hundreds of people caught in felonies and other scandals.

Basically, if Hillary considers you, you should run, swim or fly to get as far away as you can: odds are, you're going to prison.

Hillary Clinton: Bitch and Liar -
There's all the scandals that she got caught lying in (after accusing the other side of lying). And there are many more stories of her being an angry shrew that yelled a lot, and threw things, and the Whitehouse staff didn't like her, at all. (These stories kept coming out). In polls, more people believe in Bigfoot (14%) than Hillary being honest (11%). (Really). While I don't mind a tough-minded President or candidate (or even a "bitchy" one, at times), there's a difference between occasionally coming down on people, and just being nasty to be around or a bully. Many close to her tell the same story about her being nasty, bully, corrupt and a liar. Books have been written calling her, 'the Lady Macbeth of Little Rock", her household cook in Littlerock said, "The devil’s in that woman". While anecdotes aren't proof, when there are so many, over so many years, you have to be an idiot (or partisan) to assume that they're ALL false. Is everyone out to get this poor innocent altruist saint? Even Snopes has to admit it's at least partly true, though they focus on the little stuff to distract from the bigger picture.

Hillary Clinton: Emailgate/Servergate (2009-) -
After criticizing Bush and Secretary State Colin Powell for using a public email service while in office (they were using the separate emails for campaign communication, because the law implied they were not supposed to be using federal machines for that), and after she was warned by Congress in 2012 against using a private email account for government business, after Petraeus got fired for handling secure documents in a less than perfect way, instead of using the government-mandated process/servers, Hillary chose to setup her own private email, left it unsecured, deleted 30,000 emails without any auditing, said she gave all job pertinent emails to state, it illegally had top secret emails on it, she claimed she set it up only for the convenience of not carrying two devices, and so on. We know she lied about every one of those claims. All of which were crimes or violations of agreements. Yet, apologists persist to this day in implying she did nothing wrong (or at least criminally wrong). That's demonstrably false.

Hillary Clinton: Filegate (1993) -
After getting caught throwing political enemies to the IRS, Hillary was allowed to recommend a close Clinton friend, Craig Livingstone, for the position of Director of White House security. Then Livingstone was investigated for the improper access of about 900 FBI files of Clinton enemies (Filegate) and the widespread use of drugs by White House staff, suddenly Hillary and the president denied even knowing Livingstone, and of course, denied knowledge of drug use in the White House. Following this debacle, the FBI closed its White House Liaison Office after more than thirty years of service to seven presidents.

Basically, Craig was using his "Security" role to have the FBI investigate anyone they suspected of being an adversary (and the IRS conincidentally audited a highly overlapped list). This included Linda Tripp and Kathleen Willey, and many G.O.P. files. After a few investigations showed that only Republicans or enemies of the Clintons were targeted, Hillary blamed Craig for a simple "bureaucratic SNAFU". People familiar with the Clintons were still dubious. But alas, lost documents, forgetting relationships, knowing nothing about what was going on under their watch that just happens to target Clinton's political enemies? They might be innocent, but there sure seems to be a pattern.

Hillary Clinton: Fired from Watergate (1974) -
Appointed to Staff of House Judiciary Committee during Watergate. She was "fired" for corrupt and unethical behavior, according to lifelong democrats in charge of the house investigation Dan Calbrese and Jerry Zeifman Ziefman has since been smeared by the Hilary campaign machine (WaPo and Snopes), for the hairsplitting mistake that he technically he could not "fire her" (as she wasn't a direct report to his committee, he could only recommend she be removed). Also they claimed that all her unethical behavior might have been at the suggestion of her bosses (it's always someone else's fault). The pattern of getting in the middle of scandals, being accused of questionable ethics by those closest to her, and "losing evidence" seemed to follow her through her life... along with her defenders making lame excuses for it.

Hillary Clinton: Huma & Weinergate -
Of course few think that Hillary is directly responsible for Huma and Carlos Danger's clusterfuck of a relationship. On the other hand, if the left is fond of trudging up the rare scumbag with distant associations to a Republican Administration (like they love to do), then the goose-gander rules apply. Hillary's closest confidant ("second daughter") is a lot closer to shit-shows than President Tangerine. So pick a standard and let's all live by it. We know that Huma violated ethics by tripple dipping (and Hillary administration had said it was OK). We know that Huma was destroying public property, with Hillary's approval. And we know she lied about both. Let's see, liar that was breaking laws to keep Hillary from being held accountable: like a Daughter to her indeed.

