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The Canadian Borg: resistance would be impolite. Please wait to be assimilated.

Factoids about Canada. Note that I like Canada, and have a lot of Canadian friends. All good folks. That being said, the things that are likely to catch my interests, aren't going to be all the good things, but mostly quirks or less than good things. I mean if I REALLY liked Canada, I would have moved there, eh? But to me, it's like a colder version of Seattle, full of people that are nice enough, but don't understand why America became America -- despite the britons paying people to move to Canada.

Facts:7 items

  • U.S. vs Canada - Crime/Murder -
    There’s this common meme spread to mislead people that the U.S. is so much worse than Canada in murders, so I wanted to show it in pictures (to help people understand). Canada rates of murder didn't change any more than the U.S. despite Canada enacting gun control and the U.S. loosening it. This shows that gun control is not an effective determining factor in murder rates.
  • SMW - ==Movies==

CiviHosting Canada Test:

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  • Canadian Trade - There was a kerfuffle because Donald Trump decided that if Canada could put a 270% tariff on American Dairy products, then the U.S. decided we could tax their steel and aluminum. The Canadians naked emperor (Trudeau) talked smack behind Trump's back, but their position isn't defensible face-to-face.
  • Canadian Healthcare - Canadian healthcare is fine, if you're in a major city (good political access), and you have something minor that you can live with while waiting your turn in line. If you have something serious, life threatending, odd, or don't want to wait, or want the best access? Then it sucks. For "Free" healthcare, the average Canadian family spent $12,000 in taxes to get this "free" healthcare -- and if they needed to see a specialist, they waited an AVERAGE of 21.2 weeks to receive treatment AFTER being referred by their general practitioner (and that wait). Complex medical issues had an average wait for 33 weeks, and orthopedic surgery was 41 weeks. Average. That means if you were an outlier, it could be much longer: one Ontario patient had to wait 4 1/2 years to see a neurologist. And that's before they get assigned diagnostic test, which is another line (11 weeks average for an MRI that you can get same day in the U.S.). 3% of all Canadians are in healthcare line at any given time. Delayed healthcare is rationed healthcare and costs lives: it turns minor maladies into chronic, irreversible, or even permanent disabilities. And in extreme cases, early death.
  • Canadian Freedoms - Some misinformed folks claim, "Canadians are more free" than Americans. So I created a list of ways the U.S. is has more freedoms than Canada: Looser immigration policies, Less regulations, More Entrepreneurialism, fewer government supported monopolies, cheaper everything, lower Taxes, First Amendment, Second Amendment, Healthcare choices, Education, Smoking, Pot, and so on. This isn't saying Canada is a bad place, but like most places run by leftists, you're only free to do what the left wants to allow.
  • 2018.06.10 Canadian Immigration - Remember that Canada has a lot more immigration restrictions than the U.S. Critical to remember whenever someone (especially Canadians) are criticizing us. And one of the problems is that as the U.S. starts cracking down on illegal aliens, many more are going to Canada. And while they feel free in criticizing us defending our borders, they don't seem to apply those same rules to themselves, and are complaining that we're making their problems worse.
  • 2018.05.17 Tim Hortons - A woman in Canada was denied access to using the restroom at a Tim Hortons. She took offense, dropped her pants, took a dump on the floor, threw it at the employees that denied her access, then grabbed some napkins to wipe her ass, and threw those too, then left (and was arrested in the parking lot).