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California, or at least many counties in it, ignore the spirit and letter or the law with impunity. They pick who can get a CCW based on their political contributions, and not the worthiness of the application. The State Legislature will do nothing about this. They've lost and fought lawsuits over it, and don't seem to care about the rights of their civilians.


Chris Long wrote a story on his trials, but his is one among thousands. He just took the time to document it. A summary:

  1. The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office website lies claiming they have a large backlog. Since they rubber-stamp "no" this seems unlikely and the office can't offer any evidence of that.
  2. They legally have 90 days to respond, they took 195 days. His first attempt in 2013 got no response at all. As was the case for many others he asked, which is why he documented this process.
  3. They also have a legal responsibility to keep records and give documentation when asked and Chris asked. They had no documentation beyond those they approved (133 over 6 years), none on rejections or why.
  4. Despite having better cause that most of the accepted applications, he was rejected and reasons why were not detailed (as required by law).
  5. They appear to only issue permits to government employees and high ranking company executives: the well connected

This is California in a nutshell: fuck the law, we do what we want.


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