Hillary Clinton: IRS-gate (1993) -
The White House acknowledged that during four months in late 1993 it wrongly collected FBI background reports on hundreds, including prominent Republicans, and there was many audits of these same folks. Director of personnel security and Clinton appointee and friend, Craig Livingstone, later takes responsibility. But some of the targeted include: Heritage Foundation, the National Rifle Association, Concerned Women of America, Citizens Against Government Waste, National Review, American Spectator (which was burglarized three times), the National Center for Public Policy Research, the American Policy Center, American Cause, Citizens for Honest Government, Progress and Freedom Foundation, David Horowitz’s Center for the Study of Popular Culture, and the Western Journalism Center. Clinton enemies Gennifer Flowers, Liz Ward Gracen, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick and Whitehouse Travel folks (later involved in travelgate) Billy Dale and attorney Kent Masterson Brown. Washington Times tried to see if any of these repeated audits happened to any Liberal public policy organizations during the same time, and they couldn't find any. Oops. Sorry.

Hillary Clinton: Pardongate (2000) -
Most Presidents pardon people over the course of their Presidencies. Clinton waited until his last day in office then pardoned 140 corrupt Democrat/Clinton Supporters (456 commuted in total). Again, it's not just that the scale is beyond whatever we've seen before, but it's the scope -- that there were so many blatant conflicts of interest. These weren't ambiguous "maybe they weren't guilty" types, it was basically if you donated to Democrats/Clinton's, or were radical lefties, then your crimes were forgiven.

Hillary Clinton: Saul Alinsky acolyte -
Born 1947.10.26 in Chicago, Illinois. She was a nice covnservative republican until 1968 and Wellesley College, when she meets radical activist and community organization Saul Alinsky and becomes an acolyte. She wrote her senior thesis about her idol, “There Is Only the Fight: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.” Our teenage crushes shouldn't held against us 40 years later... unless we never admit they were misguided mistakes (which she's never done), and they keep influencing us (as they appear to have). Many of Saul's "rules for radicals" (lying, cheating, false flag efforts, dirty tricks, rhetoric, blaming the other side, and so on) seem to keep happening in and around Hillary, over and over again. All while evidence disappears, and people around her are found to be corrupt and go to prison... which are either all pure coincidences and frame jobs (according to her supporters), or she's just following the game plan she learned as an impressionable teen.

Hillary Clinton: Troopergate (1980-1993) -
Troopergate was where Bill Clinton allegedly used Arkansas state police assigned to his security detail, to keep an eye out for Hillary or ferry women in and out of the Governors mansion for him (as well as keep track of his sexual scoring system). While Hillary was using state troopers to take her to clandestine meetings with Vince Foster at a resort (for an alleged affair). Most of the media ignored the story, as they didn't want to harm their change-agent du jour, but then this lead to Paula Jones and many others, and even they couldn't ignore that much salaciousness.

Despite 4 different troopers corroborating the stories (multiple Women coming forward or being discovered, including Paula Jones and Jennifer Flowers), and writer David Brock documenting many details of times, dates, with corroborating witnesses, he later apologized to Bill Clinton for breaking the story. The troopers had gotten paid for telling their stories, and he considered that a violation of journalistic ethics. Of course, most of the accounts still appear to be true, but that doesn't matter to Clinton supporters.

Hillary Clinton: Vandals -
While some partisan sources (FakeNews like Atlantic, FactCheck) will try to spin it as minor “pranks”, reflecting the Clinton Administration’s classlessness, the GAO’s admits that they did $13-14K in widespread vandalism to the WhiteHouse: glue desk drawers shut, profane signs, graffiti and insults on voice mail, destroying 62 computer keyboards and 26 cell phones, massive cleaning bills and stealing or breaking doorknobs, medallions, office signs and the large presidential seal. Of course when the allegations went public, the Democrats tried to spin it that it wasn't THAT bad, and it was tacky of the Republicans to whine about it and make felonious destruction of public property look like anything bad?

