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Berkeley: where free speech has a steep price.

List of riots and antifa attacks on free speech and other stupid and intolerant things that Berkeley does in the name of tolerance. You are what you do, and when you assault people because you don't like what they think or say, your actions are intolerant -- and that means far more than the flower prose about how you're beating them up out of love for your fellow man. When actions and deed conflict, trust the deed.

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Examples: Berkeley : 2 items

2019.07.18 Driven out of Student Council - UC Berkeley Student Government had a symbolic bill opposing a Trump era Title 9 status change of transgender folks (they had to declare as their born gender for purposes of Title 9). Isabella Chow represented Christians on Campus and opposed parts of the bill because they collided with her Christian beliefs. So over 100 students showed up the next week and demanded she was driven out over those beliefs, in the name of tolerance and inclusiveness. She decided to stay despite harassment, and took a stand.

2019.07.18 Degenderize Berkeley.jpg
2019.07.18 Degenderize Berkeley - As a giant waste of money, and to show intolerance for all those who disagree with the left, Berkeley decided to "degenderize" the city; doing such important things as replacing terms like 'Manhole' and 'Ombudsman' with personhole and ombudsperson (respectively). With the far left, common sense isn't common. Man is short for mankind not male, and like it or not, English is a gendered language. You can't erase a lifetime (or centuries) of language, and just re-invent it every time it doesn't fit the latest leftist political fad. And what do you do when people don't go along? Let the beatings commence in the name of tolerance! Trying to make her=them and black=white makes the language less precise (it removes information) and it is awkward in far more examples than it helps. But it makes intolerance SJW's feel better about their cause: intolerance. The purpose of this is to draw attention to anyone who doesn't go along with the charade, so they can be bullied. Never forget the purpose is not inclusion, it is exclusion.


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