Hillary Clinton: Whitewater Scandal (1980-1990's) -
This was a complex mess starting in 1980, and going through the 1990's. Basically the Clintons got in a land deal with James McDougal (and wife Susan) to borrow money and build vacation homes in the Ozark Mountains. As governor, Bill Clinton had some influence to peddle (and he'd also assigned McDougal to key position in government), while McDougal bought a savings and loan (Madison Guaranty), who then used funds in ways that benefited the Clintons (kickbacks to campaign fund, private loans, insider lending, and so on). Just Arkansas old-boys quid-pro-quo stuff.

After the failure of the S&L, federal regulators removed McDougal for "improper practices" and the bank collapsed, the property sold off, with McDougal getting charged with fraud. The Federal Resolution Trust Corp. investigation sent a referral to the Justice Dept. naming the Clintons as "potential beneficiaries" of illegal activities. A few years later Vince Foster filed 3 years of delinquent tax returns they had "accidentally" forgot to file correctly-- then commits "suicide" in a park after this is being investigated. The Whitehouse interfered with federal investigators and raided his office before letting them in (called "Obstruction of Justice").

Hillary Greed

Let's consider the magnanimity of the Clinton's, and the debate over whether they've ever done anything that might appear "Greedy" or self-interested. They went into public office and are leaving their lifetime of dedication to the little man, with hundreds of millions of dollars:

Hillary Clinton: Cattlegate: Futures Trading Miracle (1978) -
Without any experience, as a first time Cattle Futures trader (and wife of Governor), she gets a 9,987% return on investment in a few months, after, according to her, "reading the Wall Street Journal" (a paper that doesn't talk about Cattle Futures). With results like that, she decides to never trade stocks/commodities again. Suspicious? So we're to believe that under the guidance of a few "friends" (her account being run by a lawyer for state poultry interests, through a disreputable broker) she turns $6,300 investment into $100K (a nice even number) in a few months, with shoddy and lost records, questionable trades, not enough money in her account to cover some of the $1.5M positions she bought/sold in the same day (anyone else would have had margin calls), and other eyebrow raising anomalies. Then her two partners in this (Bone and Refco) were suspended and fined respectively for improper records keeping. But nothing to see here, move along -- we're not supposed to question her integrity, or think that this might have been a payoff?

Hillary Clinton: Chinagate (1996) -
The Clinton-Gore campaign in 1996 allegedly took bribes from Chinese banks and their government (to help their dwindling poll numbers). The Chinese embassy siphon funds into the DNC with the help of Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown (died in a plane crash), and at Hillary’s instruction, reportedly sold seats on department trade missions to China. The Democrats and DOJ "willfully impeded" the investigation according to the FBI Director and other agents who later testified before Congress.

In the end, since the Clintons were never fully prosecuted or excoriated by the Press/Public, this idea of selling foreign favors for money, was scaled up, converted into a charity and became the Clinton Foundation,.

Hillary Clinton: Clinton Foundation -
There was so much sliminess around the Clinton Foundation, conflicts of interest, and campaign contribution improprieties, and "pay to play", it's many scandals in one. They say you can judge a person by the company they keep, well what does this say about the Clinton's? The idea is that they created a "philanthropic" organization, in their name. In practice, they created a special interest that can benefit them and their campaign directly, and skirt campaign rules. She parked her top staff over there when she's not running (to keep them employed and preparing), then when she's campaigning again, she has a whole staff and organization ready to go. Most of her staff is getting wrapped up in scandals, while the organization is misplacing millions, paying for a lavish lifestyle, and foreign entities are getting deals passed right after they contribute massive amount to the Clinton Foundation. And people can donate to Hillary indirectly, in ways that they can't to her campaign. But no conflict of interest there. Instead her followers are ranting about Trump's tax returns.

Hillary Clinton: Giftgate (2001) -
Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris not only has said he'd leave the country, if she was elected President (that's how much the people that know her, respect her), but he alleged in a New York Post article that the former first lady failed to report many dresses, and purses and jewelry that she (or Chelsea) was gifted while First Lady. Clinton aides defended her by claiming some of the gifts were before innaugeration (so don't technically count, even if it's still ethically questionable). After shining the light on the issues, others were either declared or given to the national archives, there's no evidence she would have done that otherwise.

Hillary Clinton: Lincolngate (1996) -
Then there was the the Lincoln Bedroom in the Whitehouse was being rented to high donors/contributors like it was AirBNB. While technically not illegal, it was certainly unsavory and showed a pattern in lack of decorum and tact that no other administration had had the gall to do before. It certainly showed that there was no monument, historical property, or government building owned by the American people that the Clinton administration wouldn't rent for their own personal advancement.

Hillary Clinton: Lootergate (2001) -
After leaving the White House, Hillary was forced to return an estimated $190,000 in White House furniture, china, and artwork that she had taken. Again, there's a lot of "weeds" as to whether gifts were given to them personally or the Whitehouse, how big personal gifts are allowed to be, but the end result is always that nothing like this ever happened to any President before, even the classless ones. And the Clintons water carriers in the media fake "Fact Checked" this and tried to exonerate the Clintons by word parsing or misleading the public on what happened.

Hillary Clinton: Lootergate (2012) -
After leaving the state Department FBI documents claim Clinton took furniture from State Dept. To quote: “Early in Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, she and her staff were observed removing lamps and furniture from the State Department which were transported to her residence in Washington, D.C.”. The State Department claims those were her items, but why was she moving things out (instead of in) early in her tenure? And there doesn't appear to have ever been an investigation. Also remember the State Dept. has a sketchy history on prosecuting anyone in their department for major crimes, let alone furniture theft, going back to McCarthy era and the creation of the agency. It's not their money, so why do they care? This this one isn't as meaty as Lootergate 2001. If it was a Republican I'm sure there would have been a lot more noise, but since Hillary has a (D) after her name, it does't appear anyone wanted to know (or investigated).

Hillary Clinton: Travelgate (1993) -
Clinton friend Harry Thompson (and his TRM charter company) had wanted to do some charter business with the WhiteHouse Travel office, but was rebuffed (they were a relatively new company, and their only client the year before had been the Clinton Campaign).
  • Hillary got involved, spread some lies about the travel office, she pressured the FBI to investigate them, and 7 people were fired (and smeared in the Press) because of it.
  • The investigations into the fired staff resulted in one employee (Billy Dale) being charged with mixing personal and White House funds, and a jury acquitted him of any crime (in less than two hours). So he got audited by the IRS (completely coincidentally, I'm sure). Nothing came of that either.
  • Then with the help of Bill Clinton's 25 year old cousin (Catherine Cornelius), Clinton cronies WWT (World Wide Travel) took over the business, and Harry Thompson's TRM got a $500K no-bid contract.

At least this one caused a media field day, on the abuse of FBI, investigation, firing, cronies and so on. WWT was so embarrassed they stepped down (and let American Express take over the business). And it lead to NYT writer, William Safire to describe Hillary Clinton as "a congenital liar". (When the NYT speaks truth about a Clinton, you know it's bad).

Hillary Gaslighting

To her and her campaign, this is what "Going high, while the other side goes low" looks like. Their campaigns ran dirty, nasty, and made the issue "the other side". She has a long history of starting rumors, slurring her opponents, and attacking anyone who has evidence or accusations of her wrongdoing. And that's a lot of people. Either much of the world has been out to get them for no reason (the "vast right-wing conspiracy"), or the Clinton's were really nasty people:

Birth of Birthers -
Recently Donald Trump re-ignited the birther campaign by saying the following, "Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it...." This of course has revived the fable that the Obama birther movement didn't come from the Clinton campaign, and the Hillary-supporting media is quick to carry her campaigns' water and gaslight anyone who knew better. But as Ronald Reagan said, "It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so."

Hillary Clinton: Attacked a 12 year old rape victim -
Early into her career Hillary was appointed as public defender in a rape case, and made the centerpiece of her defense attacking the 12-year old victim's credibility (eventhough there wasn't a shred of evidence that the victim had any sort of history of making false claims). Going on to claim the victim wanted it by implying that the girl often fantasized and sought out "older men" like Taylor. She omitted this aspect of the case from her 2003 book, "Living History." (Selective memory seems to be a pattern). Then in a 1980 interview she admits she knew the guy was guilty, but joked and laughed about it, and how she manipulated the situation to get her guilty client a reduced punishment for child rape. A lawyers job is to defend their client, but lawyers are NOT required to do things they don't believe are true; like attack the credibility of a 12 year old rape victim, or present evidence/ideas that they know is false. She is admitting doing the latter, and has a pattern of wading neck deep into ethical dark-gray areas (at best). Then claims the opposite, like she's a champion of women's rights, especially sexual assault victims... unless they're victims of her clients or husband).

Hillary Clinton: Bimbo squad -
Hillary is a hero to Women's liberation, unless you were one of her Husbands rape or assault victims... like: Juanita Broaddrick, Dolly Kyle Browning, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Monica Lewisnski. Connie Hamz , Bobbie Ann Williams, Sally Perdue, Eileen Wellstone, Sandra Allen James, Christy Zercher, University of Arkansas Student, 22 Year old Yale Student, Lencola Sullivan, Elizabeth Ward-Gracen, Becky Brown, Helen Dowdy, Kathy Ferguson, Susie Whitacre, just to name a few that came forward and complained. And as we know with predators, there's like a lot more that have not, or were bullied by Hillary into silence.

Hillary Clinton: Divulges Nuclear Response Times -
Amongst the top most classifications are Special Access Program (SAP) and the “need-to-know” (NTK) classification that includes only a few top cabinet officials like the Secretary of State. These contain things like the nuclear response times, that have been completely classified and foreign enemies would always have to make educated guesses on how fast we could possibly get missiles in the air. Not any more. Thanks to Hillary trying to win political points, she blurted out one of the nations highest secrets ("There’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so”). And the results are that many security officials and the Pentagon are once again pissed at her incompetence with classified information. (Not to mention the whole emailgate thing.

Does this really matter? Probably not much. They could approximate and guess at the time, it's just nice to have hard confirmation of your intelligence. But this was a far bigger deal than anything Trump has done wrt talking to the Russians about cooperating on terror, and mentioning what the newspapers had already published about how terrorists were trying to create laptop-bombs to target airplanes -- and they made a huge deal out of the latter, to gaslight anyone who knew better. So if that's our standard of guilt, then Hillary should be in Leavenworth. (I've yet to find a standard of behavior applied to Trump that doesn't make Hillary worse). Pick one standard.

Hillary Clinton: Go-Awaygate -
Hillary Clinton fires back at critics: No one told a man who lost an election to shut up. Of course that shows that she's clueless, abrasive, ignorant of history, and context is that everyone else was not as venomous and divisive a loser (or winner) as she has been. No one has cared about her genitalia in a long time -- but her perpetual victimhood is annoying as fuck and evidence of her attempts to gaslight anyone who disagrees with her.

Hillary Clinton: What Happened? - Hillary's book was a spiteful, divisive, finger-pointing-fest. It was everyone else's fault but her. Of course, she had some fake apologies like, I should have campaigned harder, or how it was her fault because the others didn't understand how brilliant she was, and so on. But it was as tone deaf as her campaign, and it was an attempt to gaslight anyone that would question her version of events.

Hillary Quotes -
Just some of Hillary's greatest misses. Again, this isn't trying to be "fair" and list all the good things she's said. This is to point out the Pants-suit posse criticizing other politicians for being insensitive racists, or just asshats, might want to consider "lead by example". If it's wrong for the other side, then it's more wrong to ignore your own sides flaws. And pretending "when they go low, we go high" is just gaslighting.

Paying thugs to assault people - Project Veritas undercover video, Wikileaks, and others all caught prominent Democrat operatives (Robert Creamer, Scott Foval) admitting that the DNC and Hillary Campaign was paying protestors to disrupt, and thugs to assault or provoke assault with Trump supporters are Trump rally's/events. Including daily conference call with the Clinton campaign, and he visited the Obama White House 340 times (45 of those with direct meetings with Obama, a few with 1:1's). They were also committing voter fraud, and left a paper trail. This isn't just outliers, this was establishment connections in a conspiracy to corrupt an election, and at least two people quickly had to quit to distance themselves from the truth. The media gave this scandal and thorough whitewashing and buried it. Little interest despite names, dates, and hard evidence of something far more material on the election outcome than, "Russia, Russia, Russia".

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The Russian hacker thing seems to be a great system for separating the rational and skeptical, from the rest. Despite CNN and other FakeNews sites repeating that the Russian hacked the election (at Hillary campaigns behest), that Russians collaborated with Trump, that they manipulated the election, the only "evidence" they had were vaporous claims from anonymous sources that never materialized or pass scrutiny. While there was hard evidence of Hillary and Democrats colluding with Russians. So Dems/their Media just created this attack as an excuse to distract away from their actions in rigging the primary, fumbling the election, and then gaslit anyone who would question their narrative.

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Hillary Issues

This is an article about just a few of the "Issues" that Hillary has gotten into. Really, these are just the issues that aren't in one of the other topic areas Ethics, Greed, or Gaslighting. It's like the 7 deadly sins or something. I'm sure there's a few dozen or more examples that I, or the public will never know about.

Hillary Ethics

Saying Hillary and Ethics in the same sentence is an oxymoron, heavy on the moron. Vote how you want. People who can admit their sides flaws, but just think the others are worse, don't bother me at all. It's the ones that lie to others, or themselves that tend to annoy me. Here's just a taste of how she's behaved unethically in the past.

Hillary Greed

This is an article about just a few of the times that Hillary has good greedy. I'm sure there's a few dozen more examples (if not more) that I, or the public will never know about.

Hillary Gaslighting

This is an article about just a few of the times that Hillary has not only lied, but tried to convince or accuse the other side is insane for even thinking such a thing.



I don't care if people like her, or want to vote for/against her. But I do care whether people will tell the truth about her or not. Whether you agree with the accusations or not, Hillary has had scandal after scandal, usually being well on the wrong side of ethical -- but often with enough plausible deniability, that she's escaped conviction. If your version of ethical is dirty but not convicted, you can be fine with that: just don't complain about what the other side has gotten away with. If you have a problem with sliminess on the other side, then find: just make sure you're equally outraged (or at least understand others outrage) over Hillary's worse behavior. Pick any one standard for both sides, and we're fine.

Her ex-friends and ex-confidants (or ex-staff), all tell similar stories of a nasty, lying, hot tempered and power hungry person. As a politician, she's flip-flopped on just about every major position -- or at least publicly. She been secretive (deleting federal emails off illegal private email servers, avoiding Press), paranoid (vast right wing conspiracy), who has abused the power of her office many times. She's pro-war (spoke for war in Iraq both under Bill and GWB, Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Lybia) and pro-corporatism as long as there was some conflict of interest that benefited her. Against gay marriage. Constantly has ethical problems (lobbying, whitewater, campaign finance, special interests, K Street associations, etc). Her biggest accomplishment as Senator was, helped co-write a part of NCLB (No Child Left Behind). Then turned on Bush after supporting it, and blamed the Republicans for passing it and claimed it was an unfunded mandate. And as a secretary of state, she left a swath of destruction and incompetence behind her, and still struggles to answer the question what good her tenure did.

To believe her supporters -- you have to believe that everyone really is out to get her. All the people that were her confidants and left were jealous and made up stories, that there was a vast right wing conspiracy by her and the Press that seemed to reluctant to investigate them (until the stories were broke wide open by another event), that all the people who call her a liar are liars, that the hoards of people that went to prison around her were taking advantage of her trusting nature, and that she didn't know anything about any of them, but that she isn't gullible or a bad judge of character, and that everything she failed to execute well on (Nixon Investigation, Secretary of State, Wife, First Lady, Philanthropist, Author, Legislator, ISP, Real Estate Investor) were all the failings of someone else. And feel sorry for her, because her one true calling (Cattle Futures Investor) was something that she only did that one time in her life, and Bill and her political lifestyle preventer her from doing her one true calling.

To believe her detractors -- you have to believe that while there's probably some political motivations in some of the releases, that she and her husband more are less are what everyone who spoke out about them, said they were. Scummy, two faced, politicians -- with Bill interested in notching his bedpost like a rabid beaver, while Hillary was interested in power to be queen-bitch over all the minions of earth.

So I wouldn't mind there being a Woman President. I'd just want one with a better record, and someone the world would take more seriously than Cruella Rodham de Vil crossed with Felonious Gru. But as her loyal fans always say about her wrongdoings or incompetence, “what difference does it make?”


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Written: 2016.01.02